Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meatless Taco Bowls

Dude, meatless taco bowls are where it's at! If you are looking for a quick, easy, yummy, and healthy dinner, check it!

Meatless taco bowls 

-Shredded lettuce
-Black beans
-Mexican rice packet (not Spanish rice!)
-Shredded cheese
-Diced onions
-Homemade salsa

-Tortilla chips

Cook rice according to directions. Drain and rinse black beans, heat over low heat and add some taco seasoning. Grate cheese, dice onions, shred lettuce (I buy bagged shredded lettuce). 

Layer lettuce, rice, black beans, cheese, onions, and homemade salsa in your individual bowls. Serve with tortilla chips. DEVOUR!

Homemade Salsa

-Can rotel
-Can whole tomatoes
-Cumin, salt, garlic salt

Roughly dice onion and jalapeño, finish off in food processor. Add all the other ingredients. Purée until desired consistency. Die from the goodness.  

Email me with questions, but you will probably be passed out from the goodness!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Timeline of last night

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep in our house in a LONG TIME. I am currently hooked up to a coffee IV to type this.

10:00- Get in bed because I don't feel good. It's all of 20 degrees outside, so I'm bundled up under 3 comforters.

11:00-12:30- Toss and turn trying to get comfy.

2:18- Wake up to a movie playing on the laptop while husband is fast asleep next to it.

3:36- Wake up to Emma crying-go see what's wrong-she can't find her teddy bear.

4:00- Trying to go back to sleep but now someone is mouth breathing. Go get on couch with 8 blankets.

4:39- Wake up to Emma crying again-husband is going to deal with this one.

5:30- Wake up to Harrison crying (he never cries! But he made an exception for tonight...) He wants some books. Sorry, kid!

5:40- Go get back in bed and turn off my alarm. Emma's school is delayed until 11:00. 

7:25- Wake up. Can't go back to sleep because it's light out.

For the love.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

NYE traditions

I know every region has its own New Year's Eve and New Year's Day traditions, but I thought I would share what we have always done! (By the way, Merry Christmas and all that jazz, hope it was rad!)

On NYE, my family (and now MY family) has always stayed in, done a few sparklers, and had junk food dinner! If you are unfamiliar with the JFD, allow me to introduce you! It is a true delicacy of all the processed, yummy crap sold in stores today. A JFD can consist of any of the following: pizza rolls, chips, dip, cheese, crackers, fruit, (gotta be healthy!) bagel  bites, sliders, (any kind) nuts, any kind of frozen appetizer, pretty much anything that looks/sounds good while you are shopping! My Momma's rule is you have to have fruit for health reasons, lol! So we stay in and do our sparklers, then eat a bunch of JUNK and go to bed either before or after the ball drops. Depends on your alkie consumption. Champagne is okay, but I prefer wine for the long haul!

On NYD, after we have burst out of our JFD comas, we play with family until it's time for the traditional Southern (Alabama) meal. We have: meat (typically a pork, like a boston butt pronounced "butte-ocks" according to my dad, :) lol!) black eyes peas, collard greens, and hot water corn cakes. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting HWCC, come on down!!! It's corn meal and water mixed Into to a paste, shaped into small pancakes, then fried up till absolutely scrumptious! 

Our foods represent health, wealth, and good luck in the coming year. Do you eat/do the same things? Please share!

And, happy 2014 to you all!

Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm gonna...(Christmas Edition)

PI play this ridiculous game with the kids while we are going up the stairs called, "I'm gonna..." They think it's hilarious when I act like I'm gonna get them for one reason or another.  ( they like for me to be a dog or Lucifer fthe cat rom Cinderella and chase them,)

Anyways, all that to say, here is what "I'm gonna" this holiday!

I'm gonna keep chasing you up those stairs even though my rheumatoid arthritis is killing me, because you love it!

I'm gonna make 38485
Christmas treats and dishes because it's tradition.

I'm gonna wake up at the crack on Christmas Day because you're excited to open gifts.

I'm gonna enjoy my family brunch at cousin Melissa's because I love my family. (Like this is a sacrifice, lol!)

I'm gonna cook my ass off for Christmas feast dinner because it's important!

I'm gonna wrap all these darn presents without whining because we are lucky to have presents!

I'm gonna make Christmas Day breakfast because I have guests and they need food!

I'm gonna keep a positive attitude and keep teaching you about giving to others.

I'm gonna get into the damn Christmas spirit once and for all!

Merry Christmas!! What are you "gonna?"

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well, I am officially Scrooge McDuck bah humbug on this holiday season. I don't know what my problem is. I'm blaming it on the move and a super late Thanksgiving. Also, our laptop bit the dust, so there goes my canvas making, Christmas carding self. 

I'm just blah. I just set our tree up and did our mantel TODAY. Pathetic. I can't even read blogs and look at Pinterest because, hello? Inadequate city. I love Christmas, but feel like this year it's all "DO ALL THE THINGS! Hurry!" And I'm like no thanks. Also, I have not shopped ONE TIME besides the two things from Santa. 

So pretty much no one has gifts, nor have I any ideas. WTF Susannah. 

My elf is a slacker, he doesn't do anything except maybe move from one room to another. I'm just trying to survive right now. Anyone else? Please say yes...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm baaaaaack...

Hello world! Long time no blog!

We have been in Birmingham for five months already!! We moved in to our new house 46 days after moving here. We love our house, the neighborhood, and the surrounding areas! Birmingham is a great place to live and I have missed it since I left for Auburn in 1997.

I'm not even going to try and catch you up on what we have been doing, just wanted to pop in and say I'm going to try and be back more regularly. I'm not sure what direction I want this blog to take, since it has been neglected for so long, but, I am still reading your blogs! 

I have also been MIA on Twitter lately-been reconnecting on FB with my people. 

I hope to have some house pics up soon, right now I am recovering from a holiday hangover-I hosted my first ever WHOLE FAMILY Thanksgiving/Iron Bowl party and am still cleaning!!

         We joined the Birmingham Zoo.

     Emma started 5x/week preschool.

    We see our parents at least once a    week (Harry bear is wearing my dad's glasses).

We see our cousin at least once a week! With another one on the way!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Tickle Monster

So, let's have another true story of something that happened to me this weekend. But first, the background.
I belong to an online yard sale site on FB, and it's awesome! You list your junk, people buy it. For way more than they would at an actual garage sale. For instance, I've made $700 since July 5. Yeah, I'm serious. It's freaking addicting and awesome and win-win because you are getting rid of stuff and making dolla dolla bills.

Anyway, I posted this "Tickle Monster Kit" which is a cool book and gloves-you read it while tickling with the gloves. Whatev, it was very nice and almost new like. So I had a person interested. I told her that with all I had going on, I needed her to come to my moving sale and pick it up. I gave her the address, and she replied saying it was 20 miles away and too far from her house. Ummm, okay.

So at some point, I told her maybe I could meet her the next day. Then I got busy having a garage sale and packing, and forgot. You can see where this is going, right? No, I didn't forget to meet her. I forgot I said that to her and continued on with life.


So, later on Saturday night, I was checking in on FB and saw this message from another girl asking if she could get it, and I was like DUH. Can you meet tomorrow? Ok? Cool-see ya then. Then I noticed original home girl had written me back and was like "OK, let's meet tomorrow." OMG. Great. Big mistake on my part. Big. Huge. I didn't want to immediately write back and tell new girl that she couldn't have it, because honestly, I was still ticked that original gangsta said it was too far, wah, wah. So, I lied.

Note to self-don't lie. Especially about something as STUPID as this. I told her I sold it at the yard sale because I didn't want to sell it to her and because I had already talked to the other girl. And then, I posted on FB to the new girl and old girl saw it. See below for my PM's with crazy girl. I'm the text in blue.

So, okay, I lied. I said sorry. Then she called me an idiot. Over a BOOK. I especially wasn't going to meet her after that. She told me she was blocking me since I was crazy. OMG. I can't even. Between her and the lady who took the oven for free, I just have no words. It was a weekend for bat shit crazy. And so what if my sister was in charge of the replies, because I shudder at confrontation.

On Sunday morning, we were thinking that we would have an oven and a crazy hooker in the driveway demanding her Tickle Monster kit. HA!

And here is her picture, after finding out I wouldn't sell her the Tickle Monster kit.

Chill, bitch. We're done.