Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Lately

We have been super busy, hence the lack of blogging. I still have to get Harrison's first birthday pictures uploaded and post about that, but until then, here is what we have been up to:

*Harrison is totally a full time walker now! It is so freakin' cute. I have to get a good video, cause he's fast. He also has this little push car he got for his birthday from sister, and he drives that joker everywhere! He and Emma have "races" with their riding toys. More like he chases her, but she loves it.

*Emma is fully POTTY TRAINED, praise Jesus! She wears a diaper at night until I can figure out/research how to best get her out of her bed in the middle of the night to tee tee. It is awesome! However, while we've been traveling we have been taking our portable potty. She is real good about telling me when she needs to go, and sometimes I have to pull over off an exit ramp for her to get in the back of the Expedition and sit on her pot. Yesterday she "had to poop" and I pulled over to accommodate. She did not disappoint. This is super nice for many reasons, but I also thought this would never happen! Just goes to show you that they will do it when they're ready.

*We had a bomb ass 30th birthday party for sister this weekend. Friday night was cooking in (steaks and twice baked potatoes), then lots of beer/wine and a board game called Battle of the Sexes. Which was totally awesome and we won! Saturday started out with sleeping in, pedicures, Mall of Georgia, relaxation time, dinner out at 5 Seasons Brew Pub, then home to continue wretched excess with beer/wine and more Battle of the Sexes. Sadly, we lost. Sunday was more sleeping in, brother made an awesome breakfast consisting of Cotswold cheese grits and some Waffle House hashbrown concoction. It was amazing! We had a great time just being like the we were pre-kids. Lots of sleeping in and we still had "phantom baby crying" moments where we all swear we heard a kid crying. I also got an AWESOME ice cream cake from Publix. Remember when sister did this hair tutorial? Yeah. Picture. On a cake. With ugly roses. It was too much! 

This was the lovely picture gracing the cake. I'm sure Sarah has a picture of
 the cake and a blog post coming  about our weekend!

*We are heading back to Nashville this weekend for a family reunion and to see Grannie. I'm really excited to go! I missed last year because Harrison was 3 weeks old.

So, we've been very busy and having lots of summer fun! Next up-Harry's birthday recap!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Crappy Customer Service

Recently, I have had some AWFUL customer service.

It all started when I called to book my hotel room for this weekend's family reunion in Nashville. First of all, why do they have to transfer you a general reservation hotline instead of doing it themselves? I ended up talking to an Indian named "Zach" who pretty much couldn't understand anything I wanted or said. When I tried to use Jason's Hilton Honors points to get rewarded, he informed me that if Jason wasn't coming, I couldn't earn any points. I'm sorry, but that is complete crap. We are still members and are PAYING YOU to stay there. Give me my measly points so I can get a free room come Thanksgiving. Then, I asked him if I could get a room on the first floor since I have two kids and am flying solo, and he was real confused and not sure if that could happen. It's Nashville, not Vegas. Get real. Then, when I asked him if I could get a special rate for pre-paying, he was also unsure. My sister had JUST gotten off the phone where her operator offered her this deal-when I explained that to him, he had to "check" and then was reluctant. I'll be shocked if I get my $10 discount! Come on Hilton, let's get someone who can understand me and offer me the things I deserve AND give me the points I'm earning.

Next up, Target in Montgomery. I went in and got a few things, including a bath toy storage thing and some panties for Emma. When I got back to Atlanta, I noticed the panties were GIANT and will have to be exchanged. I got the receipt. looked it over, and noticed the panties were nowhere on there. Then I noticed the bath toy thing that was $14.99 was rung up TWICE. Ugh. I called the Target to see what could be done (since I live 3 hours away) and they informed me that they couldn't refund me unless I came BACK to their store. Also, they would have to "see" what to do about the panties. Ummm, this was not my mistake. The cashier didn't ring the panties up, then rang the toy up twice. After going round and round with the "customer service" person, she had to call me back after calling my local Target to work something out. Well, I will be able to exchange the panties here, but no dice on the refund. She's going to send me some coupons to make up the difference. How kind. Because I really want coupons instead of MONEY.

Finally, our new local pizza place. First of all, please train your employees on listening to the customer on the phone. I asked for delivery, and within 4 minutes was asked if it was for delivery three times. Also, please help them learn how to repeat credit card numbers and expiration dates back to the customers so that they don't make a mistake 390 times when getting your card number. Also, they can and should say, "Thanks for your order" and tell you how long it will be.

All of these things are minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but it really burns my biscuits when people dealing in customer service are not accommodating and gracious and thankful for your business.

Tell me, what is the WORST customer service you have received?

Thank You, God

So many times when we read blogs, we see such sad stories. I have been overwhelmed lately with all of the awful things I am reading. Sick babies, sick children, dying babies and children. Then you read the miracle stories. The ones that recover or are doing well with their disease.

My sister and I were recently talking about why we read certain blogs. We love connecting with others and reading their stories. We also love to read and rally for those families whose children are having problems. We like to learn about the things that can happen and be thankful for what we have. But it is heartbreaking.

Today I was reading Kellie Staats blog and one of her friends recently lost their son. I was so amazed by this mom-she was gracious, kind, faithful, happy (seemingly all the time) and just joyful with life. I know if I was in her shoes with having two special needs kids and then lost one, I would not be as amazingly graceful as she is. It really made me think about how I want to be and how I can change things I don't like about my parenting.

I am so THANKFUL that I have two beautiful, perfectly healthy children. Even when I feel like I'm ready to lose my mind or run my head through a wall if another person cries, fights, whines, or is disrespectful, I try to remind myself that at least I HAVE my children here. And I am grateful for that.

 Harrison is modeling his new Michael Jordan jams. With Emma's pink binky.

At the doctor for Buddy's one year old check up-which one day later led to enterovirus/hand foot and mouth. Pretty miserable for BOTH of them. 

Harrison's favorite play place-my tupperware cabinet! 

Emma was doing some cheerleading in a diaper, dress up high heels, and leftover birthday decor. 

Emma was begging for gummy worms at Walgreens while I tried to print a picture.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The big day!!

Harrison's big day is rapidly approaching! On Saturday we are having his FIRST birthday party, although he actually turns one on Monday, June 11.

The theme is sports like baseball, basketball and football. Honestly, what one year old likes anything enough (more than food) to communicate it to you? That's right-none. So we choose what we want. Ha!

We are having a barbeque slash pool party with family and friends. Our backyard will have four awesome pools, ranging in sizes from le bebe to "a family of eight can fit in here."

My bestie Jill is making sports cupcakes, a baseball smash cake, and cake pops for favors! I ordered some individual Cracker Jacks and my MIL found some sports rubber duckies, alas, the favor bags were created.
My other good friend made him an adorable banner, small sneak peek below!

The beer (and cokes, water, and juice) will be flowin and we will no doubt have a great time!! I shall update our shenanigans after the party. And this winning mom still hasn't gotten her birthday boy a gift.

Look how cute his invites turned out! I found them on Etsy, shocking, I know. They only have everything in the world you could think of.

I can't wait for la familia to start arriving Thursday and Friday. Lucky for me they will be the decorator queens. Cause I'm seriously challenged in that area.

Wish me luck! And let's pray Harrison has a good night's sleep since this is around naptime-yikes a million.

PS, before anyone mentions my address and phone number being on there: stalkers welcome, let me introduce you to my Ruger. Or Colt. Or Steyr Mannlicher, a beautiful high powered rifle with a custom built scope. Trained in the art of marksmanship by a master marksman, my father. Why do I have them? Well the first two for protection. The rifle for hunting. What? I'm from Alabama. That's what we get for gifts growing up. All I'm missing is my CCP-if you don't know what that is, then I'm not worried about you being a stalker. Come on over. Peace.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nashville Updates

Well, yesterday Sarah and I left Birmingham to head to Nashville to check on our Grannie Annie. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had some fluid in her lungs and her kidneys are in pretty bad shape. Sooo, please keep our Grannie in your thoughts.

As usual, whenever Sarah and I travel together, it's a barrel of laughs. We started our trip with a stop by Burger King to get some breakfast, and after placing our order, we were informed to, "pull to the secont winda fo ya total." We thought this was the funniest thing we had ever heard and proceeded to laugh and repeat it for at least 30 minutes. Once we were in Tennessee, we stopped to go to the bathroom and get lottery tickets, at one of the shadiest places we've been in awhile. Next door to the Boobie Bungalow. Right on. We spent a good thirty minutes playing this game with quarters, totally addicting because we would win, then spend our winnings immediately.

We made good time to the hospital since we left home at 7:45, so once we knew Grannie was up, we booked it over. It was fun to visit and see Grannie in better spirits and talk to some of her doctors. Things seem to be much better, but we have a long way to go to get Grannie home and back to normal.

After we ate lunch, we stopped to get more lottery tickets. This stop was unfortunate because the cashier boy was alone and there were about 8 people in line. Then we started getting our lottery tickets and the line grew. This joker started getting real agitated and started sighing. Of course he had a GIANT faux zirconia in his ear, and Sarah felt it appropriate to tell him, "Don't stress, you have that sweet rock in your ear." I literally busted out laughing in his face and had to walk out of the gas station before he punched me. This is just typical of us when we get together.

As usual, we are enjoying our nights playing cards and games with a few drinks! It's good to be here, seeing Grannie and visiting, singing songs and reminiscing about our favorite childhood memories. I will be sad to leave tomorrow, but Jason and I are planning to come back in two weeks with the kids so they can see Grannie.

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