Saturday, December 18, 2010


Before dressing:

After dressing and before I consumed six of them:

Y'all, thank God I married someone who knows how to use a grill/smoker like a profesh.

They are sooo good, even better in my homemade ranch!

Real post coming soon.

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Love ya all!


  1. Yum-yum is what I think! We had wings tonight too but ours were frozen :-( first. They were pretty good but yours look better! ♥ you and cannot wait to see y'all!!

  2. Just found a link to your blog while on Twitter. I'm a fellow blogger, Georgian and from what I read on your blog seems you are a teacher too. Looking forward to following your blog. Those wings look awesome- perfect tailgating food for the upcoming bowl season.

  3. Mmmm, yummy! Do you think you and J can hook a sister up with some honey bbq wings?

  4. my husband would be in heaven with these!!!

    hope you are feeling good..and I'm not sure I've told you..but congrats on the new babe!!


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