Monday, September 20, 2010

How to........

This post is going to be oh so informational for all those who aspire to be redneck and have a quick, easy meal for dinner!

That's right: I will reveal the secret of the "Redneck Sandbox" and the ravioli soup recipe-tweaked by me. Edge of your seats I tell ya!

But first, am I the smelly kid in the class? I mean seriously, I lost another follower. What is the deal? Am I pissing y'all off? Am I the only one who knows how many followers I have? Sad face here.

Must stop dwelling.

Moving on-yesterday (Sunday), we had a photo shoot. Our first in a while! I know the grands will be pleased. We decided that Emma needed a sandbox, but we didn't want to commit to one of those rather large crab/turtle shaped ones. Number one, they are about 65$ and number two, it would need to go in the shade. Which we are sorely lacking in the backyard. And front yard. In general.

So, until we can find and have the need for a BIG wooden old school sandbox, with an appropriate place to put it, we made a redneck sandbox.

The redneck sandbox cost 26$. We got a rectangular Rubbermaid tub from Walmart with wheels and a lid for 18$ and 2 bags of play sand for 8$.

We had a bunch of sand/beach toys from FeFe, so we threw those in too. Girlfriend had a blast!

Ummm, yummy?

Notice the lid-this is essential to protect the box from dog tee and water/condensation.
It is under our screened in porch, but right by the screen, so rain might blow in.


We decided that some Anne Geddes action was necessary.
Emma does not get down with hats-this was a 30 second
distractor shot. Love the wool hat in the 95 degree heat.
And the remote outside. Cause Daddy may or may not have
been watching the Falcons game through the French doors.
And controlling the TV with the remote from outside.
Again, redneck.

I adore her hair and her facial expressions in these pictures! Sooo cute!
Next on the agenda is a recipe share! The ravioli soup from Parents magazine was divine, but I tweaked it and added my own twist. The original recipe can be found here.
Here is my recipe:
3 links of hot Italian turkey sausage (the recipe calls for you to make your own turkey meatballs-no dice-I have no time, plus I LOVE turkey sausage) Take the casings off and "cut" into bite size chunks.
1/2 bag frozen ravioli-I used 12 oz. (Take out to lightly thaw while you are prepping everything else)
4 C low sodium chicken broth
1 C diced carrots
1 C frozen cut green beans
1 C frozen seasoning mix-celery, onion, bell peppers
1 8 oz can of no salt added tomato sauce
1 14 oz can of Italian style diced tomatoes
1 T garlic, some salt, pepper
OK-brown the turkey sausage. Bring the broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, all veggies, garlic, kosher salt, and pepper to a boil. Simmer for five minutes. Add the sausage. Keep simmering. At this point, I went up to give Emma a bath and let it keep simmering (covered) for about 20 minutes.
After all that simmering, right before (5 minutes) you are ready to eat, add the slightly frozen ravioli. It will keep simmering and cook the ravioli. I made a piece of cheese toast to go with.
The recipes says it serves six. I have tons left over and I ate 1 1/2 bowls! Lunch for the week.
It was realllllllllllllllly good and it's healthy! No WW points for the veggies or broth. The only points are from the ravioli and the sausage. It's about 5 points-I'm estimating here, but one whole cup of pasta is 4 points.
Anyway, you should try it. No pics cause it was 7:40 when I got to eat, and mama was hungry!
Now, I have taught you two things tonight! Wow! Let me know what you think if you try it, and do share your thoughts on the sandbox.................can't wait to go check Google reader and see what you all are up to!


  1. 1) I recently lost a follower, too, and was sad about it. Not only that, but I figured out who it was that I lost and was doubly sad.

    2) LOVE the redneck sandbox, lol!!!

    3) That recipe sounds good.... I'll have to try!!

  2. LOVE the sandbox-- So cute
    Emma.. even cuter!
    I lost a follower a while back too!
    Don't sweat it lady!

  3. What a great idea on the sandbox!! I love the pictures - Emma is growing up so much! I need to love on that child! Soup sounds great but will try when it isn't 99 degrees!
    ♥ you!!

  4. Ok sand box = GHETTO!!! And Scarlet will have the same one :) Jenkins family law! Second, that soup looks bangin! last, at least you get comments... I am gonna fake a my comments don't work blog post just to get some. Apparently I have 65 HATERS...the 3 that like me are you, LG and BEG!!

  5. We have a redneck sandbox too and I love it! THat girls just gets cuter by the minute!!!!

  6. It always hurts my feelinsg when someone drops my blog too. I think it just happens for like several reasons, Maybe i talk too much about baby or dont update enough etc.
    That sandbox CRACKS me up! Very creative of you guys!

  7. that rivals me and my tuna can tart warmer.

    don't feel bad about people dropping your blog. go to google reader and see how many follow you there!

  8. Emma is so cute with her hat!!!

    Hooray for a new WW recipe! Yum! :)

    PS. I have lost a handful of followers recently too! :(

  9. Love the sandbox. I have one of those under the bed boxes so all I have to do is fill it with sand! Also want to try the soup. Looks delish.

  10. I remember having the turtle sandbox and that beast always was waterlogged and the sand smelled funny. Sorry you wasted your 65 dollars, mom and dad, should have gone the ghetto route! Because mark my words, I am going to use that sandbox idea for our children!!

    Emma is too cute, I need to come visit y'all and cam whore and make cake balls.

  11. Hey Susannah! Just wanted to tell you..Im now an Edwards Edition follower! I find myself interested in the blog world now more than ever, and yours always has me it's got me coming back. Hope all is well!
    -Leslie Cristina
    (I just haven't figured out how to post comments without listing under "anonymous".

  12. At least you have over a hundred followers.

    And that ravoili soup would tear me up. It sounds great, but it would totally tear me up!

  13. I lost a follower this week too!

    And dude. I LOVE your sandbox.

  14. She is so freaking cute in that hat!

  15. Girl, you are a wealth of information. That soup sounds delish! And I love the sandbox. Why waste the money and the space? LOL!


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