Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday!

Well, I am very surprised at this week's results. I am down 2.4 pounds. Even with my "aunt" in town visiting-if you get my drift. After my debacle with the Chili's sandwich, I have been extra good. But I did indulge in homemade low fat salsa verde sour cream enchiladas on Saturday night and burgers/fries on Sunday night. (Extra lean ground beef and baked fries-but still)

I have lost 30.4 pounds. Only 7.6 pounds until I reach my goal of 145. I think I can do it by June!! I have been losing weight pretty quickly lately, and I'm not sure why, but I am sure it is probably about to stall/slow down soon.

I have been tracking for two weeks now, and I have to say, it does work! Much as I hate to admit it! But really, I think I'm just projecting-I mean, nothing against tracking, but I am not gonna be tracking for like 2 years. (Hopefully we will have this journey completed by this summer and I can just maintain!) I do need to remember something a fellow WW member said last week. Something along the lines of, "Don't think about just getting to your goal. Because once you reach it you cannot go back to what you were doing before." And I have to say, I have been telling myself, "Self you can get to 145 and then it will all be cool." No. I can't start pounding Mexican and Reese's cups again-(dangit!)

I do notice that now, being so familiar with WW, I look at foods a lot and automatically figure out the points, or try to. It's like ingrained in me! Except for the debacle. Obviously. :D
How did you all do this week? I see b.e.g. lost some! Way to go girlfriend! Not too many of us are still posting WWW. But I like it-it is fun to share successes and failures with you all. Tonight we talked about how important it is to have a buddy in weight loss. I explained my blogging buddies and how we do WWW and get encouragement. This was to a meeting of 40+ year old women. They were like, "What is a blog???" Ha! Mom, want to tackle that one???

Anyways, I have to remember to remain strong this Easter weekend. We are having the in laws in town. My rentals can't come cause my sissy is too preg to travel-so they are having Easter together in Bham. Wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not like being away from my family. Sidenote: it is soooo hard getting married and changing up holidays and making your own traditions. I think we all like our old traditions and want to carry those on, but I guess we all have to make up our own traditions, just like our parents did.

On our menu for Easter dinner (we are doing it on Saturday this weekend) is a brisket, Weight Watchers mac-n-cheese, grilled asparagus, and MIL deviled eggs. And I'm sure carrot cake. Oh Lord, be with me now and do not let me overindulge. Especially since I am gonna weigh in next Wednesday morning before heading out of town. Amen.

Anyway, let me know how you all are doing on your journeys. And if you are not on a weight loss journey, leave me a note telling me what your plans for Easter are!
Hugs to all!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday

This week I spent 102$ at Walmart. I was very disappointed, but that included a 7$ bottle of Eucerin lotion, so technically I only spent 95$ on food items.

This week's menu is VERY blah, but I wanted to challenge myself to stay under 100$. The 100$ was for 7 dinner meals and all breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Monday-Weight Watchers honey mustard pork chops, pasta roni, green beans
Tuesday-chicken, roasted cauliflower, steamed cabbage
Wednesday- turkey burgers with broccoli and baked chips
Thursday-chicken, yellow rice, salad
Friday-spaghetti and green beans
Saturday-Easter dinner-I haven't purchased groceries for this yet-this is husband's deal. He can pay. :D I believe we are having a brisket, deviled eggs, WW mac and cheese, and grilled asparagus. I plan on sitting on my butt and playing with my monkey love Emma.
Sunday-lemon chicken pasta and broccoli
Monday-chicken, broccoli, box mac and cheese

Can I get an Amen???

I have the BIGGEST PET PEEVE EVER that I have to get off my chest.

I KNOW I cannot be the only person who feels this way!

When I am at the gym on the treadmill, I am surrounded by people who DO NOT wipe the equipment down. Srsly, it is so gross! I hate it!

Part of me wants to yell at them as they walk away, "Hello! Wipe the flipping equipment down! It is not hard! If you have time to go to the gym then you have the 5 seconds it takes to wipe down the treadmill/elliptical/whatever."

What is the deal? Gah!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Big Reveal

OK, lots of good guesses on how many calories/how much fat was in the Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich! I only wish that they were right. Scary, I know. If you have seen the comments-yikes...

So, like I said, I got this sandwich with double broccoli-plain, steamed broccoli. The caloric intake, fat grams and fiber (for the sandwich only) were:

1150 calories
70 grams fat
A whopping 3 grams of fiber (I'm guessing from my whole wheat bun!)

If you ate the sandwich as they served it (with fries), it was:

1850 calories
86 grams fat
3 grams fiber

I'm sorry, but ignorance used to be bliss! Now, I will have to really check out all restaurant food in advance. This is practically criminal. I was talking to b.e.g. about how some people eat like this for 2 meals per day! And don't really know how bad it is. One of their salads had as much fat as the sandwich.I am soooo guilty of getting a salad to be "healthy" and it ends up being worse than say a burger with no cheese or something!

Anyway, it wasn't even worth the 28 flippin points! I mean, it was still good but it wasn't 28 points good!

Moving on, Melissa from one of my favorite blogs (For the Love) wagered a guess of 900 calories and 35 fat grams, coming in closest. So, Melissa, you win the prize! See, it was a giveaway in disguise!!! (Betcha wish ya woulda commented now! :D)

I have a penchant for office supplies so Melissa will be getting my favorite pack of pens (extra fine tip), a pack of mechanical pencils (cause IMHO mechanical pencils make everything better-new, fresh lead all the time!), a cute notepad, a cuter post it pad, and a set of page flags to match!

Email me your mailing address at southernsass30{at}gmail{dot}com by Monday so I can get your goodies out to you.

And everyone else, stay on your toes-you never know when a secret giveaway will transpire...............

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm So Ashamed.........

Y'ALL! Disaster in training!

Let me lay a scene for you.

Yesterday, the in laws came in town to look at a house. They were spending the night with us, so I picked up Chili's on the way home from work.

I must be the dumbest person alive. Why did I spend 10$ on the WW Dining Out Companion book if I never plan to use it.

I skimmed through the Chili's menu and decided not to blow it totally out but to get a small something I wanted/craved. I decided on the Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich. Some of you are shaking your heads right now like, "Girl, you are doomed!" And you would be right. But, back to the sandwich. It was a piece of fried chicken (oh, the humanity!) on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and hot sauce. No cheese or special sauce. It was served with a side of ranch.

I asked for double broccoli instead of fries. So, I was thinking, "OK, piece of fried chicken breast is the only 'bad' thing I am ingesting."

After eating it, I had husband look up the nutritional info for me so I could track it. I had estimated 15 points.

I want y'all to GUESS how many calories and fat grams were in this sandwich. I was BLOWN AWAY! Leave a comment with your guess.

I will reveal the answer later today or tomorrow morning. Please don't go look it up. Save your excitement for me to share the answer with you.

Let's just put it this way, I am out of my 'extra' points for the week, and I just got them yesterday.

Sometimes I question my brain power...............

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Hello dears! After last week's disaster (up 3 pounds!) I have redeemed myself this week due to excessive tracking and measuring. Plus hitting the gym and some shredding.

I am down 5.2 pounds. Now, I know that last week's weigh in was partly disastrous due to the fact that I hadn't pumped about 5 ounces of breastmilk out, I was in jeans, and I had been a bad girl with some chocolate.

My leader actually told me that jeans weigh 2 pounds when I had a meltdown episode over my gain. Sweet thing, bless her heart, but no.

I do not believe for one second that I actually lost FIVE pounds-I think it was a combo of the tracking, measuring, exercising, and weighing naked wearing wind shorts and a tank top to weigh in today! :D

I will work every angle possible when I weigh in! Potty-check, pump-check, all jewelry off-check, no shoes-check, tshirt off-check, no food or drink before weigh in-check. Srsly y'all, I am meaning business when I weigh in!

I plan on keeping the tracking and measuring up! It works!

Anyway, how did you all do?

Monday, March 22, 2010

The End of the Road

Caution: this post contains TMI-it is about boobs and milk making. (Stop reading Cas, Dad and any other men...)

OK: I think I may have come to the end of the road on the breastfeeding. You know I've been pumping exclusively since Emma's birth. The actual breastfeeding didn't work out so well. But she has been getting the breastmilk. Some of you may remember when I had an issue at about 8 weeks with making milk. Well, I got on Reglan. I was on it for awhile-like almost 5 months. You are not supposed to take it longer than 12 weeks. So, I got off it last Wednesday. My milk production has dropped to nil. It is so low I am only getting about 10 ounces per day. Emma eats 7 ounces PER BOTTLE. This is a problem. I have about 100 pounds (literally) of frozen milk. I send the frozen milk to her daycare, so she won't be off breastmilk immediately. But, I really wanted to do this till her first birthday, and I don't know if the frozen milk will last that long.

Does anyone know anything about being on the Reglan longer than you are supposed to? Any advice? I have tried fenugreek and thistleweed. I drink loads of water but it's probably still not enough. And stress is a constant factor in everyone's life, so that is just always there.

Have any of you gone through this?? Advice, tips, etc to share? I am going to keep pumping, but it is really discouraging when you get so little out!
And I'm pumping as I type this. Multi-task much? :D
Happy Wednesday, I'm off to go to WW in about 2 hours. Gotta empty all that milk-it weighs something! :D
And I just realized I left my gym bag at home-what to do? Go home and get it, or just not go? Hmmmmmmm........

Menu Monday

Here is this week's menu:

Monday-Crockpot chicken stroganoff with salad
Tuesday-Weight Watchers sausage and pepper pasta pot
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with broccoli and fat free chips
Thursday-Dinner out-in laws in town
Friday-Weight Watchers spaghetti with asparagus, salad
Saturday-Salsa Verde sour cream enchiladas (indulgence night!) with chips and salsa-the recipe is from Chloe's blog-if you want it, look around on there. :D
Sunday-Burgers and oven fries

OK, I am having major issues with my weekly grocery spending. Let me lay this out and get some advice from you all.

-I always shop at Walmart for groceries-Publix is too expensive for buying 7 nights worth of meals, plus lunch, breakfast, and replenishing needed items. This weekend I had to buy formula for Emma's caretaker, so I spent an extra 21$. I spent 140$ on groceries! That is insane to me!!! I used to spend maybe 100$ for all of this. And I don't buy diapers or wipes there! Ever since Emma, my bill has gone up by about 40$ a week and I don't buy formula and baby food every week. What is going on? Have groceries gone up that much?

Also, I know so many people RAVE about coupon shopping, but I have two issues with that.

Number 1: I don't have time to look through all that crap and clip/print coupons. Srsly. I did a lot of printing coupons and searching for them while pregnant and got lots of good deals. But it takes dedication and TIME that I don't have right now.

Number 2: You have to buy the things on sale and they are mostly not healthy. I spend about 40-50$ on produce, 20$ on fresh meat. Maybe I should start buying more frozen meat and veggies??? I love reading Leslie's blog about her shopping trips, but I get nauseous when I see her total for a crapload of groceries is like 25$ a week! That is crazy insane! Leslie, want to move in with Noah and Hardy and do this for me??? :D

I am making a lot of healthy, Weight Watchers meals. I cannot go buy 12 rolls of crescent rolls, 4 blocks of cream cheese, and 14 packs of cheddar cheese. Now I will buy 12 boxes of pasta or other things that I can make healthy. I am just at such a loss! We only have one kid and she isn't even eating our food yet!

I take my lunch everyday, I make my breakfast everyday, and I take about 3 snacks per day. But it's not prepackaged, more expensive stuff.

Example of a Day
Breakfast-yogurt or toast with coffee
Snack-mini bag of 100 cal popcorn (get coupons for 1$ off 2.29 at WW)
Lunch-WW Smart Ones-I buy the cheaper ones for 1.80-2.00, apple or other piece of fruit, sugar free jello pudding
Snack-cheese stick, bell peppers
Dinner-whatever I've made that night, you can see examples above.

I quit making "gourmet" multi ingredient meals because I don't have time to cook anymore unless hubby is home to watch baby, so it's all relatively simple and quick meals.

I just do not think I should be spending close to 600$ a month on friggin groceries for our family. We also go to the wholesale club for diapers, wipes, dogfood, cokes, bottled water, and paper goods. That's another 150 a month (estimated).

Please leave me some tips, advice, or empathetic comments letting me know I'm not alone! :D

I am going to be eating chicken breasts, rice, and frozen broccoli for the next 3 weeks............blech. Gag me.

Emma in the Slammer

When Emma misbehaves, we lock her in the "slammer." :D Only kidding-this was for photographic purposes only. How cute is it though??

She did not really stand up-husband stood her up real quick for the shot-so mom, don't freak! :D

And, I'm off. Goodbye.

Let's Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder...

Hello, my name is Laura Ingalls Wilder. Do you like my dress? I got it at the Sharon Consignment Sale this weekend. I love the straweberry pattern! What do you all think?

Ignore the stain of the top right part of the collar. I puked up my squash.
Don't worry, mom will get the stain out.

I have to go now-time to milk the cows so I can make a bottle for dinner.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just have to share-

Okay, my "friend" is ready to come out of the closet on her blog!

I seriously had NO IDEA that this person could write like this. Funny, concise, real.

I have to share this blog with you. Please go there and visit it-she stalks most of you anyway. :D

I am proud to share with you:

MY SISSY! Go see Mrs. Macon a Mess in action! You will laugh-I promise!

Edwards Family Day of Fun!

Dude, today has been so much fun, and I am just now sitting and chilling! We were busy bees!

First up, the consignment sale I mentioned yesterday. We hit up the local elementary school and it was not disappointing. I got several items of business for close friends and family who are expecting. I can't post pics cause they're gonna be prizes!!! We got Emma a few (2) clothing items, and awesome 80's baby keyboard, and a Charlotte's Web DVD.

Next, we went to a new consignment shop down the street. It.was.rad. One of my colleagues recommended it because it had lots of smocked clothes and bubble suits. We got lots of things for Lou and for the friends and family again!

After that, I hit up the smocked children's boutique to use the giftcard from my swap with FTM. We got Miss Thang a smocked bathing suit for our beach trip this summer.

Notice a trend on the smocked attire yet? :D Yes, I love it!
We then went out to lunch at Subway and ran a few errands. After coming home, we decided to Shred together! Hilarious I tell ya-Emma was in her exersaucer watching us and she was jumping up and down in the thingy when we did jumping jacks. PS-I have not shredded since LAST Saturday. I am having problems with shredding after dinner-not cool to jump around after eating. It would be nice to shred if husband could get home to bathe Emma, but then I would be not getting dinner started early enough. Excuses, excuses.
Anyhow, after shreddage, we had the photo shoot you see below-I was like, "Work it, work it, own it, show me presh." And she did show me presh! Having a great camera really makes a world of difference. I am by no means a profesh photog, but these are great shots of her! And I have a picasa album with about 48 more shots-I wish I could put them all on here! Maybe I shall do a photo shoot post next......................
Our town just built a new park like one mile down the street from our subdivision, so we decided to go check it out today with the pups. So we loaded the whole fam in the Expedition and were off. It was ridic-like 5 full size soccer/football/lacrosse/whatnot synthetic fields, 4 walking trails, a pavilion, a solar powered playground, and a concession stand. Plus it's doggy friendly. We had a lot of fun. No pics though-I wish I would've actually brought the camera because the playground was insane-it was under this giant mushroom cap thingy and was shaded and apparently had solar powered fans or some such business. There were dogs everywhere and people just sporting it up. Very Venice Beach. :D
Emma had about a 2 second nap today, so she passed out early. We are both just lazing out now. I need to get motivated to make a menu and grocery list. We have church tomorrow and Emma has her first Easter egg hunt. My mom wanted to know if Emma was going to eat her eggs. I am thinking Emma will not actually be collecting any eggs mom, but if she does get some, we will save them for you. :D
So, what did you all do today? I hope it was something fun!

I am "feeding" myself. Sorta-kinda-just making a mess!

Yo! Admire my cuteness.

Big girl in the rocker

Eating the azalea-sitting in a dog bowl-and about to have a break down.
Hello, Anne Geddes.

This expression is priceless-she is like,
"Um excuse me, are you sure??"

Emma's new smocked suit

Her loot from the consignment sales/stores. The strawberry dress (top left) was 3$, the bubble next to it (reversible) was 9$, the pink smocked dress (bottom left) was 15$ NWT, the Ralph Lauren bubble in the middle was 6$, and the seersucker overalls were 6$. I sooooo want to show you all the loot for the other babies too, but it has to be a surprize!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lack of Posts Much???

Seriously, I just noticed the last time I posted was MONDAY. I mean get real Susannah-people need to know what you are doing and thinking, gah!! :D Just kidding!

One of my close friends has recently started a blog (she isn't ready to come out of the closet yet, I will pimp her out later!) and she is posting like EVERY DAY-like it's her job! I remember the days-it was called no baby and maternity leave. Life was good.

I digress. I meant to post this on Wednesday, but life got in the way. There are several important things to bring up:

*I gained an obscene amount of weight this week. I DO NOT want to talk about it. My goal this week is to track and measure all of my food. I'm not gonna lie, I have been slacking off in a big way. Still eating healthy, but not tracking OR measuring. Well, it doesn't matter if you are eating healthy if you are eating boatloads of it!!! (Ahem, husband...) Pot/Kettle/Black. I shall persevere and lose what I gained (at least!)

*Pray for my friend Taylor. She just had a miscarriage. I don't want to link up to her blog, but you probably know her. She is so sweet and funny-I know she and her family are devastated. It will hurt for awhile, but pretty soon you will be able to wake up without thinking about it first thing. I am here if you want to email me. :D

*Pray for my friend Laura's dad-I know you all that follow Groovin' with the Grizas know she is taking a short bloggy break to help the family and be with her dad, but he is suffering some major backlash from a botched appendix removal. Ridiculous what is going on. We are all thinking of you Laura and family!

*Can I get an amen to the weekend-srsly. In the midst of conferences, writing assessments due, etc, I am OVER it with a capital O.

*This weekend I plan to hit up a consignment sale and a consignment shop and use a sweet 50$ giftcard to a smocked kid's clothing boutique. Who says I'm buying it all for Emma??? I have some peeps about to have girls up in this neck of the woods and they need some precious girl loot!!

*Emma is going to an Easter egg hunt on Sunday (hope the rain stays away!)

*I plan to do NO schoolwork this weekend-and it's going to get even lazier as the year ends-PTL! (Wait, that would imply that I actually do schoolwork on the weekends now. Hilarious, but no.)

*First day of Spring is tomorrow, woop woop!

*I want to go shopping for some new clothes even though I gained like a trucker. I may just need one or two new pairs of pants..............

What do you all have going down this weekend?

What has been happening with you? (Even though I secretly know cause I'm still reading my google reader, just being a total slack on commenting-sorry!)

Share and have a great weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Monday

OK, here is what is being eaten in the Edwards household this week!

Monday-Swiss chicken with broccoli
Tuesday-Chicken stroganoff with green beans
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-Lemon chicken pasta
Friday-Taco pasta toss
Saturday-Chicken strips with pasta and roasted veggies
Sunday-Turkey chili with baked tostitos

I have not tried the taco pasta toss yet, I will share once we eat that. It is from Rachael Ray. Everything else is an old standby and for this hellish week (report cards, conferences, state writing assessment-eek!) I need the easiest, most healthful meals I can make.

What are you all eating this week?
Hope you are having a great Monday!!!

Easter Love

Choose your favorite! :D

I posted these in reverse order, so this is the one where she is over it.

Love this one!

So not paying attench.

This is what we did this weekend! :D We are going to an Easter egg hunt this weekend.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hurt So Good.....

I think I may despise Jillian Michaels.

Yep, I'm pretty sure I do. Cause my whole body feels like it did after I was in a flip over totaling car wreck in the Grand Canyon (which is a story for another time.)

Yesterday, I had LOTS to do, and I thought it would be wise to start the Shred video that has been mocking me from the coffee table for the past 2 weeks. Every time I walk past it, I find another excuse not to do it.

*I'm too tired.
*I already went to the gym today.
*I'm scared to start it. (Yes, seriously scared of her)
*I don't have enough time.

So, my rationalization yesterday was do the shred cause it's only 23 minutes long instead of going to the gym and working out for 1 hour. I seriously didn't have time to work out in the morning, and we were having dinner guests, so I said, "Enough. The Shred is MINE. I shall conquer it and still live to write about it."

And live I did. But baby, it hurts so good! My quads have been burning since about 3 pm yesterday. And now, my biceps are starting in. Along with some hamstring burn. And some lower back muscles that I don't know the name of-not my lats, but lower. Brittany, a little help? :D

Anyhow, it was interesting. Especially since my DH was sitting on the couch clad in his robe with the baby on his lap watching me and cheering me on. Literally. "Go Susannah!" "You are doing so much better than I did!" Hilarious. I was grunting and breathing sooo hard. But, I shall persevere. And I shall meet Mrs. Michaels again today. Although I'm not so sure how I will be actually performing said exercises since I'm finding it hard to walk down the stairs. Any ideas??

I have decided to shred every day that I don't go run at the gym. My routine needs some mixing up like nobody's business! So, I will keep you updated on my shreddage and when I get to level II (which I'm planning on in nine more days), I'm sure we will have this little love/hate convo again.

On another note, SPRING FORWARD! I usually hate this time change cause we lose an hour. But today, Emma slept till 8:00! It was great! Then she came in bed with me and slept till 8:30. I can get behind this darkness in the morning thing now!

I will be posting a menu later today. I have to input all of my report card grades into the computer and go shopping. Now I'm off to church to set up the altar for the 11:00 service. I didn't go today what with my unexpected "sleeping in."

Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday and I'm Still Here............

Well, as predicted from last week, I am up 0.4 lbs. Oh well, I had a sneaking suspicion that this would happen. I wasn't too shocked. However, I will also attribute part of this towards my complete and utter lack of tracking-I need to get back on that horse. ASAP.
Anyways, how did you all do? I have read a few updates. It seems like many of you are not doing WWW anymore-is this a passe tradition? :D I like it!
Also, I am still here but SWAMPED at work and home-it is a busy week with conferences coming up, normal wear and tear, and testing coming up. Blech-I am also rolling up home at about 6:15 and between feeding Emma and bathing her and getting ready for bed, it's about quarter to eight before dinner is happening. Not cool!
So, I shall try to be back in full force next week. I feel like I am majorly slacking! I will post a menu this week too! :D
Happy Wednesday, only two more days till the weekend! Yay!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Seven Months!

Dear Emeline,
On Thursday you were seven months old. For some reason, this month really hit home. You are getting big and I cannot believe that seven months ago you and I were first meeting. I adore you and praise God daily for giving me the gift that is you.

You don't go back to the doctor until you are nine months, so I have no new stats to share. You are getting over a nasty cold that has lasted the better part of a month, and you are just finishing your first prescription drug. It definitely helped.

You have zero teeth-and no signs of getting any. Please God, don't be the kid who doesn't get a tooth till 19 months-mommy may go insane feeding you mushed up food till then. :D You are still in a size 2 diaper, but could do a size 3. It's mommy's cheapness on finishing this pack before moving up (talk to daddy about cheapness when you are older!)

Your daddy broke you of the swaddle habit this month. One night, he just put you down without it, and you actually slept! But, your sleep is now fitful-you wake up because your paci falls out and you cry/snuffle a little bit until you either fall back asleep, or momma has mercy and comes and puts it back in. My friends tell me to let you deal with it, but momma can't stand to hear that angel cry.

You are thisclose to crawling. I don't really want you to crawl yet though-I'm selfish. That would mean you were growing up! You also roll over constantly and play with toys. You really play with the toys. Daddy and I went to Target last weekend and spent all my teacher appreciation giftcards on toys for you-we bought the toys we remember from childhood.

Emmabear, you are about to be blessed with lots of cousins and baby friends. I can't wait to see how you interact with them. You are such a sweet girl! When we went to a birthday party last weekend, you sat on the blanket playing with the toys and all of the boys were in your face trying to get some attench. You just sucked that paci and looked at them (keep it up girl!)

Lou, I can already tell that you are going to be an incredible woman. God has surely blessed daddy and I with you. Thank you for being you!

We love you!!!

Here I come!

Show Us Your Life-Schedules

Well, Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life, Schedules. I have never participated, but this one is easy, plus I like reading about other people's schedules. Those with kids and jobs are eerily similar. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with "getting it all done." :D

Here is my schedule now that I am back to work and a mom.

5:40-wake up and hit snooze at least once.
5:50-actually wake up, let dogs out and feed them, pump boobs
6:00-shower, makeup, hair (wet pony-yeah), dress
6:50-make lunch, get coffee to go, grab breakfast, wash up any random dishes so I can come home to an empty sink, leave for work by 7:00
7:10-get to work and get ready for the day-make copies, get lessons ready, clean up room if it's messy
7:50-kids arrive and begin working-teach till 10:00
10:00-break-kids go to "specials"-I pump again
10:45-pick kids up and teach till 11:45
11:45-lunch-without kids (PTL)-try to get some work done
12:15-pick kids up
3:00-kids go home! I pump again and work on lessons/copies/etc (PS-a teacher's work is NEVER DONE!) I am always lesson planning, grading, answering emails/calls, etc. Ridic. Unless you want to stay till 7:00 pm on Friday night, you have to work throughout the week for the next week!
On Monday and Wednesday I leave right after work to go to the gym.
On Tuesday we have grade level meetings.
On Thursday I stay till 5:00 and make sure things are ready for the next week.
On Friday I look over everything and TRY to leave by 4:00 to go get Emmabear and snuggle!
Today I left at 5:00-epic fail.
I go get Emma and we jot home. Then begins the feeding of baby food, nightly bottle and bath time. This is all normally done before 7:15. Emma's bedtime is 7:00-7:30. Once I get her down,
then I start dinner. This is why I rely so heavily on crockpot meals. Cause momma can't start a decent, healthy dinner at 7:15. Number 1, I'm starving and Number 2, it takes too long! I am not eating at 8:00-it's just not healthy to eat that late.

After eating, I clean up the kitchen, do dishes, make coffee for the next day, make bottles, pump AGAIN, answer emails, blog, read google reader, grade papers (ha!), read my book or mags, and finally do my devotion. If I'm lucky I can pass out by 10:00-and I LOVE my sleep, so I really strive to do this. Hence the reason I don't blog as much anymore. Cause some things HAVE to get done before I can go to sleep. On Fridays or days off work, I can stay up a little later, but I know Emma will be up by 7:00, so I am trying to get in by 11 or 12 on the weekends.

So, what does your schedule look like?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's time for a..............

This is what Emma wore today on our snow day. Doesn't she look like a character from Super Mario Brothers? I think it's adorable-good thing this was a hand me down, cause I never buy stuff like this!

Cuttin' those eyes already.

Playing with all her "technology."

Ha! Husband's 1990 flip phone-he broke his Crackberry.

And yesterday we put Emma in the desk drawer.

Here is Miss Thing going to a birthday party in her all white attire.
A beautiful white dress with a scalloped hemline, a white monogrammed cardigan, and a giant white bow. What a Southern lady! :D

Emma and mommy-take 1-husband working the camera-
thanks for chopping my hair off.

I know, I need to work on taking pictures of her without the paci-

Emma and mommy-take 2-I do have hair!
Apparently I also need to work on putting some lipstick on and finding my lips-they seem to have disappeared. Hmmmmm.............