Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Since I still haven't even started getting things out for Christmas decorating, why not blog about our Thanksgiving? Ha! We had a great time traveling around and seeing ALL of our families!

First we went to Nashville and stayed with bestie! Luckily, she has a nice, big house for us to crash at and has a high tolerance for mess and loudness! And when you put six adults, four children, and two lively Yorkies under one roof, shiz is about to get real, right quick.

After starting out trip out with Jason leaving my iPhone on the roof of the car, then pulling onto I-75 (do the math-it was bad), we started our first full day in Nashville going to an AT&T store so I could get an upgrade (and not get glass in my face/ear/hand.) After FINALLY getting the new phone, getting it set up, and eating lunch, we went to the cemetery to see Grannie. May I also point out that this was around 3:00 and my kids nap around 2:00. The moods were....difficult, to say the least. I had a nice long talk with Grannie while the heathens went on around the cemetery and attempted to pluck flowers/flags/etc out of the ground. Yikes.

On Thursday, we headed over to Grannie's and got the festivities going!


My precious niece Scarlet posing by Buddy.

This is my cousin James (aka Bubba) who moved to St. Croix on Monday for a chef job!

My Daddy

It wouldn't be a Trickey family gathering without Melissa giving out free haircuts to the men folk.

Bestie and her boy (aka Laura and Fenn)

Bestie's hubby Erik (he's a cool cat)

My "about to get married" cousin snuggling Buddy after his nap. 
So sweet.

Playing cornhole-since Uncle CR travels with his boards!

The piano buffet of shiz-not cute with the foil on, but Aunt Kathy would've beat me.

And in true sister fashion, I got a little jig on camera. ha!

On Friday we left Nashville and headed to Montgomery for a four day play fest! We had a great time just chilling, eating, cooking, and playing with family. And then both kids got pinkeye on Monday. The pits. What the.

So we came back home on Tuesday and we are still trying to get it together! Did y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are having a great time (albeit sleepless) sleeping over with my bestie Laura and my sissy. That's six adults, four kids, two dogs, and a ton of toys in one house. Yikers! Can't wait to head over to Grannie's for a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch and time with family!

Gobble gobble y'all!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Plans and Apps!

I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving! We have big plans to travel to Nashville for our "Last Thanksgiving" and to Montgomery for the Edwards Family Thanksgiving.

I say "Last Thanksgiving" in Nashville, because honestly, now that Grannie Annie gone, I'm not sure how many more Thanksgivings we will have together as a HUGE FAMILY. It was a central location, and now....who knows? So, we are going ahead with the holiday as planned. As Grannie had planned. I mean, she wanted to set the table in July! Very prepared, that one. :)

I can't wait to get away as a family and SEE family, especially family we don't get to see often. Hi, far away aunts and uncles that I only see 1-2 times per year!

So with all of the fun that comes from traveling with young children, (ha bloody ha!) I have to have some app and dessert plans to share with la familia!

Up on the "menu" is cream cheese sausage balls, crockpot spinach and artichoke dip, and pecan squares. YUMMY.

So, what are you all making for Thanksgiving? I'm so excited that I'm not having to host dinner this year! I'm happy to just make some fun appetizers and desserts!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Harrison gets tubes

Harrison was diagnosed with another double ear infection on Monday. This is his tenth one in ten months. I was so done-I had a mini breakdown in the pediatrician's office. Then, I called his ENT and said let's do this. Let's get tubes so my baby can feel better and stop getting sick all the time. Thankfully, he does surgery on Wednesdays, so he fit us in and today we went down to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for the surgery. At 5:00 am. Surgery at 7:50 and we had to be there by 6:00. We live about 30 minutes away and there is never any telling about Atlanta traffic. Yikes. Harrison didn't know what was happening-when we got there at 6:00 am, he was just glad to see a playroom in the waiting room.

Playing in the waiting room.

 Pitiful. I hate seeing my babies in hospital gowns. Hope to never again! 
He was playing with some "tools" he chose out of the treasure chest for taking his nebulizer.


These little pre-op rooms were perfect! We got in ours around 6:45, and to wait for awhile, they thought of it all! Basketball hoops, a box of toys, TV, a little bed. Boyfriend was having fun!

He did great until anesthesia. I thought he would be wigging out because he couldn't have any food or drink, but he played and chilled.  I took him back to the OR and held his little hand and sang to him while they put him under. PS-that was the most NON FUN thing I've ever done. So pitiful! But it was quick.

I went and got a coke, used the bathroom, texted Jason, and then the surgeon came in! Wow! Maybe 15 minutes? A minute later, I heard a cry that I knew belonged to my heart. Sweet boy rolled in and was pissed! I got some snuggles and then just loved him up while he came out of anesthesia.

After a few more minutes of crying with his eyes closed (heart wrenching), he opened his eyes, saw me, cried, then pounded a huge cup of juice. We got our stuff together and left!

I set him up in the car with juice, teddy grahams, a Thomas movie, snuggly blanket, and he was all happy for 5 minutes. Then, I looked back and saw this.

Sweetest angel

He slept all 40 minutes home, and I even was able to transfer him to bed without him waking. That never happens! He's been asleep for 3 1/2 hours now. I am sure he will be feisty when he wakes up, but I have him some soup and grilled cheese and applesauce all ready.

Here's to hoping my sweet boy feels better by tonight! And maybe I can take him to his school feast tomorrow! Thank you all for saying prayers for him this morning! They were felt!

*Update-I started this post during nap time, and when Harrison woke up, he was his old self! He killed his lunch, played, layed down for a while and had quiet time, ate a good dinner, and had a bath (with earplugs!) He was ready for bed at 7:30 and went right down! He's back! Going to school tomorrow for the feast!!

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was a blast! Emma has an opinion and actually voiced it. She wanted to be Jasmine, from Aladdin. She is obsessed with Jasmine. Harrison has no preferences, except to run around, so Jason selected a fly fisherman costume that was to die for! I'll let the pictures speak for now!

But first, the outtakes of trying to get 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time. Hahahaha!

We had a great time trick or treating with my good friend Jill. We always go to her 'hood and do hay rides, Halloween party, and walking around, Emma loves her sweet friends Reed and Sara Kay!

It was a wonderful Halloween! And Emma is STILL digging through her treat stash each night after dinner for the good stuff. Ha!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Biz

First and foremost, this is my beautiful grandmother, Anne McCary Trickey, God rest her soul. My grannie passed on October 13. She lived a very full, long life with her four children, nine grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. She was a master bridge player and still played actively, multiple times a week. She was involved in her church and was just a sweet, precious, loving, entertaining lady. I miss her more than I thought possible. She was my last living grand parent. I feel like 33 years was not enough time to learn all about her. I did love going to visit her, especially with the kids, because she would talk to me about her life growing up and it was so fascinating and nice to have grown up talk with her. I have so many memories tucked away of her. I just love you so much Grannie Annie, and I know you are happy. But it still hurts.

This is my beautiful grandmother on her wedding day.

This is Grannie on her birthday. I believe she was a young lady, around 16 or 17.

And my photography skills of pictures in glass leave much to be desired. Can anyone give me some tips (other than looking online) on how to get a good picture without the horrid flash? I turned the flash off on some other pics, but then I saw MY reflection. So, anything?

In other news, the Sunday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkin. Emma chose a ghost for the carving, and they set to work while I supervised.

Yay, daddy!

And on Halloween, Emma's class had a little pumpkin patch at school.  It was so cute! It was also PJ day, so seeing the kidlets in their PJ's was precious!

That's about all for now! Next up, Halloween! :)