Thursday, September 24, 2009

For the Love...


*I am tired of being in pain-it's one thing after another! My wrists hurt sooo badly! I went back to the orthopaedist today and filled him in. He is not optimistic since the braces and cortisone shot didn't cure the problem. He decided we should try a more "obtrusive" brace and another shot. OK-we will try this-because I do not want to have the surgery. But, I will if that is what it takes to make the pain stop. It is getting so bad, I can hardly pick Emma up. WTF? My question/problem (besides the obvious) is what happens when I get pregnant again? Will this return? Will the surgery make it go away? The answers are: we don't know for sure. I'm not really down with surgery if that is your answer. Ugh!

*My boobs are not making as much milk as before. Why? I have no clue-it's been doing this for about a week. It started out only on one side-now it's both. I used to could pump for 15 minutes and get 3 ounces from each. That is what she takes in one feeding-three ounces. So, I could get 2 bottles worth of milk. Now, I am lucky to get 3 ounces combined. WTF? I did some research on why this could be happening-nothing I can identify. It mentions stress and not pumping enough, but I'm pretty much stressed a lot, and now I am pumping like 6-8 times per day. It is consuming my time. I am not going to be able to do this when I go back to work. I really want to keep feeding her breast milk. I am going to have to call the lactation department.

*My neck has hurt since Emma was born-I'm assuming it's from looking down while feeding or poor posture, etc. It's on my last available nerve. All this stuff starts hurting all at once too.

*My OB told me to start checking my fasting blood glucose for a few weeks to make sure my gestational diabetes went away. Well, for the past 5 or so days that I have checked it, it has been over 3 times. I really don't know how I will deal if I end up having diabetes too. That sh** almost drove me up the wall at the end of my pregnancy, and it was only for 10 weeks.

*On a positive note, my lupus seems to have disappeared (for the time being) since pregnancy. I hope I don't jinx myself! I've been out walking in the sun with Emma, and it hasn't reared it's ugly head.

Thanks for listening readers! Sorry this was such a negative Nelly post! I will survive and get over it all-it's just been a blah day!


  1. Is it carpal tunnel that you have? I got this with Aven and it went away afterwards but the night before last I had alot of pain in my arm again. I'm hoping it's not back :(

    Also I had really bad problems with my neck when Aven was about a month and a half. I went to a chriopractor/sports med doctor and it helped out so much! He basically said your body is adjusting so much going through labor and then now carrying a baby around and all the other stuff we carry that our bodies aren't used to. I wish you were in the area I would tell you to go to him he is a miracle worker. I would maybe try one in your area.

  2. If you have carpal tunnel, my mom has that and she wears a brace to bed. It has a metal piece supporting her wrist and the curvature of her palm. It helps some, but she also uses cortisone shots and takes meds for it, I think. It's kind of a life-long thing if its carpal tunnel. I hope it's not that and you can figure out what's going on, with the quickness.

    I hope you get well soon - sometimes you need to have a pity party and lay it down before you can get back up and get on with things! I'm also going through my own negative nellie phase, so I feel you! I really do hope all gets well soon - it's no fun feeling broken down!


  3. Child of mine, you just need your wonderful Mommy to throw some love, hugs, and kisses your way (as I am loving, kissing, hugging the Princess)! You really might try a chiropractor. They work wonders!! And stress plays a HUGE part in the production of breast milk!! Have a beer and "peace out!"
    I love you!!

  4. Praying for you, hun. This is all so, so rough. I can only imagine. Hang in there.

  5. It takes 15 mins to pump a bottle out? wtf? What do you do to stay occupied while you do that for 15 mins? hmm
    Also nicole said if you pump and dump it makes them stop producing so much so mayne that is it?
    GAH i am crossing my fingers for no diabetes. Dang GINA.
    Love you


    Hey Sus I remembered reading this earlier this summer. Maybe you could try this!! The side affects are pretty funny! Her blog is cute and she is a teacher!

  7. this makes me nervous! Ha. PS- Don't freak if you have to give up breast feeding soon. My mom didn't breast feed and I am normal and healthy! Maybe if you get all your ailments healed the stress will go away and the milk will come back in full force!

  8. I found her a while back ans started reading her. I like her blog its cute. Her sister is a blogger as well. It is the one on her page...Wanting What I Have. Her picture quality is awesome! I think she lives in Nashville. I was clicking on blogs one night and found her. I remembered reading that and shared that with a friend of mine that had a baby in July. Who knew I, the one without kids would be sharing the knowledge. I have watched more TLC in my life and taken care of everyone else's kids people are always do you know that! On the Baby Story the other day they had a women that tore all the way from the front to the back...the nurse lovingly referred to it as a 3RD degree LACERATION!!! Yeah well they are gonna figure out a way to give me a C-section! I saw Kate yesterday. I shall blog today. Happy Friday


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