Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Comedy of Errors

Y'all. Last night, we had our very own Comedy of Errors up in here.

I have to laugh about it or I'll cry. It's been a rough two weeks at night with Mr. Harrison. Boyfriend wants to eat every two hours at night, then it takes him a good 20-30 minutes to settle back down and go to sleep, especially after a diaper change. Add in the booby pumping every 4 hours and I'm a hot mess. I'm getting maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. I forgot how HARD it is with a newborn. It's okay though, this is a great season of life to be in. I am having so much fun learning about my little night owl boy.

Anyways, last night was awwwwfullll on so many levels.

We have been trying (for the past two nights) giving Harrison a formula bottle at 10:00 and 1:00 to get him to sleep longer stretches. All of this breastmilk is going though him like nobody's business. So, he got his bottle at 10, woke at 1:15, and Jason fed him while I pumped.

Cause you know I went to bed at 10:30 too. Then, Harrison snuffled and scrompled around in his bassinet (2 inches from my head) for about 45 more minutes. Basically, I was still trying to rock him back to sleep at 2:20. I was practically in tears.

I finally got him to sleep, only to be woken up at 3:30 by the FOULEST smell of my entire life. As in, something smelled SO BAD that I woke up from a dead ass newborn baby sleep.

That smell? Was poop. I woke Jason up and told him something smelled. He asked if it was the baby. Ummm, no. If the baby produces some poop that smells THAT bad, we are in trouble. I knew what was coming.

Then Jason turned on the light.

Oh.em.gee. It was a DDM. For those of you not familiar with me in real life, that stands for Doo Doo Murder, but in this case it was a Diarrhea Murder. There was diarrhea ALL OVER our bedroom. All freaking over. Tracked everywhere. Puddles in the corner.

Holy Lord. We both started retching. I started crying. I mean, I had JUST fallen asleep a little over an hour ago, and now this?

Jason thew both dogs outside and came back up to survey the damage, I mean diarrhea. 

First, he had to pick it up with plastic bags. Then he decided we needed to steam clean the carpet. It was that bad y'all. Cue Jason dragging our 100 pound Bissell steam cleaner upstairs and starting it up. It sounds like a jet plane too. And of course Harrison slept through that.

I continued crying. Harrison was due to get up at 4:00 or 4:15 to eat, and I KNEW he wouldn't be sleeping longer or missing a meal. So, J started carpet cleaning the eleventy billion puddles of shit all over our room, and I put a pillow over my head and tweeted the whole thing.

Finally he was done, and as predicted, HME woke up right on time. Fortunately for me, Jason was WIDE awake and agreed to feed him and get him back to sleep since I was running on 12 minutes of sleep.

Add to that little Miss Emma waking up at 6:40 and me "nicely" telling her to LAY DOWN AND GO  BACK TO SLEEP, and you have the beginning to our day.

I blacked out after her brief wake up, and when I woke up again, she was crawling in bed next to me with a bowl of Fruit Loops and a 34 pound tee tee diaper, courtesy of daddy. I begged her to go back to sleep with me and HME, but she wasn't down with that, so we started our day.

It's been an interesting, LONG day. Sprinkle in the fact that Emma ran away from me in the front yard, rolled down a hill, and got a spanking at the bottom of the hill, then add in an incident with her glasses being pulled at a 180 degree angle in the back seat while I was driving and she was kicking her brother's carseat, and you have my day in a nutshell.

And now you all know why I drink wine from a box.

It's our own Shakespearean comedy these days, folks.  Tomorrow has to get better, right?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just keep swimming

As my friend Sam says, "Just keep swimming,"to get her through the busy/crazy/rough times! I am loving this time of my life right now, even if it includes major lack of sleep!

Here are some pics of my bunnies!

I'll be back with something resembling regular posting soon. I am reading your blogs at night while feeding Harrison, but comments are sparse since I have 1 hand busy!

See you soon.

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Love ya all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Things

Things that are good right now:

This sweet face (makes you want another baby, right?)

Graham crackers and saltines

Apple juice and ice water

Contraband diet coke

Hospital grade breast pumps

Hands free pumping bras

iPhones and Kindles for LATE night entertainment (ditto on trashy mags!)

Body butter from my MIL

Sweet, helpful nurses

Loads of pillows

Beds that move up and down

Contractions during breastfeeding and pumping (lose that weight momma!)

My sweet Emma coming to meet Harrison (and stealing his binky...)

Quiet times alone with this precious face

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Love ya all!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Harrison McCary Edwards

June 11, 2011

8:10 am

8 lb 10 oz 21.5 in

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Love ya all!

On the way!

It's time. If you are reading this, I'm on the way to the hospital to have HME.

It's 5:30 am and I will be in the OR at 7:30.

Say a prayer for a healthy baby and easy surgery please!

And, at 39 weeks, here's the last belly shot for this big boy!

PS, I've had lots of comments on my awesome blog redesign-that's cause of my rad designer Leslie from Sweetie Baby Blog Designs. Her button is in my sidebar if you're in the market for a new look!

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Love ya all!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

For the Love

Vent Post Ahead!

I have to get some shiz out or I'm gonna lose my mind.

*We have flying ants that were invading our upstairs bathroom. So, we had to call an expensive exterminator to come out and do stuff to make that stop. So that was fun. And expensive.

*The air vent upstairs in Emma's new room has nevercooled/heated correctly. We finally called a few people out for different ideas, and now that we know what's up and how much it will cost? They can't come until next week. Nice. The air is on 70 allll day and it's registering at 78 up there right now. As Emma naps. Under her comforter. At least we have ceiling fans. File this under expensive.

*My doctor kept me waiting for an hour at today's 3.5 minute appointment-with an almost 2 year old and my mom.

*Then, he told me I had to be at the hospital (30 minutes away, near downtown Atl) at 5:30 on Saturday morning to prep for my C section at 7:30. So basically, I'll have to eat dinner at 4:00 pm, take a Tylenol PM at 6:00 and try to go to sleep for my last night of solid sleep.

*My 'check battery charge' light came on after lunch today. I thought it was b/c Emma turned on an overhead light that I just found this morning, but when I finally called husband/the tire center, they told me to come in for it to be checked. Yeah, it's a 400$ alternator that needs replacing. After I spent 300 on new brake things this weekend. Plus all that other stuff up there. So, Jason had to come rescue us from the tire center and they will have to replace it tomorrow morning b/c duh-I'm having a baby Saturday. Again, let's file this under expensive and seriously?

*My 100 lb. bloodhound is stranded at the groomer being shaved. Now he is going to be crammed into Jason's Volvo. Nice. Sorry about your leather seats and his 6" talon toenails, J.

*I have about 4563985 things to do before HME arrives, like get the eleventy billion pieces of clothing out of his criblet so he can sleep. And no, I don't want someone else to do that b/c I want to organize his drawers.

*I still haven't packed my bag or installed the car seat. And my blood pressure was 'elevated' today.

*My feet haven't had a pedicure in a month, and won't get one for another 3 months if I don't go tomorrow.

*These are stupid #whitegirlproblems but it feels better to write it all out. I told my mom today that this was God's way of saying, "Quit trying to plan everything." But, somebody needs to make some kinda plan, right?

I also want to try to get up a post before HME to highlight all of Emma's "big girl things" b/c I KNOW it will be close to impossible once I'm home with two kids to not only get it done, but to remember all I wanted to say about her.

Here's to hoping!

And, thanks for letting me bitch without judging. Now, maybe I should go unpack HME's crib while everyone is out...................

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gross things no one tells you about being pregnant

Here are some gross things no one tells you about being pregnant:

*Moles popping up. All over.

*Skin tags. All over. Sickening.

*Constant heatstroke. Espesh now, in the summer. This goes with gross sweating. All over.

*The lovely "brown line" linea negra down your stomach. Just when you think you're safe, it hits you at almost 39 weeks.

*Skin darkening, especially in areas like your pits. They look dirty all the time. Sickening.

*Loss of feeling in fingers due to carpal tunnel/swelling. NOT COOL.

*Feet that swell up and only fit in size 10 Nike slides from Target. Hideous. For the love.

*Again with the sweating.

*Itching. Everywhere. Especially your back. When you can't reach around because you've lost your flexibility.

*Apparent snoring. (I'm not sure I believe this one, Jason.)

*Stuffy nose-at night, when you're trying to sleep.

*Ability to not sleep, even though you feel like you were run over by a Mack.

I'm sure there are more, but right now, this is what's plaguing me.

Share your untold symptoms below.

Now, who wants to get knocked up???

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sleep Woes-Advice Needed!

Y'all. I am about to lose it. For the love. I'm gonna need some advice, and some of these 134 followers need to come out of the lurking woodwork and leave me a dang comment on what to do. Puh-lease.

Ever since Emma's sickness two weeks ago, her sleeping has been no bueno. She used to sleep until 8:309 or later, now it's like 7:00. (I know, don't stab me, but when you're 38 weeks pregnant and you're used to that, it's HARD to change it up.) This week, she has started waking at 12:00 or 3:30 each night SCREAMING, "Mommmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I guess it's bad dreams?

I googled it, and it seems like it could be nightmares. She has also started saying, "I scared," during the day randomly. When I ask her what she's scared of, sometimes she says the dog's name, other times she can't tell me. In the night, when I go in to her, she just wants to be held and says, "Rock" and I have to go in her old nursery and rock her.

Now, this child has never liked to be rocked, even as an infant. But, I guess when she was sick and waking up eleventy billion times per night from fever, that comforted her?

Today, she decided after waking up at 3:30 and 4:30, we would get up at 6:30. My sister doesn't get her child up before a certain time, and I normally don't have this problem, because duh. 8:00 is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up. But, she was wigging out this morning. Now just rolling around waking up, but like freaking.

So, what do you think is up and for the love, what can I do? I need you help, advice, suggestions. Please, share it all. And, if you've gone through this with your child, details please. I'm wondering if it's carried over from sickness, or if she can sense that in SEVEN DAYS we will have another baby, or if it's genuinely nightmares. And if so, WHAT DO I DO?

All ideas welcome.

Peace, I'm going to sleep at 8:00 since my wake up call is in about 4 hours..............

Mother's Day Recap

I know, I know, it's been ALMOST A MONTH. But, this was sitting in my drafts, and I was about to delete it and then saw the gift that Jason/Emma made me. I really wanted to share that. Cause one day? I'm gonna print this blog out and make a book-and I want to remember this.

I had a fabulous day! It would have been a smidgen better if Emma hadn't gotten up at 6:00 am and if we didn't have to drive back to Atlanta after the festivities.However, we are now done with travel for the next 394940 months since I'm about to birth this baby.

Isn't this a precious collage? Jason made it in Picasa, printed it and framed it. It is precious and I treasure my 2nd Mother's Day with just my sweet girl. Next year, I'll have two monkeys to celebrate!

Hope you all had great days! From what I read, you did.