Monday, December 13, 2010

Updated List

Let's see how my OCD self did this weekend. (Get ready to be amused). Note: I am not amused.

*Get Christmas tree

*Decorate Christmas tree
FAIL: We got out the GIANT three Rubbermaid boxes of decor and they are still sitting in the foyer waiting to be opened and dealt with.

*Find elf and take it to school so I don't commit a DDM-my kids are insane
FAIL: It is in one of those boxes. Major fail cause the kids are on crack since it's snowing here. (Kicking self)

*Buy an ornament for the school ornament exchange
FAIL: But, I'm going to rectify this immediately after school today.

*Read the 3 Star mags on my night table

*Finish the third book in the Hunger Games series-that I started over Thanksgiving break-for the love
FAIL: I had no time for myself this weekend. I was too busy grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking, and hanging with the fam.

*Start The Girl Who...... series
FAIL: See above

*Go to the library and get the 1st book
FAIL: I am a failure...........

*Make a weekly menu

*Grocery shop

*Make a week's worth of food

*Sleep in on Saturday and Sunday ;)

*Get out all Christmas decorations and put them out for the 7 days we are here
FAIL: See the note about the GIANT THREE TUBS above

*Get camera card/edit pictures/take to Target and make Christmas cards

*Address and mail Christmas cards by Monday

I still have a lot to do! Last night, at 6:00 pm, when I was just starting the weekly meals, husband looked at me and asked me why I was stressed.

I almost lost it. And started crying. REALLY-look at my house, the kitchen, etc. I cannot handle it! But, I chilled and ate some fajitas and then some peppermint ice cream and all was well better.

God bless Blogger for the new strikethrough tool on the toolbar instead of making me remember the old school code.

That is all-I will finish this list ASAP and I have already added on the task of getting my emissions tested and getting 2 more Christmas presents for peeps before we leave town!


  1. My kids are on crack too and the last thing I want to do after school is tackle my to do list. I hope you do better than I do!

  2. I understand. In fact, I did a post almost identical to this.

    You know the saying, "My eyes were bigger than my stomach"??? Well, my To-Do Lists are bigger than my clock.

  3. High school kids here are also on crack. Unfortch an elf won't help this. I still think you are super wife/mom and I can't wait to hang over break. That is all.

  4. You got one more thing off your list - you called your Mother and gave her some love! Thanks! :-) ♥ u 2!

  5. You did a great deal! Maybe I need to come visit my preggo friend and do all her bidding to help around the house!
    Love you! Hope you are getting good rest! and ice cream!


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