Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just some things

So, we obviously finished up our beach vacation! I dropped the ball on uploading the rest of the pics and blogging from the beach, so I will get caught up on that soon. We had a really good time, though!

Some things going on lately:

*I got a lot of reading in at the beach! I tend to go through cycles with my reading VS internet usage. I'm either really into reading, or really into checking FB/IG/Twitter/blogs. Well, ever since the beach, I've been on a reading kick. If you're on Goodreads, check my page (Susannah Edwards) for TONS of dystopian and other fluff reviews and recommendations. I just finished the Private series and the Privilege series. I have a thing for YA literature. I can't stop. These are just some teenage boarding school/drama/murder mystery things I got really into. They are old and are probably at your library! I only had to buy 2 of the 29 books on Kindle.Yes, I read about 29 high school books in 2 weeks. Every nap time, bed time, free time, I was hooked.

*Someone hold me because Mother's Day Out/School is over and I'm already DROWNING in no alone time. I know it's a first world problem, but I need like 3 hours once a week to myself. I need to grocery shop and clean alone. And go shoot guns. And there is none of that on the horizon. I need to find a teenage babysitter, like yesterday.

Yes, I need you to come over NOW. Thanks.

*Emma likes for Harrison to come into the bathroom with her sometimes. And, we are loosely working on potty training him. As in, nudity and a frog potty in the den. Anyway, they go in there and she potties and they talk and laugh and whatever. I don't ask questions. Today, they went in there, he took his potty, they both got on their respective potties. I'm in the kitchen. I hear the door close. About 5 minutes later, I was like wha?? Where are they? I go in there and Y'ALL.They had used every single flushable wipe Emma has for #2, dunked it in the potty full of tee-tee, and were "washing" the toilet and hardwood floors. It was EVERYWHERE. I literally died. Fell down dead. Then I came unglued. OHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMM GEEEE what a way to start the day! Lesson learned-no visitors in the potty and no closed doors!!

*If you are going to buy a travel DVD player for trips, do yourself a favor and NEVER order one from RCA. Rip the freak off. This is our second set of DVD players from RCA. Go spend the extra money on a Sony. We haven't even had these jokers for one year, and this is the second time they have broken. After digging around online to find the customer service number, I get connected to 4 different Indian agents and then they tell me to call another number. Now they tell me the "fuse must be out" and I need to go buy another fuse. And if that doesn't work, to call back. I'm sorry, but are you SHITTING ME? You go buy another fuse and mail it to me, jackass.

That's pretty much all that has been going on for the four days we have been out of school. Lots of second birthday planning for Mr. Harrison has been happening. Only 18 more days until his party! Goodness, I better get busy! Hope you all are having a fun summer so far!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

St George Days 2 & 3

We have been having a great time on our vacation so far! And, we have been very active too! After the carriage bike riding and lighthouse hiking, we rented a kayak for 3 days. Now I'm sore on both ends! Ha! But, this is how the memories are made! We have been enjoying lots of sand play, pool time, and general adult relaxation during nap time. 

Harrison will tolerate the sand, but his favorite thing is a water hose.
He won't even think about getting in the ocean or pool, but he will 
go to town on the multiple hoses around here!

I can't get over how grown up Harrison looks! He's not even two yet!

We went in to Apalachicola on Monday and played around. Our favorite places 
to go are The Grady Market and The Owl Cafe. We did both and had a blast!
Emma and Harrison were having a game of checkers on the market patio.

Lunch at The Owl. Which turned into utter disaster about 14 minutes after arriving. Harrison wasn't into sitting and eating, Emma needed to go #2, etc. He was throwing crayons and ketchup, she was whining about the plain butter noodles she ordered. So I got to take one bite of my cilantro-jalapeno chicken salad before we had to leave. Maybe I can eat a whole meal in peace when they are 6.

Yes, they are so cute. However, they are devils in disguise.

Emma bought a pirate's treasure chest at the market and was very obsessed with it. 
She kept wanting to find treasure to put in it, lol! 

Pretty fountain in downtown Apalach

After our "lunch" we walked on the Apalach River to look at the fishing boats and barges. 
Then, we decided to go down the street to a playground and get some energy out before
 heading back to the island.

A giant chair!

Baby jail!

So yesterday we rented a double kayak to take out in the ocean and bay for fishing and playing. Harrison and Emma were enamored with it. They were content to sit in it with the paddles and play. Jason took Emma out into the ocean for a short ride. She loved it!

During nap time, Jason and I went to the state park that's about 3 miles from our house. They have a boat launch, so we put her in and proceeded to kayak to an island to have a few beers and a small picnic. Then the wind started blowing at around 15 mph. And we had to paddle back against the current. Dude. I would suck at sculling. I kept counting to 100 then letting us take a break. It was about a mile back, but it felt like it took us SO LONG to get back! So we got back to the launch and I promptly popped a cold one and sat down.

Ha! My cocktail hour starts around 3 or 4 here. I accidentally bought a 12 pack of these 
mini beers. This is me showing you how small it actually is. This was actually taken on the 7 HOUR ride
 in when all hell broke loose and my MIL was driving us the last few miles. I told her 
I needed a bev STAT!

And here are some random pics: this is where I enjoy my morning coffee. Yeah dude.

Freaking BBQ shrimp. A rad recipe. You sop up those butter/garlic/lemon
 juices with the French bread. Day-um. It's so good.

Miss Presh modeling her new cover-up.

Our house

The two little goombas being cute. Emma is wearing a consigned bikini that is too big, and Harrison is sporting his precious new Zucchini smocked suit with submarines on it. I love those jokers!

So that is what we have been up to! Internet and phone service has been spotty, so I've been reading a lot! I haven't been able to talk to my people, or check FB/Twitter/IG, but it's been good. I am hovering in a corner  working on this post-seems to be the best area in the house for internet connection.

We went and had major pool play today, so once we get into our other shenanigans, I'll catch you all up on that!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

St George Island-Day 1

Well, after a bit of a harrowing road trip yesterday (it resulted in me buying beer at 3 pm and getting my MIL to drive the last 10 miles so I could have a drink), we finally made it to the island. We (meaning the adults) unloaded the two SUV's of STUFF that we brought. Jason took the kids to the beach. It was a balmy 51 degrees. They started digging in the sand and dipping their toes in the ice, I mean, water. I started unpacking and organizing the kitchen. You can't stay somewhere for a full seven days and not unpack, in my opinion. By the time I finished organizing the kitchen, the beach light was perfect for a few photos!

After taking a bath in a swimming pool sized tub, we bedded the babes down and they were asleep within 5 minutes. The grown ups tried to stay up until 10, then we passed out too.

This morning we all got up at 7:30 and were on the beach by 8:00. Lots of making sandcastles and fishing went down, then I started getting stir crazy. It wasn't exactly laying out weather this morning, so we (my MIL and I) decided to load up and go into "town" and rent bikes. Well, these weren't the bikes of our past.

Look at this bike! The kids go in the front on the basket, and the grown ups
peddle. It's called a surrey. It was quite fun, but a super workout!

Playground break!

And as if we didn't have enough exercise, Emma wanted to climb the lighthouse. 
So we went up 92 stairs and a ladder. 

Then Emma declared that the bike riding was "hard work" and we needed ice cream. 
Ugh! I needed a giant coke!

So much fun so far! Now everyone is taking a nap but me! I'm going to find my library book and chill!