Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Winner!

Well, Jasmine never got in touch with me, so I have chosen a new winner for the How "Scent-sational" giveaway.

Using random.org, number 16 was chosen, Mrs. b.e.g.!!!!

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 45
This was copied and pasted from random.org. I STILL don't know how to capture the image and show you the excel spreadsheet with all of the entries on it.

Oh well, I guess I'm not big time enough to have to worry about that, but this is funny since b.e.g. is one of my best bloggy and IRL friends!!!

I have your address and will be sending it to you this week! xoxo

And I have never had someone enter a giveaway, then not respond. Have you??

Anyway, I am still alive-I have so much more to blog about: books, a trip, Emma's nine month birthday, etc! I am going to try and catch you all up tonight.

And I have been reading my google reader during my planning period (shhhhhhhhhh!) and can't comment on a lot of blogs because of the filter-Brittany! Laura! etc! I'm sorry, but I am reading and do love you!

What have you all been up to???


  1. OMG!! YAYYY!! Thank you!!! I srsly am running on 4 hours of sleep and am Grouchy McGroucherston and that news brought a smile to my face!


  2. Are you commenting through google reader or trying to go to the blog from the reader?
    I can NOT believe Emma has been alive for 9 months now. Dang. Di dyou have a good Mothers Day weekend with your momma and new mommy sissy?

  3. Sorry I haven't been commenting! I don't think you are in my google reader for some reason??!! I will fix that asap! Henry just started getting good at it probably about two weeks ago. He didn't do well with the puffs at all at first and his dr recommended that we try plain cheerios, and he LOVED them. That is what got him only wanting to feed himself. Also, are you feeding them to her or is she picking them up and putting them in her mouth herself? His dr said that when they feel the food with their hands, they are able to know what to expect and then they don't gag. She is such a cutie btw!!

    Oh and baby signs...I just got a book from the library (I think it was called baby signs...it was very old..probably the first one lol), and I've just been teaching him some as we go. It is so fun!! This is the perfect age to start in my opinion because now they can actually sign back!

  4. WOOHOO!! Congratulations to the winner!! :)

  5. maybe the person just hasn't been checking their email for whatever reason? i am horrid about checking the email address connected to my blog. oh well! they will understand and it is good for the new winner, right?

  6. guess what! I found the blog!!!! http://morethaniwasbefore.blogspot.com/

    I feel you on commenting, 95% of the time it's blocked through work, sometimes I can get a work around to work though!


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