Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

I will update y'all with a real post soon, but until then these pictures will have to suffice.

We had a fabulous Christmas with both sides of the family!!

Emma modeling her Christmas tights-they were on the verge of being too small and it was hot in Montgomery!

My famous pecan tart-made with love by my Aunt and MIL - because I may or may not have had a pregnancy sleep attack in the midst of cooking.

The aftermath of Christmas at my rentals' house!!

My awesome cousin who was showing some of the food destruction after Christmas dinner.

The sweet hair dryer J got me for Christmas-this joker does not mess around!!

This is a high grade professh straight iron from my sissy-it is a high tech tool!

Yummy dinner app we are eating at sissy's right now. They are called sausage wontons and I got the recipe from Stacy. I will link up to her once I blog from a computer.

We also had homemade spinach dip. On the menu for tonight is chicken thighs, grilled asparagus, and roasted potatoes! Mere brought some fancy cookies that I can't wait to stick my face in!!

Three precious babies in the bath tub tonight!! Scarlet, MA, and Emma!!

We are having a fun dinner tonight with sissy and John and Hays and Meredith! Real blog coming soon!!

Hope you all had a great holiday!

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Love ya all!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Enough Said......

Happy Holidays!

And Merry Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture Dump

I have seen several people do this lately, and what with a pregnant brain/lack of quality sleep/lack of motivation, I decided to join in and "empty" some photos from my iPhone.  So they don't look stellar, but they are cute!

 I like blue cheese.

 I rest my feet on my portable DVD player in the car cause I'm a gangster like that.

 Naked baby wearing a gingerbread apron. Soooo cute!

Clothed baby wearing the apron.

Eating a carb fest at Mimi's Restaurant!

 All of the junk we had to pack for Christmas vacay.

 First time eating chocolate pudding.

The sock monkey Mrs. Kris got me for Christmas!
It has adoption papers and everything!
 Eating a tortilla shell that had mommy's lettuce/tomato/sour cream in it.

The giftcard wreath my class gave me!

What have you been doing lately? Go through your phones and share!

And PS, Merry almost Christmas!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Before dressing:

After dressing and before I consumed six of them:

Y'all, thank God I married someone who knows how to use a grill/smoker like a profesh.

They are sooo good, even better in my homemade ranch!

Real post coming soon.

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Love ya all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Apparently I can't write a real post, so I'll just make another list.

Things that are annoying me right now:

*Certain people on Twitter-unfollow!
*No outside recess b/c it's 14-20 degrees in Georgia
*Hearing my last name, as in, "Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Edwards" on repeat from 22 kids
*Lack of Christmas decor in my house
*Lack of sleep due to snoring (husband) and intermittent crying fits (Emeline)
*People complaining about how many holiday cards they have to do-HELLO it is OPTIONAL. Don't send 200 then.
*My lack of memory and motivation to get things done
*Assessments for report cards
*Grading in general
*Wrapping...........ugh, I need a personal wrapper. This is why you all get gifts in BAGS!
*My complaining-slap me. I am heinous.

Things that I like/love right now:

*Comfy PJ pants
*Most food in general, especially cinnamon toast crunch, pepperjack cheese, cheez-its, and Campbell's Select veggie soup (SAD that food is most of my list)
*Being almost done with school for 2 weeks
*A Christmas CD made for my classroom by my friend Local 6805. It has some SWEET Jimmy Buffet Christmas tunes. Again, I blame my lack of memory for not knowing/remembering the name of the band that Shawna told me.
*Christmas music in general
*Videos from my friend Meredith
*My new Vera "organizer, to do list, notebook of goodness"
*Having a play date with a friend this weekend and having a lunch date with my old team next week!
*Did I mention only 3 more days until break?!?!?!

The Grinch will be leaving the building shortly!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Updated List

Let's see how my OCD self did this weekend. (Get ready to be amused). Note: I am not amused.

*Get Christmas tree

*Decorate Christmas tree
FAIL: We got out the GIANT three Rubbermaid boxes of decor and they are still sitting in the foyer waiting to be opened and dealt with.

*Find elf and take it to school so I don't commit a DDM-my kids are insane
FAIL: It is in one of those boxes. Major fail cause the kids are on crack since it's snowing here. (Kicking self)

*Buy an ornament for the school ornament exchange
FAIL: But, I'm going to rectify this immediately after school today.

*Read the 3 Star mags on my night table

*Finish the third book in the Hunger Games series-that I started over Thanksgiving break-for the love
FAIL: I had no time for myself this weekend. I was too busy grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking, and hanging with the fam.

*Start The Girl Who...... series
FAIL: See above

*Go to the library and get the 1st book
FAIL: I am a failure...........

*Make a weekly menu

*Grocery shop

*Make a week's worth of food

*Sleep in on Saturday and Sunday ;)

*Get out all Christmas decorations and put them out for the 7 days we are here
FAIL: See the note about the GIANT THREE TUBS above

*Get camera card/edit pictures/take to Target and make Christmas cards

*Address and mail Christmas cards by Monday

I still have a lot to do! Last night, at 6:00 pm, when I was just starting the weekly meals, husband looked at me and asked me why I was stressed.

I almost lost it. And started crying. REALLY-look at my house, the kitchen, etc. I cannot handle it! But, I chilled and ate some fajitas and then some peppermint ice cream and all was well better.

God bless Blogger for the new strikethrough tool on the toolbar instead of making me remember the old school code.

That is all-I will finish this list ASAP and I have already added on the task of getting my emissions tested and getting 2 more Christmas presents for peeps before we leave town!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend To Do List

Just typing those words in regards to my weekend reminds me of b.e.g. and her lofty goals.

Here is what needs to happen this weekend.

*Get Christmas tree
*Decorate Christmas tree
*Find elf and take it to school so I don't commit a DDM-my kids are insane
*Buy an ornament for the school ornament exchange
*Read the 3 Star mags on my nigh table
*Finish the third book in the Hunger Games series-that I started over Thanksgiving break-for the love
*Start The Girl Who...... series
*Go to the library and get the 1st book
*Make a weekly menu
*Grocery shop
*Make a week's worth of food
*Sleep in on Saturday and Sunday ;)
*Get out all Christmas decorations and put them out for the 7 days we are here
*Get camera card/edit pictures/take to Target and make Christmas cards
*Address and mail Christmas cards by Monday

I'm sure I'll add 18 more things to the list before it's done.

Update on what I achieved by Monday. I know, you can't wait!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What Would You Think and Do?


Our school has a CARE Committee that provides for things like births, weddings, death, sickness, etc. This is pretty common in schools. The committee takes up fees at the beginning of each year and uses the dues to provide for people's needs.

This committee has ALWAYS had some issues with stuff because it means so many different things to everyone. Some people get pissed that they have to pay because they are done having kids and/or have been married for 30 years. They aren't having any more "life changes." Don't get me started on how you would appreciate the support/love/care from the group when we send you flowers and a card when something happens to one of your loved ones or yourself. Ahem.

Anyway, we were informed today (not by the committee, but by a person of power in the front office) that we would be giving several 3 members the traditional 50$ giftcard, and ALSO a basket for each grade level to "chip in on" and fill with things. Our principal just had his 3rd child, a speech teacher is pregnant, and one of my teammates got married in September. We are giving them giftcards. WHY do we now need to give them a basket with stuff in it?

My team has gone to showers and done things for our newly married teammate. We are "done" with getting more stuff. When I brought this up to the "creator" of the basket idea, she said that other people could get/give her stuff. Maybe it's just me, but if I don't know you well, I'm not going to get you a gift just because there is a basket set out. I mean, you're already getting a 50$ giftcard from the staff. That is very nice and generous.

I guess my whole point/ramble is this:


It would be one thing if we as a third grade team were going to throw her an extra wedding shower or something (already done it), but why would other staff members who don't know her want to go in and buy her more gifts? I am worried that the Principal's basket is going to be blinged out (cuz hello, he's the Principal) and that the other two girls' baskets will be sad/pathetic. And it's like a public presentation. Given to them all in front of the staff at a lunch next week. Awwwwwwwwwwwkward.

What are your thoughts on the dues/extra stuff? Is this just stupid and over reactory?

Catch Up Time!!!

Y'all! I have missed you!!! So sorry for not blogging in so long! I have a lot to catch y'all up on, plus the preg details.

Bullet Style:

*I am 12 weeks, 4 days. I went today and got a magical sneak at this angel! He/she is verrrrry active and was playing all around during the whole peek. It is just crazy and still surreal to me that I am indeed pregnant and that all is well. Dr. Bills said that everything looks perfect. I am still not doing anything or buying anything until at least 20 weeks. I can't let go of the nerves and worry. I'm working on it.

*I have been having some wretched morning sickness, but nothing like Britt. Y'all, I put on a GOOD BIT of weight this trimester. I'm not going to share, but I'm slightly wiggin. In between excessive gagging/dry heaving/upset stomach, and occasional puking, I EAT like nobody's business. Stuff I want. All WW bets are off. That needs to halt. This week I've been craving vegetable soup, cheese its, salads with homemade ranch, and raspberries. Yummmm!

*Last weekend we had some good friends come in town for the Auburn SEC championship game. All the men went downtown to witness a doo doo murder get a hotel for the night, and we stayed home and played, shopped, ate, and talked. The girls had a great time. HOW do I have no pics of Emma and Margaret Anne? No clue. This is Daisy the awesome attack rat terrier who kept our two dogs in line this weekend.

*This is just a cute butt. She turned 16 months old on Saturday! Big girl. She is talking up a storm and is currently saying: hi, bye bye, no no, nodding yes, woof woof, shoe, sock, momma, dada, doo doo, peas (please), dank ooo (thank you), wuf oo (love you), I can't think of anything else right now. She understands a ton, that really surprises me. I can tell her to do something, or ask her something (and not expect an answer) and she will answer me (no, uh uh, nod yes, or laugh). Soooo cute!

*Ummm, loving the new blogger layout stuff going on here-much easier, way to go blogger!

*I was reading another blog and this was linked up. WTF. On so many levels. I have no clue what is wrong with this girl. She has four names, her husband has four names, her twins have the oddest names I've ever heard, she is pregnant and just did a cleanse?!?!?! Etc. She is cah-razy. It's like a train wreck, you can't stop looking and reading.

*I've been reading blogs from my phone and have been a slack a** commenter, sorry guys! I have Google Reader open now, so expect a holla!

*Oh, I'm about to post a work sitch that I would LOVE some thoughts on. Ugggggggghhhhhh............

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Make sure you stop over to see Sam over at The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times for the next two weeks for a special Christmas series of guest bloggers. I am her first guest blogger to kick off the series, how exciting! Thanks for the chance to guest post Sam!!

I am so ADD, so this post may veer into several different "stories." Try to work with me here. My normal blog readers are used to my ramblings. :D

Family traditions can be so boring when you are growing up.

But, when you get older, and move away, and get married, you crave those old, familiar traditions. Or at least I do.

And y'all, it's hard doing something different after you've done the same thing for 25 years. My husband and I have a good mix of Christmas "compromise." It just so happens that his family does the big stuff on Christmas Eve, and my family does the big stuff on Christmas day. So, it works out for us to go see both families (they live about 1 and 1/2 hours apart) during Christmas vacation.

Anyway, I have the fondest memories of my family Christmases from growing up. We had some serious traditions in place. It's sad to me how everything eventually changes and you have to come up with your own traditions.

One tradition we had on Christmas Eve was we always went to mass. After mass, we begged and got to open one Christmas present. Then we ate some form of soup (mostly vegetable soup) for dinner. Always the same format there-very reassuring.

Side note: Who always picked a huge box to open early and it was always clothes. Ugh. I always got a damn turtleneck from my aunt and I always chose the same type of box to open early!!

Second side note: My dad belongs to the church of Christmas and Easter, and when he would go to mass with us, it was a holy hot mess of misbehavior. My mom was packin' heat (a wooden spoon in her purse) to poke/beat us with in the pew. We always left church grounded.

Anyways, after our night of church, gift opening, and soup eating, sissy and I would go to bed. We always slept together on Christmas Eve. I guess my parents and grandparents would continue their self induced eggnog (mostly bourbon) coma and put together bikes for their small children. No, dad, you shouldn't have screws left after assembling a bike. :)

At some point, we would always wake up and either A)hear them still up and dang it, we couldn't go down and check out the Santa stuff or B)hear nothing and sneak downstairs to attempt to look at the loot.

Only once in about 13 years did I get busted for spying. I was about halfway down the stairs when my mom caught me while I faked stomach pains/cramps to get her to believe I was going to get some water or Advil or whatever. She didn't buy it.

Until about the ninth grade, we would wake up no later than 6 am, and go wake the parentals. The rule was no one could go down until we were all ready to go down together. Once the parentals brushed their teeth, we could go!! We were rolling our eyes, who brushes their teeth to go open presents, please!!

On Christmas Day, the tradition was to look over all the Santa loot that was laying out (in separate chairs), oh and ahhhh, then go eat homemade ham biscuits and drink OJ. Finally about 2 hours later, we would convene to the living room to open all the gifts under the tree. Someone (mainly dad) would be "Santa" and pass out gifts to everyone. We would take turns, going around and opening and admiring/dying laughing at what the other person got. Sarah and I would trade flavors of Bath and Body lotions, chapsticks, and colors of socks/scarves. This would last a good hour-hour and a half. By this time, it was close to lunch, so we may have to invigorate ourselves with some snack items. Then, sissy and I would go play with our items, or take them to our rooms and organize our loot. That was the best part!

Christmas dinner (served around 2-3 pm) is always at our house. Everyone in our family comes to our house! Sooo fun! All the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc came over and the grandparents were already here. We would stress my mom to her absolute limit. She was ready to be hammered by 1 pm with all of the relatives in her kitchen, trying to "help." I'm sure my sister and I chorusing, "We're hungry mom, when are we eating?" really helped her out too. :)

We would finally eat a delicious meal with always the same type of food: turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, crescent rolls, pickles/olives, some form of Jello salad with nuts in it (blech), and tons of celery with cream cheese goodness inside. Then, a veritable smorgasbord of dessert items brought to the family by relatives or my dad's business clients. Stuffing faces ensued, then the kids went to play our new Nintendos (circa 1987), assorted boardgames like Operation, and later, Super NES.

Around 10pm, total exhaustion hit everyone full force, and we started winding it up. Bed for the young uns, and "Rummi-Kub" for everyone on my mom's side of the family!

So, now that we are both "all grown up" with babes of our own, traditions are a bit different. Obvi, we go to see our other families and have to compromise our time. Sissy and her hubby do the same Christmas Eve thing with his family, so it works out that we are both there on Christmas Day to party and play like the old days.

Eventually, J and I will have to start our own traditions. I don't' want to drag Emma/future children and all of their Santa loot and gifts to Birmingham to have Christmas. We will have to start our own Christmas traditions, just like my parents did. This make me sad-as I said before, I don't like change. :) But, we will embrace it and have fun making memories with our children.

What are your Christmas traditions? Please share! I love hearing if other people's traditions are similar to mine or totally different!!

Thanks for allowing me to go down memory lane, Sam!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Announcement

Sorry for the absences, I've been busy. :)
Details to follow-when I'm not nauseous...............