Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recap and Spew

Hi! It's me. I'm still alive, I promise! This is me, crawling out of the hole that is currently work, laundry, cooking, work, marriage, baby, fighting an education war, LIFE. For the love, I am getting run over here! Going out of town for a weekend alone is certainly fun and invigorating (hello, can you say sleeping till 9:00!)

Oh, so about the education war: stop by Katie's blog and read her "Separate but Unequal" post and leave a comment. This ties into my "Twitter Attack" post from last week. Lots of riling going on lately. Peeps just tryin to explain their takes and such.

Anyhow, look at this one. Playing with her empty inhaler case.

This was one shot sent to me on the drive up to Nashville. Love the buttcut.

This is what happens when daddy is in charge. Markers come out. Yikes.
He doesn't know what is up.
(Sidenote: why is my kids ALWAYS NAKED in the pictures I post?
I swear she has clothes-more than enough. Hello, she has two grandmothers!)

Mr. Fennmore Sparkman Graham. Such a snuggly bunch of deliciousness!
He is giant y'all!

War Eagle. Look at that facial expression.

He was a chunk of love and he rarely cried! Just got on the booby and slept!

Laura took me to this store that is full of brand new returns (cool stuff!)
Look what I bought.

Not sure why there were like 30 boxes of tampons, but they were 0.75 each! I bought three boxes! And got J some razors for stocking stuffers for 1.50 each.

So, for some spew:

*I need an app for blogging from my iPhone. Recommendations please.

*I have been reading in bed and reading blogs/twitter at night. Sorry for the lack of comments, but it's hard to comment (damn you word verification) on the phone. I feel like this is my mantra lately. Apologizing for lack of comments.

*I am nervous to go to WW on Saturday.

*I am reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. She is so funny!

*I'm getting a pedi this weekend.

*Emma needs new pajamas. Hers are alllll too tight.

*The dogs smell like death and will be bathed this weekend.

*I am currently shopping around for a cute new blog design. I think it's time.

*I ate ramen again this week. And my wedding rings still fit.

*I am bored with the "cheap" menu-I need new things. One can only eat so many nights of tacos, spaghetti, Hamburger/Chicken helper, etc. Vomit. Also, one can only eat so much grilled chicken salad and/or spinach salad for lunch. WW can blow me on the "filling foods" cause I am sooooo bored with eating these things. And sandwiches/Smart Ones aren't considered "filling."

*I ran for five straight minutes on Monday. Like ran. Five minutes. In a row. Without dying. This is huge.

*I ran a 4-5-4 combo yesterday.

*I dread what I am running tomorrow. Curse you Couch to 5K. My friend that is doing this with me said, "Susannah, we have to do this so we can run the race." HAAHAHAHAHA was my reply. You are high if you think I am RUNNING the whole thing. My only goal is to beat last year's time. Which I will. But not running a whole 3 miles. Gag me.

*I think it's stupid that you can't DM people on Twitter if they don't follow you.

*Homeschool peeps-what are the requirements for people who all of a sudden choose to homeschool? Just wondering due to a thing at school. Do the parents/guardians have to take a test of competency or prove they are eligible to teach? Or anything. Yikes a million.

*Michaele on RHODC is a crackhead. That is all.

* I reallllly want the Kate Gosselin biography that is coming out, along with the Angelina Jolie one by Andrew Morton and the Oprah one by whatshername. PS-I'm going to admit this, but I don't like/care for any of those ladies. I am just fascinated by their lives. They are so high profile. I realllly don't like Oprah, please don't get me started, but I've been talking to a lot of people lately who say the same thing, and they want to read her biography. Maybe it's by Kitty Kelly or something??

*I think I have spewed it all. But I guarantee that after I hit publish, I'll think of more "pertinent" things to share.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In which I attack Twitter........

Anyone who knows me (closely) knows that I am the most non confrontational person ever when it comes down to actually confronting people. I talk a big game, but I HATE confrontation. It makes me nervous. I twitch. I will tell other people all kinds of stuff to say to the person that wronged them, and explain why they should say it. But very rarely do I say anything to people when they make me mad. They know I'm mad/irritated/annoyed, but I don't say, "You did this and I'm pissed!" Or, "that's wrong, etc."

I say all of this to say-I love Twitter like no one's business. I am on it about 78,429 times per day. However, things can be misconstrued on Twitter just like email. You can't tell tone. You can't tell what people really mean like you could if you were having an actual conversation.

I have read several tweets lately that have made my blood boil. But I have held my tongue. Today, however, I cannot do it. I am a little riled up and have had some convos with other people (IRL) who agree with me. I need to address some things that have been tweeted, and I'm not going to apologize in advance for maybe offending you.

I'm not trying to be bitchy or whatever, but I have an opinion too, and here it is.

Number One:
In which the educational system is attacked for failing inner city kids who can't spell.

I have been teaching for 9 years, and I have heard the blame put on education for so long I can't even count it anymore. Much less take it. People are looking for someone or something to blame. But let me tell you this-out of all the teachers in the world, roughly 90% of them are teaching their hearts out, busting their butts, working so hard for so little, just the reward of a kid one day saying thank you. The other 10% probably are just shitty teachers who don't do their job. But like it or lump it, that doesn't classify the "educational system" as crap. I teach my butt off everyday, and I STILL have kids who can't spell, read, add, etc. I taught the bejesus out of it, and nothing I do is going to make it happen. Maybe they have a learning disability, maybe they have a low SES, maybe they have no support at home, maybe they have a low IQ. Kids don't get everything we teach them. They struggle. They work hard too. But, just because a kid can't do something doesn't mean it's because the education system failed them.

End rant. If I need to bust out more research and other guest authors, I will, But this is something that is non negotiable for me. Don't attack education-we are trying to do good!

Number Two: In which mothers that formula feed are basically attacked due to the beetle thing. For the love of Similac.

This is a really tough one for me. It started of with @mckmama tweeting, "Happy that breastmilk isn't being recalled due to beetle parts." Then some other peeps chimed in, basically saying the same thing. I'm sorry, but that is uncalled for. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but that screams to me, "I breastfeed so I don't have to worry about a formula recall. If you use formula, sucks for you!" And, the thing that really bothers me about this is that she has had issues with breastfeeding and milk production and has to turn elsewhere. NOT everyone can breastfeed. I know all boobs make milk, I'm talking about actual suckage and production here. And DON'T tell me that you can all make enough-cause you can't, and I'm proof! I was on a milk production drug for 5 months, even though you shouldn't take it longer than 3 months! Sometimes it doesn't work out. So, if people have to use formula, should we judge them and make them feel like shitty people when the formula gets recalled?

Emma is on whole milk (6 oz) plus 2 oz of Similac formula. We are gradually weaning her off the formula to get to the full 8 oz of whole milk. Does this mean I suck? NO!

I have had numerous tweet convos with people about this. A lot of people are buzzing about how moms JUDGE the bejesus out of each other. We are the best support for each other. I hear it constantly-why do we tear each other down and judge?

It just makes me sad.

So, next time you tweet or email, maybe think about the phrasing of what you are saying. I'm not saying to censor yourself or your thoughts, but maybe consider how you could make other people feel when you say certain things.

PS-girlfriend who made the comment about education-I wrote her back. And I think she reads my blog. But she knows that I'm just defending my shiz, just like she would. :D Hi, Katie!

What do you all think about this? Not just the specific comments (although feedback is welcome-you don't have to agree with me!) But the way social media has skewed our intent...........

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spew Time

The Ramen that shall be discussed below.

Emma just being Emma-in her PJ's from this morning for the love.
This was taken around 6 pm.

You know what it's time for, baby.

*I am eating Ramen for dinner. And it is good. I wonder how J would feel about Ramen + a side once he returns??? With a side of WW stir fry veggies, it's practically Asian cuisine!

*I could not be a single parent. If you are one, I admire you. It is hard.

*Emma has pooped in the tub every night since J has been gone. Shoot me now.

*I taught Emma how to bark like a dog!

*I cannot wait to go to Nashvegas this weekend to see bestie and DPB!!!!!!!!!

*I have been keeping up with Couch To 5K. We are doing an official 5K in November. The same one from last year. I will beat my time of 48 minutes. No doubt. I'm doing it with some girls from school, we will kick it and take some names.

*My kid has worn pajamas to day care for the past two days. Did I mention it was hard to be a single parent? And get to work on time?

*I am addicted to romaine/spinach salad with goat cheese, slivered almonds, and craisins on it for lunch. I have been adding some grilled chicken for protein, but I could eat it without-it is soooo good! Plus a little homemade vinaigrette on top. Score.

*I'm really anxious about going out of town and leaving J to deal with everything. I've only been away from both of them once (BLOGGER CONVENCH 2010-WORD). It's not that I don't think he can do it (cause he can), it's the laundry, cleaning, prepping for next week, grocery, etc that I normally do on Sunday that I'm worried about. He's gonna have to do it all. I will be getting back in the late afternoon and I am such a control freak that I want it all done and done well. Get over it now Susannah is my mantra.

*I have been puttin' down on some WW snicker like ice cream bars. Dude, it is a full size "candy bar" for THREE points! It is soooo good!

*I'm not gonna be able to go to WW this weekend and I'm kinda nervous cause I won't be weighing in. For the love, have some self control this weekend!

*I have caught up on all SIX back issues of STAR mag that were on my nightstand. I will choose a new book from my own personal Barnes and Noble tonight! Yay! Choices, choices.........

*I have to grade some papers and make a few lesson plans tonight. Then I will read some blogs. And probably not comment. I'm sorry in advance. I have to prioritize. But I lurrrvve cleaning out my google reader on a daily basis. Again, control freak.

*I got to wear Nike shorts, tennis shoes, and a school spirit t shirt today for "Team Building" after school. It was awesome to come to school like that-I was so comfy and much more motivated! I wish my principal read my blog. Maybe he would institute "Majorly Casual Wear Your Work Out Clothes Day." Maybe not. Just a thought.

*Did I mention I love the Ramen? It's definitely going on next week's menu.

Word. Let's see some randomosity posts from you all too!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to........

This post is going to be oh so informational for all those who aspire to be redneck and have a quick, easy meal for dinner!

That's right: I will reveal the secret of the "Redneck Sandbox" and the ravioli soup recipe-tweaked by me. Edge of your seats I tell ya!

But first, am I the smelly kid in the class? I mean seriously, I lost another follower. What is the deal? Am I pissing y'all off? Am I the only one who knows how many followers I have? Sad face here.

Must stop dwelling.

Moving on-yesterday (Sunday), we had a photo shoot. Our first in a while! I know the grands will be pleased. We decided that Emma needed a sandbox, but we didn't want to commit to one of those rather large crab/turtle shaped ones. Number one, they are about 65$ and number two, it would need to go in the shade. Which we are sorely lacking in the backyard. And front yard. In general.

So, until we can find and have the need for a BIG wooden old school sandbox, with an appropriate place to put it, we made a redneck sandbox.

The redneck sandbox cost 26$. We got a rectangular Rubbermaid tub from Walmart with wheels and a lid for 18$ and 2 bags of play sand for 8$.

We had a bunch of sand/beach toys from FeFe, so we threw those in too. Girlfriend had a blast!

Ummm, yummy?

Notice the lid-this is essential to protect the box from dog tee and water/condensation.
It is under our screened in porch, but right by the screen, so rain might blow in.


We decided that some Anne Geddes action was necessary.
Emma does not get down with hats-this was a 30 second
distractor shot. Love the wool hat in the 95 degree heat.
And the remote outside. Cause Daddy may or may not have
been watching the Falcons game through the French doors.
And controlling the TV with the remote from outside.
Again, redneck.

I adore her hair and her facial expressions in these pictures! Sooo cute!
Next on the agenda is a recipe share! The ravioli soup from Parents magazine was divine, but I tweaked it and added my own twist. The original recipe can be found here.
Here is my recipe:
3 links of hot Italian turkey sausage (the recipe calls for you to make your own turkey meatballs-no dice-I have no time, plus I LOVE turkey sausage) Take the casings off and "cut" into bite size chunks.
1/2 bag frozen ravioli-I used 12 oz. (Take out to lightly thaw while you are prepping everything else)
4 C low sodium chicken broth
1 C diced carrots
1 C frozen cut green beans
1 C frozen seasoning mix-celery, onion, bell peppers
1 8 oz can of no salt added tomato sauce
1 14 oz can of Italian style diced tomatoes
1 T garlic, some salt, pepper
OK-brown the turkey sausage. Bring the broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, all veggies, garlic, kosher salt, and pepper to a boil. Simmer for five minutes. Add the sausage. Keep simmering. At this point, I went up to give Emma a bath and let it keep simmering (covered) for about 20 minutes.
After all that simmering, right before (5 minutes) you are ready to eat, add the slightly frozen ravioli. It will keep simmering and cook the ravioli. I made a piece of cheese toast to go with.
The recipes says it serves six. I have tons left over and I ate 1 1/2 bowls! Lunch for the week.
It was realllllllllllllllly good and it's healthy! No WW points for the veggies or broth. The only points are from the ravioli and the sausage. It's about 5 points-I'm estimating here, but one whole cup of pasta is 4 points.
Anyway, you should try it. No pics cause it was 7:40 when I got to eat, and mama was hungry!
Now, I have taught you two things tonight! Wow! Let me know what you think if you try it, and do share your thoughts on the sandbox.................can't wait to go check Google reader and see what you all are up to!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to Basics

So, I'm going back to my bloggin' roots!

I haven't done a Menu Monday or Weight Watchers Wednesday in AGES!

So, even though it's Saturday, I am going to dazzle you with my menu planning skills and even tell you about my sucky week at Weight Watchers. And share some stuff and beg for advice/feedback. Please and thank you. :)

Moving right along. Husband is going out of town next week, which means I get to eat like a single girl! Fun, for a little while. My grocery bill will probably be about 30$ since I won't have to do a meat/starch/veg and all that jazz!

I was going through the pantry and found 3 packs of Ramen and a box of Kraft mac, and srsly entertained the idea of making that my dinner for the week. What, it's not like you've never done it.

However, I revised that menu due to sodium death my advanced palate, and came up with this instead:

Monday-Ravioli soup (new recipe from Parents mag.)
Tuesday-the aforementioned box of mac-n-cheese with some sugar snap peas
Wednesday-Ramen and WW stir fry vegetables
Thursday-Chicken Hamburger Helper/frozen vegetable (he returns tonight-and he may leave a again after he sees this menu!)
Friday-Sunday-out of town to love on DPB (he belongs to bestie)

I shall make the following week's menu while at bestie's house and email husband a grocery list. He will get to go to Krogs and do the shopping and be me! How exciting for him. :)

Now that I look back over that menu, it is very sad and unfortunate. Please take a moment to think of the menu. It needs some love.

On another note, I rejoined Weight Watchers about a month ago. Not sure if I told y'all. Anyway, I have been going back and forth on the gain loss cycle. For the love. I am over it. I have SEVEN pounds till goal.Why is this so stinkin' hard? I know what it's not happening-I am just not doing enough to take control. But seriously, I am not going to bust my a** to get there and then have it come back because I go back to real life. I am saying, I cannot start exercising five days a week and eating only salad, because when I get those pounds off and go back to life (exercising three days a week and eating normally/healthfully), I will go up again. I just have to keep watching, tracking, and maybe I need to chill on the number, a.k.a. scale victory. I just really want to be in a size 6 and I'm not even sure why. I guess cause in the WW book the goal weight I chose was almost to the minimum end for my height. But I'm still in the normal range of weight.

Also, I'm doing WW with some work girlfriends, and this is helping, but then when I eat some crap they are telling me, "No, no!" :D Which is good-guilt helps. I tweeted about this the other day, but we started Couch to 5K last week. We are about to start week 2. Pray that I can make it through the jogging portion, for the love. I don't run. I speed walk.

So, what can you tell me as far as food items? I am about to vom from the grilled chicken salad for lunch. I am trying to only eat filling foods-kind of like the Core plan, if you remember that. I think you were only allowed one bread item per day. Which is fine, but I dig my whole wheat bagel thin with WW cream cheese for breakfast, and I need my minibag of Jiffy Pop 1 pt popcorn for snack.

All that to tell you that I am up 0.4 this week and that makes me mad!!!

Do share some ideas of your daily food intakes pls. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Also, does Couch to 5K count as enough exercise?? Anyone done this??

So, I will try to get back to regular menu posting and WW updates.

What is going on with you all in the food items/dieting/working out/life arena?? Do share!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hellllllloooooo everyone! This will be a pictureless post.

Apparently, I am that boring. I say this because I lost a follower this week. Prob because I haven't posted in almost a week. And I lack pictures. And I am boring and only do randomosity posts of late. Please forgive.

I have read so many names for these posts, and now I'm calling it "Spew."

I've heard: brain dump, stream of consciousness, randomosity, hmmmmmmmmmm, what else? Anyone know any other names for the crap posts of everything in your brain?? Please share. Maybe we should make up a long ass name for these posts.

OK, so here is what I am spewin'

*My lupus meds have been making me suuuuupppper tired lately. Like can't get it together after 2 diet cokes and a large coffee tired. Boo hiss.

*I have been eating grilled chicken salad for lunch for 3 weeks now. I am done.

*Husband is about to go out of town for four days. Yikers on caring for baby and having a job-all by myself-repeat-yikers.

*We finally finished our 5 days of standardized testing.

*My sister is having a heinous time with an out of control water bill. To the tune of 1200 dollars. Please share your advice (be it lawyerly or otherwise) on what she can do to correct the sitch. She has talked to the water company and they say that they water actually passed through the meter, so she has to pay it. There is no way in you know what that she actually used this much water and sewer. What can she do?

*I am planning on doing nothing this weekend and loving it.

*I am hoping to go see bestie and PB the weekend after that. Waiting on confirmash.

*I am addicted to Twitter. One ? though-if I want to look for like a specific celeb, can I just type their name in the search box and see what happens? I am so sure I need to follow the celeb spewings!

*I have scored the past two weeks of grosh for $95 at Kroger. That rocks. However, I am already tired of eating Hamburger/Chicken Helper, spaghetti, and other such lunchroom items. Suggestions on how to change it up and keep it low??

*Did I mention I was tired? And addicted to Twitter? Follow me if you want to see super cute pics of Emma bear on there! @edwardsedition

*Emma hasn't pooped in the tub lately (jinx for me, I'm sure)

*I have read like 5 books lately. I will do a book review when I get five spare, quiet seconds soon.

*I have 5 STAR magazines to read. I must be up on the gossip!

*I am too random for words-I will think of 19+ more things to share after I publish this.

What are all of you up to lately? Random spew posts rock! Please share, and I promise to break out the camera and update you all soon on the growing thing that is my child!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For the love-of my sanity


I need some advice and help.

For the love of my sanity.

Two issues:

Number one (or should I say two?) Emma has been POOPING in the bathtub! This is the fourth, yes, FOURTH time she has done it. Why? Is it because the water is warm? What? I can't take it anymore-I immediately pick it up, drain the tub, wash her standing up, then have to later bleach/clean the toys. Getting old right quick. Help me now please.

Next, I am about to lose it because every single sippy cup we have (all NINE OF THEM) is leaky or spilly. I have the Playtex ones with straws, without straws, born free, etc. If she tips them over (all the time) or walks around with them, the milk or water comes flowing out. Not cool. But I can't play sippy cup police. What do you use and love? Help me, please!

Thank you in advance from a pooped mommy!
xoxo :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly......

The Good:

We went to a neighborhood party yesterday afternoon and Emma partied in the sandbox. It was super fun, and when we got home at 9:00, I laid her down to change her diaper, and about 3 pounds of sand fell out of her bubble suit/diaper. :D

This picture is redneck, but "Diva" is letting me do pigtails lately!! This was taken before Emma stood on her booster seat and broke the tray apart. Not fixable. Uggggggghhhh!

We went to eat lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and Miss Thing was eating brunch biscuits. Like it was her job. Guess we are mostly past the not eating phase.

The Bad: (kind of)

This is my stack of books to read. Yikes. I keep buying them. What is wrong with me??

Our kitchen sink sprung a leak and husband had to work on that all weekend. Emma got up in there today and "helped" check things out.

The Ugly:

This flying, rumbling bug that was killed in my living room on Friday night. what is UP with the freaky bugs lately???

Hope y'all all had a fun, lazy, relaxing Labor Day weekend!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That

THIS is something I saw waiting in the front office this afternoon. I swear to you, I wish I could show you his face, because it really made the photo! HILARIOUS! Beyond words. He was maybe in first grade.

THIS is what I saw in the garage upon arrival home. Yeah. Let that sink in. It's a BLACK WIDOW spider. That looks ginormous. Cause it was.

THAT is what I promptly did to him with some tool in the garage. Goodbye sack of nastiness. Sorry, God. He was gross.
Anyone know of some spider killer I can get a hold of?? That I can spray liberally all over this garage area?

THIS is what Emma likes to do when we go out on the patio to get the dog's food bowls ready. It is presh.

For the LOVE, I cannot remember who gave me this 8 questions biz to do-claim yourself please!!!

My 8 Questions:

Before we begin, my life's theme song is, "How difficult can I make this?" Let us commence.

1. BLT or PB&J?

I love, love, love peanut butter, so naturally I would say PB&J first. But I love bacon-and there are few things that taste better than crisp bacon, tangy mayo, and fresh lettuce/tomato!! So, both!

2. If you had to choose, would you give up your home Internet access or cable TV?
Finally, an easy one! No cable! I love blogging and reading blogs and surfing the interwebs!

3. Do believe in astrology?

No. Sorry.

4. What is the last CD or iTunes single you purchased?

Cause I'm living in 1996, Enya. Four songs. And a Miami Saxophone quartet song. Don't judge me. Also, I haven't bought a CD since 1996.

5. If you could trade bodies with one celebrity, who would you choose?

I love Jennifer Aniston's figure because she is very slender, but muscular too. I just want to be skinny!!!

6. How many pairs of shoes are in your closet?

At least 50. I need to purge though because I only wear about 12 year round. I'm not a big heel person-I guess it's the profession.

7. Do you make your bed every day?
Tricky. Yes and no. Because I am the first one up every morning, I make my side as best as I can, then husband "makes" his side like only a husband can. When he's late. And doesn't care. So imagine what our bed looks like.

8. What college football team are you rooting for this season?

Auburn. Duh. Weagle griza!

Now, my 8 questions:

1)How clean are you? Describe your OCD ness or lack thereof.

2)Do you prefer pasta or rice as a side?

3)What is your favorite healthy lunch?

4)How often do you workout/exercise?

5)What is your typical weekend like??

6)How often do you see your immediate family?

7)Do you want more kids? How many more? (If you have none yet, how many do you want?)

8)What is your favorite thing to do besides play with technology??
I tag:
Also-has anyone heard anything about A Blonde Walks into a Blog?? She was really sick at the beginning of August, and I just checked her blog and she hasn't written anything since August 7th.
And last but not least, I am attempting my first Kroger run based on ad shopping and couponing thanks to Shannon!!! I got loads of good feedback on couponing and lots of encouragement on the budgeting from you all! Now, I just need Leslie Lambert to move in with me and Publix shop for me and teach me the ways, oh master! Come on Leslie, pack your bags!!
Tomorrow I have WW weigh in, Gymboree, and a trip to the True Religion outlet about 10 minutes from here. Don't even ASK ME how I have never been there or known about it until today-thanks Tribble!! And, that was uttered in the same paragraph as, "I am couponing to save money............."
Hello pot, this is kettle...
Have a great three day weekend girls!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stream of random consciousness...whatever

So, it seems like all I do lately is post randomosity posts. I am lately.

Please forgive.

*I have put on several pounds this summer. Like 7-8. That is a whole freaking size people! Unacceptable. I have been super hard on myself. Plus, some of my work friends are on WW and I joined back up, so we are working together. HOWEVER, I am still having majah issues on the beer intake and the starbursts!!! For the love, they are my most favorite candy I must get a grip on the starburst love.

*I got an incredible purple Taylor dress from beg's blog sale!! Picture to come when I wear it tomorrow!

*School is kicking my ass right now. Enough said. I have a stack of papers to grade about 2 inches high and it's only the first month of school. Yikes.

*I went to the gym today and was in no mood for exercise. I missed Monday because of Curriculum Night. I MADE myself go today and walk/jog for 40 minutes.

*Auburn football starts this weekend-woot woot!!

*Husband is configuring our new "stay at home" budget for next year when I potentially probably stay home. Yikes a million. Can I just open up the floor here and say that we have NEVER in six years of marriage had a budget? This is going to be TOUGH!! We are talking about 125$/wk for groceries. I spend about 150/wk now. I went to friggin Publix last weekend and spent 180. Absurd. Cannot happen anymore. Momma's gotta learn to coupon.

I am so boring. I'm sorry. Please share some things that I can take back to hubby regarding a budget. (Besides throwing it out the window............)

xoxo loves!