Sunday, January 13, 2013

Early Birthday!!

*Edited to add: I started this blog about four days before my birthday. And just remembered it! Ha! Oh we'll, enjoy if you can! And I'm not used to blogging from my iPad, so I don't know why my pics won't go where I want them.

Well, even though my 34th (gulp!) birthday isn't until next Sunday, I've already gotten two amazing gifts!

I've been wanting a small, handheld carpet cleaner for awhile. Because when messes happen on the carpet here, they are of the dog variety. I don't like getting out our giant Bissel carpet cleaner to clean one little dooky spot, so I was hoping Santa would bring me the Bissel Spotbot! And he delivered! In the form of my awesome in laws as a birthday gift!! Thanks, y'all! I've used it several times already, and the best part is you set it and walk away. Yes, it does the work itself and dings when it's clean!

Another thing I've been eyeing is a new handgun to add to my collection. I don't talk about my love of handguns on here, um...ever, but yeah. I really wanted the Ruger LCP 380. It's a compact pistol (semi-automatic) that is perfect for carrying. I called every gun dealer in a 40 mile radius and no one had it! I blame the school shooting and a re-election year on this run for guns and ammo. My timing was off by about two weeks, according to all the dealers I talked to. But, my persistence paid off when I found a gun "Craigslist" and found about five people in my area with them for sale! New! Thank you husband for this most generous gift!

Still on my list for anyone else needing an idea (ha ha!) is K cups and new house slippers. Dude, that's how 34 year olds roll. I'm practically 80.

We are slowly getting back into our groove after returning home on January 4! I came home to mass chaos in the form of Christmas decor, laundry, new gifts, and loads of unpacking. Thankfully the children started school back and I got almost everything knocked out! Just a few more things to do and then I'll start the week over with a whole new list. It never ends, but for that I am thankful.

What have y'all been up to lately in this new year?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just Some Catch Up

I am quite fond of picture posts, especially when I haven't updated my journal in a while. So, let's see what we did in December, besides the obvious!

On a trip to Bass Pro to see Santa (HA-no dice!), Emma crawled in this shark head!

We went to a friend's house to make these cute ice cream cone 
Christmas trees and poser had fun eating all of the toppings.

Hahahaha! I can't remember where we were going, but this Elmo hat and gloves get up cracks me up!

Harrison was cleaning up for company! :)

Emma was riding FeFe's shoulders!

Emma really wanted to get these footie PJ's for Jason-ha!

At the Avenues shopping and Emma wants to hug each sculpture.

This cracks me up so hard! If only I had buddy with me and they posed together. Boom! Next year's card!

On that epic fail of a BPS trip, the carousel was a big hit!

And here is my husband with a friggin' mustache just to gross me out. 
Tom Selleck called. He wants his stache back. Ha!

I'll have to clean some more pics of my phone for another update soon! I'm still wading through piles of crap from 10 days out of town and can't handle much right now.