Monday, January 6, 2014

Timeline of last night

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep in our house in a LONG TIME. I am currently hooked up to a coffee IV to type this.

10:00- Get in bed because I don't feel good. It's all of 20 degrees outside, so I'm bundled up under 3 comforters.

11:00-12:30- Toss and turn trying to get comfy.

2:18- Wake up to a movie playing on the laptop while husband is fast asleep next to it.

3:36- Wake up to Emma crying-go see what's wrong-she can't find her teddy bear.

4:00- Trying to go back to sleep but now someone is mouth breathing. Go get on couch with 8 blankets.

4:39- Wake up to Emma crying again-husband is going to deal with this one.

5:30- Wake up to Harrison crying (he never cries! But he made an exception for tonight...) He wants some books. Sorry, kid!

5:40- Go get back in bed and turn off my alarm. Emma's school is delayed until 11:00. 

7:25- Wake up. Can't go back to sleep because it's light out.

For the love.

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  1. Oh BOO! You have got to enforce a no electronics in the bed rule dude! Also, seek out the help of some unisom.


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