Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catch Up Time!!!

Y'all! I have missed you!!! So sorry for not blogging in so long! I have a lot to catch y'all up on, plus the preg details.

Bullet Style:

*I am 12 weeks, 4 days. I went today and got a magical sneak at this angel! He/she is verrrrry active and was playing all around during the whole peek. It is just crazy and still surreal to me that I am indeed pregnant and that all is well. Dr. Bills said that everything looks perfect. I am still not doing anything or buying anything until at least 20 weeks. I can't let go of the nerves and worry. I'm working on it.

*I have been having some wretched morning sickness, but nothing like Britt. Y'all, I put on a GOOD BIT of weight this trimester. I'm not going to share, but I'm slightly wiggin. In between excessive gagging/dry heaving/upset stomach, and occasional puking, I EAT like nobody's business. Stuff I want. All WW bets are off. That needs to halt. This week I've been craving vegetable soup, cheese its, salads with homemade ranch, and raspberries. Yummmm!

*Last weekend we had some good friends come in town for the Auburn SEC championship game. All the men went downtown to witness a doo doo murder get a hotel for the night, and we stayed home and played, shopped, ate, and talked. The girls had a great time. HOW do I have no pics of Emma and Margaret Anne? No clue. This is Daisy the awesome attack rat terrier who kept our two dogs in line this weekend.

*This is just a cute butt. She turned 16 months old on Saturday! Big girl. She is talking up a storm and is currently saying: hi, bye bye, no no, nodding yes, woof woof, shoe, sock, momma, dada, doo doo, peas (please), dank ooo (thank you), wuf oo (love you), I can't think of anything else right now. She understands a ton, that really surprises me. I can tell her to do something, or ask her something (and not expect an answer) and she will answer me (no, uh uh, nod yes, or laugh). Soooo cute!

*Ummm, loving the new blogger layout stuff going on here-much easier, way to go blogger!

*I was reading another blog and this was linked up. WTF. On so many levels. I have no clue what is wrong with this girl. She has four names, her husband has four names, her twins have the oddest names I've ever heard, she is pregnant and just did a cleanse?!?!?! Etc. She is cah-razy. It's like a train wreck, you can't stop looking and reading.

*I've been reading blogs from my phone and have been a slack a** commenter, sorry guys! I have Google Reader open now, so expect a holla!

*Oh, I'm about to post a work sitch that I would LOVE some thoughts on. Ugggggggghhhhhh............


  1. My guess is that blog is a parody of some of the other blogs out there. Or, at least I hope. I hope it's a joke. Ha!

  2. Yes! It is a parody blog - I have heard that it's making fun of Mormon mommy bloggers who talk about their perfect lives. It's kind of hilarious!

    Anyway - congrats on your pregnancy! Soooo exciting! I will add you to the list of 2795283957 other bloggers I know who are pregnant - something must be in the water!

  3. Sissy I am so excited about my nephew to come. Me and brother think its a boy :) I think that blog is joking, but I kinda like it!

  4. loved catcin on everthing thats been goin on!
    that blog is soo weird!

  5. 1) Congrats!!!! I swear, something is in the water because all my bloggy reads are announcing they are preggos! One set is at the 24/25 week mark and the other set is at the 12/13 week mark. Craziness, but so happy for you all!

    2)There is nothing cuter than a baby butt!

    3)I hope that blog is a joke, lol.

  6. My biggest sadness about Thanksgiving was missing hearing Emmabears TALK. that is so exciting and I wanted to hear what her little voice sounds like! Make her call me soons or SEND ME AN IPHONE VIDEO

  7. I am so excited for you!!! Congrats on baby!

    LOVE that adorable little butt in the tub!!!

    Clicked on the link...what? I just kept reading and thinking - what???

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Wow, I really hope that blog is a joke, otherwise we have some REALLY screwed up people in this world. Wait, even if it is a joke, she's screwed up...

  9. Congrats on the new baby!!! Just found out that this baby is breech just like my looks like the VBAC is off and C-section is on for Dec. 22!!!

    Hope that you are feeling better soon =) You will enjoy the second one a lot more after you get over the first trimester blahs!!!

  10. Pretty sure that blog is fake.

    But I am SOOOOO excited to be pregnant with you! I was 12w2d when you wrote this so we are just TWO DAYS apart! How fun!

  11. Such an amazing photo - wow! Hope you're feeling good. And YES we should totally get together sometime since we're so close! (Sorry I'm so late in responding - I can't comment from work and I rarely get on my computer at home to do so!)


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