Monday, April 29, 2013

Firmoo Review

Have y'all heard of Firmoo? It's an online glasses store. I'm lucky enough to not need prescription glasses, but I do have a heavy addiction to sunglasses of all kinds. Most notably, the Costas. But we all know those are not affordable enough to buy a few pairs to switch out. I often pick up a few pairs from NY&Co and Old Navy.

However, Firmoo has awesome deals including free shipping and your first pair of glasses free!Another cool option is the virtual try on when you upload a pic of yourself. That is handy! I know some people (like my sister) who could rack up some CUTE glasses for a very low price! Just get your Rx ready...........

I chose these glasses in tortoiseshell and had them tinted. Let's see.

I'm a big fan of the square glasses. I also really dig aviators, but they always get stuck in my hair! Anyway, I really like these glasses. They come with a hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth, and extra screws/a tiny screwdriver. Dude!

The only thing I dislike about them is the tint isn't dark enough. I got the darkest tint possible. Just personal opinion. You know, if I'm wearing sunglasses, I want to be able to stalk things without being busted! But, if you are looking for standard eyeglasses (Rx or not!) then I think you will love Firmoo!

Disclosure: I was given a pair of free glasses in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break!

Well, this Spring Break is flying by, and unlike Spring Breaks of the past, we have not been partying. Ha!
We have been going to new, fun play places every day this week though, thanks to my MIL!

The first place we went was to PLAY Activity in Roswell. It's a kid gym with trampolines, foam pits, ball pits, and gymnastics equipment like beams, bars, and other things that look like Gymboree. It was really fun and we went two days in a row from 10-2!! And you better believe that I busted a move on the trampoline and dove into the foam blocks multiple times! We took picnic lunches and had a blast! And Harrison and Emma made some older friends, lol. Their favorite part was the creative play area (video below). It was a room divided into five sections: rice table, train area, vet clinic, restaurant, and reading/home corner. The favorite was BY FAR the rice table. We may end up setting our water table up with rice so they can do this at home! Very cool. Emma really enjoyed playing restaurant-it was complete with menus, dishes and TONS of play food. She loved taking orders and making us food. She was also very partial to the vet clinic. Girlfriend loves taking care of animals.

Harrison and his older friend in one of the ball pits. Ha!

On Wednesday we went to INK in Gainesville, GA. It's an interactive kids museum and it is SO COOL! It had all these little rooms that were different "careers" like a grocery store, bank, dentist, doctor, dress up, etc. They absolutely loved it! There is a short video below of them shopping in the store. So cool that they had a real check out belt and stuff that actually scanned the groceries! Ha!

 Dentist Emma

 One of the many train tables

 Emma on the news!

 The farmer's market

 A really old fire truck

 Conductor Emma

 Vet Emma

 Hall County Sheriff-he has some growing to do!

 Driving the fire truck

Locked in the kennel in the vet clinic, lol!

On Thursday and Friday, we went to Catch Air, an indoor playground. It has bounce houses, a HUGE playground village thing (like in CFA except wayyyyyy bigger and cooler), a toddler area, multiple ball pits, just tons of fun stuff. We love going here, especially meeting up with friends and then going to lunch at CFA!

Cutest boy ever wearing a hand me down from my friend Nicole.
 And PS-sun sans on boys? The best!

Playing at the rice table!

Shopping at the grocery store.

Emma's performance on stage. Oh my.
And PS, that dress is from the dress closet. Lest anyone
wonder why my child looks like a pioneer.

Overall, we have had a great week! I thought I was wearing them out, but these jokers have not been sleeping any longer for naps and are waking up earlier! (Dang sun rise at 6:45 today!) I am missing their school and can't wait for it to come back next week! Once this pollen dies down we can hit up more parks outside, but for now we are playing indoors. My kiddos have inherited my allergy stuff and have had disgusting noses and coughs since this mess started! I'm ready for our schedule to return to normal and for us to break out the water table and baby pool!

What have you all been up to on your "Spring Break?"

Monday, April 1, 2013

The weirdest thing ever

Today we got back in town from our Easter vacation. Upon arriving home, chaos ensued, as usual. I was trying to get all the stuff out of the car and get the kids bed stuff set up for afternoon nap, my husband called and said the HVAC guy was coming, I have a kid I get off the bus everyday, etc. It was cray. So, I got their monitors all set up, got them down, the technician came, and I directed him to the AC units. I told him I had to get a kid off the bus and I would be back in 3 minutes. I got the kiddo and we walked into the house to find the technician HOLDING MY SON.

I'll let that sink in. He was HOLDING MY SON. WTF doesn't even begin to cover it. I was flabbergasted. I said, "Ummmmm." He was mortified, and told me that he came down from the attic and walked out of my room to see Harrison standing there. Harrison saw him and started crying. The guy knew I was getting my neighbor, so he picked Harrison up and brought him downstairs. Where I found him standing awkwardly holding and bouncing my child.

So basically, my child ESCAPED HIS CRIB, opened his door, and roamed the upstairs. I am just in shock. This weekend at my sister's house, he tried (unsuccessfully) to escape the pack and play a few times. I thought it was just because it was so low.

So now, I have to decide what to do. I'm really not ready to go into a full blown bed yet, even though his crib converts. I'm also not into toddler beds because if you're gonna go, go big. He also has some furniture in the room that I'm concerned about him being around without supervision. Like a desk with a separate hutch on top. That could fall down and smash him. So, my options seem to be get a crib tent or take the mattress support out and put his crib mattress on the floor in his crib.

Anyone have some ideas here? I know I'm not the only one who has gone through this, but damn! That joker just grew up right quick!

Anyone else ever have a worker randomly holding their child? Lol, I'm guessing NOT!

And ps, you know you're a blogger when your first thought after something happens is, "I've GOT to blog this!!"

So please, check out this re-enactment of the great escape.

Someone hold me and send either Bud Lite or wine.