Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The big day!!

Harrison's big day is rapidly approaching! On Saturday we are having his FIRST birthday party, although he actually turns one on Monday, June 11.

The theme is sports like baseball, basketball and football. Honestly, what one year old likes anything enough (more than food) to communicate it to you? That's right-none. So we choose what we want. Ha!

We are having a barbeque slash pool party with family and friends. Our backyard will have four awesome pools, ranging in sizes from le bebe to "a family of eight can fit in here."

My bestie Jill is making sports cupcakes, a baseball smash cake, and cake pops for favors! I ordered some individual Cracker Jacks and my MIL found some sports rubber duckies, alas, the favor bags were created.
My other good friend made him an adorable banner, small sneak peek below!

The beer (and cokes, water, and juice) will be flowin and we will no doubt have a great time!! I shall update our shenanigans after the party. And this winning mom still hasn't gotten her birthday boy a gift.

Look how cute his invites turned out! I found them on Etsy, shocking, I know. They only have everything in the world you could think of.

I can't wait for la familia to start arriving Thursday and Friday. Lucky for me they will be the decorator queens. Cause I'm seriously challenged in that area.

Wish me luck! And let's pray Harrison has a good night's sleep since this is around naptime-yikes a million.

PS, before anyone mentions my address and phone number being on there: stalkers welcome, let me introduce you to my Ruger. Or Colt. Or Steyr Mannlicher, a beautiful high powered rifle with a custom built scope. Trained in the art of marksmanship by a master marksman, my father. Why do I have them? Well the first two for protection. The rifle for hunting. What? I'm from Alabama. That's what we get for gifts growing up. All I'm missing is my CCP-if you don't know what that is, then I'm not worried about you being a stalker. Come on over. Peace.

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  1. I cannot believe Harrison is one!!!! I miss you guys. Boo


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