Monday, May 31, 2010

What Have We Been Up To??

Well, we have been having a fun weekend! Yesterday we went to church. After church, we went out to eat some brunch at this awesome local place called The Diner at Sugar Hill. It was such a cute place with lots of things on the menu like breakfast and comfort foods. I had a Philly panini which consisted of shaved steak, mozzarella, peppers and onions on a nice panini bread (I guess that is what the bread is called. :D) It was good and like a good WW member I only ate half and took the rest home.

Here is Wild Eye Moody, who was throwing things out of her high chair left and right the whole time we were there. She looks a little scary here.

Here is the SLAB of cake that husband and I shared. It was sooooooo good-red velvet! Super moist and delish! We decided we would go here more often for cake and coffee!

After that, FIL wanted to stop by the train store in downtown historic Buford, so off we went. They had another little train table and Emma made a friend playing with the trains. This was her second train table experience in three days!
Emma was watching a train go by. Every time it went past she would squeal!

Husband and I had a date night last night that consisted of dinner and a movie. We went by the CVS while trying to kill some time before seeing the movie Date Night (hilarious, btw). We went in to get Emma some baby pony tail holders and saw these gems. WTH??? I almost bought some for my mom (cause we know she has an irrational fear of jeans!) My sister is planning on gracing her daughter with some. But, at $12 for like 20 diapers, Emma is going to have to wait on this atrocity of modern diapering.

They actually have POCKETS on the booty!

Hope you have all had a fun weekend!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend O' Fun Part II

Emma was having a blast with this bag of gumballs left over from the baby shower.

Hello mommy-let me drag my bag of gum along with me.

What a precious smile!

If only I could get this open......

Dang it, open!

How pretty! And I am ready for swimsuit season.

Emma's boyfriend Jackson. He just turned one.

Nicole said he has this toy at home and
never plays with it. He was in love with it
at Laura's house. :D

Playing so nicely together.

Emma was srsly fascinated by this bag of gum!
Jackson is like, "Girl, give it up."

When we got home, Daddy put Emma in the
Land's End canvas bag.

Please unpack me.

We had a blast! Ladies, I can't wait to see you again!

Weekend O' Fun! Part I

Last weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate Laura's baby shower. It was soooo fun! Emily and I took Friday off and drove up to start the festivities with our other hoochie friends. My friend Kelly asked me if calling your real friends "hoochies" was a Southern thing. :D Ha! I guess so-but maybe it's an Auburn thing?? Not sure, but we love the name! :D

You can read Laura's post about the shower here. I cannot even do it justice since I was chasing Miss Thang over here throughout the whole shower. I only got like 10 pics!

Running from mommy
Em with Auntie Em

The table centerpiece-sour candies!

Laura glowing and opening tons of gifts!

Next up: Emma and her future hubby boyfriend Jackson!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I have so much to show/tell you!

I got these two precious picnic baskets from my children at school. This one looks super fun to take to the beach and pool-it zips around the top.

This one I adore and think it will be nice to tote stuff around in-especially somewhere like the farmer's market! This basket was filled with nice goodies like scented candles, chocolates, a "grow your own" daisy pot, giftcards and more! Teaching rocks!
This is what I needed immediately upon release from prison school today. LAST DAY, can I get a woot woot!

This sweet face and I had a date after work. We went to Barnes and Noble to play at the train table and browse, then we went and ate some Mexican.



More coming soon-now I'm going to bed!
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is a public service announcement for all you moms or girls who are gonna be a mom someday.

See that "cool" phone up there-yeah, that is my phone. Now imagine a gel cover on it. Now imagine you have a 9 month old who is teething. Now imagine she consistently "eats" said phone every day for about 2 months.

What happens when you go out of town all weekend with this child, and leave your hubby at home? The phone will break. While you try to fix it, you take off the back and you have to pour out the drool from the battery pack/SIM card.

Yeah, not smart and/or cool. Plus, my friends gave me mad grief all weekend for letting her "eat" the phone. OK, A) it made her happy, and 2) this just sped up my iPhone process by thatmuchmore. :D

I finally got it back in semi-working order on Sunday afternoon. It sat in a bowl of dry rice all weekend and still was giving me the snow screen. I was ready to throw in the towel, but I persisted for my cool, hip, happenin' phone. And I texted said friends and said, "Wassup!!! I'm on my phone." :D

So, the lesson is give the baby an old cell phone to play with.

Now, how many more days till my contract is up???

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

I am stealing this title from my bestie, b.e.g.

*My mantra right now is six more days, six more days, six more days. Six for me cause I'm taking tomorrow off, PTL!

*My car battery died and had to get replaced this morning to the tune of $110. Awesome.

*Field Day was yesterday. I feel like I got hit by a truck. I played all of the games/stations with my class. Yeah, I'm not 18 anymore.

*Speaking of being 18, I purchased the CUTEST pair of "short shorts" for my upcoming girl-a-thon weekends, and they make me look 18. I may get ID'd. That really is awesome.

*I lost 1.6 pounds this week. Don't even think about asking me how. Because I swear I was primed for a slight gain. I am 2.2 pounds from goal. I may change my goal once I reach it. I am thinking 135 now.

*I am booking my plane ticket tonight for my Charleston girl-a-thon. Insert squeal here!

*I am leaving tomorrow at NOON (right Em?) for my bestie baby shower/hoochie gathering weekend!! Can.not.wait!

*I have the most rad birthday gift for a most rad lady who is soon to be celebrating!

*I got to use TWO "free panty" coupons yesterday at Victoria's Secret-score!

*Wallflowers are on sale for $6 at BBW right now-I got 4 packs yesterday! Then, I got to cash in two coupons for free full size items!

*I haven't been to the gym all week-I feel so bad-not just mentally but physically too. It's been a heckuva week.

*Did I mention, six more days, six more days, six more days??? :D

Hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ramblings of a Domestic Diva

Hi Sweets! I have been domesticating it up, diva style this weekend!

I have some questions for you before sharing my domesticities. And then a Menu Monday-it's been awhile, no??

*When you have something to ship, how do you ship it? I have been going to a UPS store for convenience, but it is costing me an arm and a leg. I ship a lot. So, do share how you do this.

*Where can I get zip up PJ's for Emma? I used to get them from Walmart, but they are no more. It is so hard to wrangle a 9 month old into button up PJ's-those should all be banned!

*How do you cut your cantaloupe? I am having major issues with this. :D I go through about 2 cantaloupes per week, and I am OVER trying to find the fastest/best way to cut them.

Moving on-yesterday was a super fun day-for me! :D After I recovered from a bit too much girl's night fun on Friday (PTL that Emma slept until 9:30-I know!) we were off to run some errands. I had to get some last minute tidbits for my bestie's baby shower that is next weekend. Sidenote: it is soooo hard for me to reign it in at Babies-R-Us-I always end up getting like 3-4 things for Emma every time I go for someone else.

Next, I went to Ann Taylor to get a shower outfit. Ladies, I flipping bought a size 8 in some pants and skirts! Holy crap! This is huge! And a medium in shirts! I am still like, "Are you sure this is my size???" Hubby went with me and was my critiquer. I got several pieces that I can wear to work and a really cute shower outfit-white lined pants and a ruffle tank. Love. Anyway, that afternoon we had a professional photo shoot for Emma-it was hilarious and fun. Girlfriend changed clothes 4 times! We got a ton of precious shots, and I can't wait for the photographer to give us the CD and prints! Yay!

Later, we went to eat Mexican and celebrate that ALL of my kids passed ALL SECTIONS of the state standardized testing. What a relief!

Today has been spent with washing six, yes six, loads of clothing and sheets, vacuuming (yay for vacuum lines, right K :D), folding said clothes, grocery shopping, and preparing foodstuffs for the upcoming week and tonight's dinner. I just cut 2 cantaloupes, 6 kiwis, and 2 pints of strawberries. I also made homemade salsa for tonight's fajitas, cooked the chicken for the fajitas, and cut the onions and pepper for fajitas. FAJITAS anyone? Dang, I haven't used that word so much in my whole life.

Emma and I also went to return some shorts to Old Navy (that are too big! :D) and I got two cute maxi dress things-I have never bought things like this before. I tell ya, losing weight is so good for your mind and body, but so bad for the bank account. I am wanting to buy soooo many things because stuff fits and looks cute!

Hubby has cut the front and back yard, and is preparing to give our eczema covered hound dog a bath-I will have to take a picture and show you his nastiness. It is sad really. His whole back is COVERED in spots-he looks like a leopard. But, if you look at them closely, they are peeling and nasty and flaky. It is super gross. The vet has prescribed him some shampoo that has to sit on his back for fifteen minutes. Do tell, how do you get a dog with shampoo on his back to chill for fifteen minutes?

Woah, we are super busy round these parts! Now, for a menu.

Sunday-chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, and corn, served with chips and homemade salsa
Monday-WW spaghetti with asparagus and turkey sausage, served with sweet corn
Tuesday-crockpot chicken stroganoff served with salad
Wednesday-the usual standby: turkey burgers served with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-baked chicken served with WW stir fry veggies and low fat mac-n-cheese
Friday-leaving town in the AM for Nashvegas with other bestie for said bestie's shower! Super excited-no work that day!!!

Weekend-commence fun with best hoochies from college! Cannot wait to see you all: Em, Laura, Nicole, Cory! Yay to the Yay!

Updates are sure to follow.

So, if you have any advice on my asterisked questions, please share. Also, if you want a recipe, just ask! I hope you all have had a fun, relaxing, productive weekend!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birmingham Trip Recap

We had such a good time at my parent's house over the Mother's Day weekend! We got in late Friday night, and early Saturday morning, this is what Miss Emma was up to. Pulling all mom's tupperware out and playing with/eating it.

Oh, my niecey nash is so presh! I literally had to restrain myself from crawling in the bassinet with her and taking a nap. I spent the day with Sister helping her with Letta.

Here we are about to have the first bath. About halfway through, girlfriend pooped on the towel as we were washing her and started screaming crying. Sarah said, "Never mind, I don't want to do this anymore!" Hilarious! She also said I would have to come back next weekend for the next bath. Ewww-I think she has bathed her since then. :D
Look at the baby tree frog!

Oh, little monkey-look at those eyes!

This is my dad's invention-I think crap like this is totally normal-then I remember who my parents are. :D Dad has "Gitmos" set up all over the yard for the devil diggers chipmunks that inhabit his yard and destroy his flowers. We caught one in it when NO men were around, so mom and I took it upon ourselves to drive the chipmunk about a mile away and release it. Cause there is no telling what my dad really does with them. Umm hmm

Here is where my dad lives. His man cave, a.k.a. the detached garage.

Me and my youngest son posing on MLP-also known as My Little Pony, the riding lawn mower.

This is ONE of my dad's grills. At last count, I think there were 4. This thing produced some heavenly chicken on Saturday night.

This is one wall of "stuff" found in his cave of manliness. Yes, those are deer antlers lining the pegboard.

Ah, yes. The mysterious, sometimes anonymous husband. He is real. :D We are posing with our oldest son in the background. That "stick" in my hand was his toy.

We had a great time! If the drive wasn't so long and we didn't have to wait till Friday to leave, we would definitely visit more often!
Miss you guys already!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nine Months

Oh my dear, sweet Emma,
This month you were nine months old. Mommy has been having issues getting stuff done lately, that is the reason that this post is happening on May 12th, 8 days after you actually turned nine months old. Sorry monkey.

This month has brought many changes for us. You are now completely mobile. You crawl at the speed of light and can escape a room in seconds. You are also pulling up all over the place. And falling down. You still only have two bottom teeth-but just barely. They are still working their way through. You do not like real food. You still drink lots of bottles (7 ounces each) and 3-4 meals of baby food/yogurt per day. You are also putting down some sippy cup drinks. I have tried to give you puffs, melts, and biter biscuits, but you have no interest in food. You generally feed it to Flash or Bart. You have started throwing things from your high chair-your sippy cup, binky, spoon, etc. It's kind of annoying but cute.

You have had a cold/sinus infection/croup/cough/NASTINESS for almost 3 weeks now-you are on medicine, and the croup is getting better/going away, but the RUNNY NOSE for the love...make it stop please!

Tonight, you pitched your first temper tantrum. We were in the bathtub-you sit in the real tub now, you have outgrown all the baby tubs! You kept standing up and I kept sitting you down telling you, "No." You decided you didn't like that. I am so sorry, but I had to give you your first hiney spanking. You cried and started pitching a holy fit. Once I got you out and wrapped you up, you calmed down a little. Then, when I started putting your lotion on, you started up again! Kicking those little legs and screaming up a storm! It was pitiful and funny at the same time. (Is that wrong??) I was having conversations with you, telling you that mommy was not going to have a spoiled brat for a kid, but I don't think you understood. Oh Emma, I am scared for your toddler years.

You are so my sweet girl though! Look at the evidence!

Oh.em.gee-the hair, the outfit on backwards-I wonder who got you ready this morning? Daddy???

On the move my little one. I adore you.

Rear view. How presh! Seriously, notice the outfit-on backwards. :D

Hi my brothers!

Hi mommy!

I need to get in here please. And touch that knife. The butter knife.

And I'm going to need to hold said knife in hand. Just to see what it's all about. Please and thank you.

Best shot I got of her holding the sign. Actually, quite cute!

Oh my beautiful princess-look at those eyes!

Darling, you are more than I could ever have imagined/hoped/wished/prayed for. I cannot believe you have been outside of me for as long as you were inside of me.
You make us so happy. You continue to amaze me. I am so thankful for you every day, even when you are having a tantrum. :D Stay as sweet and incredible forever please baby!
I love you!