Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Monday and Other Stuff

FOR THE LOVE! I have had the most craptastic day ever. Let me recap:

*First of all, I woke up at 6:00 to pump, and my boobs made NOTHING-like seriously y'all, they made 15 CC's in ALL! I'm all crying and freaking out-how am I going to feed my kid? Husband is like, "Dude, call the doctor and shut it." The end.

*Emma and I go back to sleep until 9:00, when the phone rings. It's the GYM MANAGER. We chat for a bit, and I tell him everything about trainer X. He is not happy. He offers me a free training session with another trainer whenever I want. I figure I will do this to reevaluate my progress after using bitch trainer's trainer X's workout. Special thanks to Brittany at Living in the Moment for all of her advice. I used her terminology and such to bring a strong front to the manager. He was listening big time! After I hang up with him, my OB calls me back to talk about my boobs. Basically, this can happen, and he gave me a Rx for Reglan-a milk stimulating drug that does other stuff too. So, I went and got that, and we will see if it helps. If not, there is really nothing else I can do.

*Emma has been fussy ALL.DAY.LONG. And, she hasn't had one freaking nap either.

*My laptop freaking died today! I am currently on husband's work laptop. Y'all, my laptop and I are thisclose. I've only had it for two years. It was a Dell. RIP. It is gone and dead-basically the screen crapped out. I schlepped myself, the computer, the kid, the sling, and about 293 other things to the Best Buy for Geek Squad assistance. They took one look and said, "The screen is crapped out-it will cost about 700$ to fix." I had already talked to husband earlier and he said to just do what I needed to do. So, I conferred with an associate and got myself a sweet HP Pavilion laptop with all kinds of good stuff. (LG, don't even tell me the evils of a PC-I am never going Mac :D) I am very happy with the purchase. Unfortch, I will have to pick it up tomorrow afternoon-Geek Squad has to back-up all of my crap from the old one and reload it onto the new one. Hello picasa albums, iTunes, millions of documents, etc. The ironic thing is, on my Christmas list was a Seagate external hard drive for back up. That will still be purchased for Christmas. I am sooo thankful that they can get everything off the old one, and that my hubby let me bust out the AmEx for this immediate purchase! I must have my laptop! We have an old desktop that I bought in 2000, but you can just IMAGINE what kind of speed that thing runs on. Before husband got home from work, I tried to load my WW points in for the day and it took over 30 minutes!

*Did I mention Emma didn't take ANY naps? And she didn't want me to put her down at all. Lovely.

*A lost Beagle has been harassing my fence/dogs/house all day. I finally went outside to check its collar-it has a green box thing on there-like a underground fence thingy. NO name or contacts. I left a bowl of food out for it. Constant barking from my dogs all day.

*The end of the craptastic day-I am about to pass out!

(I also fully expect some love for my hane day. Leave me some love!) :D

Now for Menu Monday, a tradition started by Mrs. Newlywed. I have a menu to go through November 6th because this weekend is Emma's baptism and the week after I will be full timing it at work, so I've got to be prepared ahead of time. Enjoy, and remember to email or comment if you would like a recipe.

Monday-homemade veggie pizza, steamed edamame
Tuesday-grilled chicken, broccoli, yellow rice
Wednesday-spaghetti with green beans and a salad
Thursday-leftover Santa Fe soup, Mexican cornbread
Friday (everyone comes in town for the baptism-all 8 of us together-yikes.)-sandwiches, fruit, chips
Saturday-ribs and chicken, coleslaw, baked beans, macaroni and cheese (ALL HOMEMADE)
Sunday Lunch-chicken salad, pimiento cheese, croissants, chips, veggies and dip, deli meats, homemade brownies (served buffet style after the baptism)
Sunday dinner (my sissy and bro are staying the night!)-NY strips, twice baked potatoes, salad


Week after: November 2-6
Monday-sesame cilantro chicken and rice salad, broccoli, squash
Tuesday-Leslie's jambalaya pasta, salad
Wednesday (Mass Night)-spicy bean and cheese burritos, chips and salsa
Thursday-baked tomato spaghetti, green beans, salad
Friday- poppy seed chicken, broccoli
Saturday-filets, roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus
Sunday-rigatoni with grilled veggies, salad

I really would look these recipes up online and link them, but my eyelids are about to freaking collapse.

Love to you all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Sorry this is sooo late! I went to my WW meeting on Thursday, and I am down 2 whole pounds! That means I have now lost 3.8 pounds since joining WW. I was doing WW on my own before joining, so I have lost 8 pounds overall. Once I am down to my "desired" weight, I will share numbers with you! I was feeling really good at the meeting last night! My leader last week at WW was talking about how sometimes you should switch up your eating habits. Every day I eat a Quaker reduced calorie granola bar for breakfast, and a Campbell's select light soup (Italian vegetable-yummy!). This week I have changed it up and had cottage cheese one morning, yogurt another, and have had other things like Hillshire Farms ham slices and WW string cheese for lunch. I'm glad it worked! I also forgot about my Smart Ones frozen meals in the boob milk freezer (in our garage) and I ate one of those yesterday with an orange. So, it's been going well! No exercising tonight though-it's pouring outside, and I'm in no mood to take myself to the gym at 9:15. Tomorrow morning is Group Cyntergy (yoga+pilates) so I will do that and then jog for about 30 minutes. How did you all do this week?
For Menu Monday (that I post on Sunday) I got a new cookbook from BJ's (wholesale club) called Cook Yourself Thin. It's got lots of great looking, low cal recipes that we may be trying this week.
By the way, does anyone have the Taco Soup recipe for WW??

Oh, no she didn't!!!!!

OK, so I have a story to tell you! And I'm gonna get all riled up about it too! So get ready for some ranting!

As most of you know, husband's aunt was here from out of town to visit with Emma this week. While she was here, I had the opportunity to go run lots of overdue errands that are somewhat hampered when toting an infant. So, like any normal person, I jumped on this chance to get lots of things accomplished. One thing on my list was to make an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym I joined last week. Upon joining, you are granted a one hour "consult" with a trainer. I thought, "Why not?" It's a great way to learn a little routine that can help you workout, and to learn how to use all of those machines in the gym.

Now, I want to say right now, that I am NOT one of those people who has the time OR money to hire a "personal" trainer. But since this was included in my sign up fee, I took advantage of it. Otherwise, I would have NEVER done this. I'd also like to say, "Hi" to my friend Brittany who IS a personal trainer, and a DARN good one at that! This is not a rant on personal trainers, more of one on THIS trainer!

So, I go in a bit early and meet my trainer, whom we will call X. We start chatting about my health history and goals. Within five minutes, I did not like her. I told her about my tendonitis, and how I was most likely about to have surgery to correct it. X told me that was awful and a huge mistake, if I would just get my weight under control and get on a better diet, it would correct itself. WHAT? I'm sorry, but I'm not FAT. I am overweight, by about 20 pounds, but I don't think if I lose 20 pounds and eat vegetables that my tendonitis will "heal itself." She kept going on and on about letting in germs and toxins and how surgery should never be considered. Hmm, wonder what she would think if SHE needed a C-section? That was strike one.

Strike two came when we were discussing my diet. I informed her that I was on Weight Watchers to lose my weight, in conjunction with exercising at the gym. I told her I had a healthy diet. She said, "Do you eat meat and dairy?" I answered, "Well, yes, I'm sane normal." (Just kidding vegans! :D) She said, "Then you don't have a healthy diet." I'm sorry, but again, WHAT? I don't think you have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to have a healthy diet. All of that is personal preference, and I do not like someone telling me that their opinion is right, and my opinion is wrong. That is why they are called opinions!

Strike three was at the end of our session. X talked me through a routine for me, and I enjoyed the working out portion. When we were finished, we sat down to discuss the routine and my goals. I must have been HIGH because I honestly didn't realize we were going to have a "Hit the customer up for cash" discussion. We were just sitting there having a pretty good convo, when all of a sudden, X is like, "OK, so for the 8 sessions you will need to see results, it will cost you $264." I think my head spun around. I was like, "Excuse me?" I was seriously so flustered, that I started EXPLAINING MYSELF to her. Telling her that I had a new baby, a prorated paycheck and other things that I was currently spending my money on. Then asking her if I could do a discounted package. Then I came down from my HIGH and said, "I will have to sleep on it. I'm not comfortable spending this amount without discussing it with my husband." Then X has the gall to say to me, "It's not his body, now is it?" She also informed me that I would not be able to achieve my goal of losing 20 pounds unless I had a personal trainer. I seriously felt like I was being bullied into paying her! I immediately mumbled something about going to do cardio, and y'all I ran like a friggin demon for 20 minutes, I was soooo pissed off!

Then, I left and talked to husband. After talking to him, I decided to call the gym manager and lodge a complaint. I will let you know what happens once I talk to him. I would hate to drop the "blog bomb" on him. That would be, "Excuse me sir, I am a VERY influential blogger, and I would really hate to have to blog about this experience." Ha! Oops, too late! But seriously, your thoughts and comments please. I am still trying to simmer down!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 Super Cute Things...and a Giveaway!

Two totally cute things! Number one, my sissy sent me this postcard today: my sissy and Emma!

Next up, my free samples from Traylor Papers came today-srsly, that was fast! Check out this post if you want some preciousness! But don't just take my word for it-look at my samples!

I love them! I will be using my special code for 10 percent off to place an order-as husband says, "They got you!" Who cares with cuteness like this? Also, the last time I ordered stationary was when I GOT MARRIED-that was five years ago! I'm overdue for a new look!
Finally, my bloggy bestie B.E.G. is having a giveaway to celebrate her 400th post! Can you believe it?? And, it will be awesome, so go visit her blog and check it out! (You really will want to be her BFF!)
So to sum up: check out Traylor Papers and Brown Eyed Girl! Happy almost Friday! What do you all have lined up for this fab weekend? Talk to me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday and Menu Monday

So, this weekend was a blast! I have to recap in bullet points, then I'll give you a menu for the week.

*We had our dear friends J, L, their kids, and J over on Saturday night-ha-larious! See pics below.

*L and I may or may not have consumed a LARGE amount of wine. Like 10-12 WW points worth-speaking of, I had saved ALL my weekly points for last night-it was well worth it-I used all but like 10 of them!

*Auburn played an awful football game and lost to Kentucky. Nuff said.

*I broke out one of my old "fall" Coach bags and my luscious wrap sweater for church today.

*I went to group cyntergy at the gym on Saturday morning-it's yoga+pilates. It was rad and very relaxing. After that I jogged for 20 on the treadmill. By 12:00 I was totally chilled out and felt really good about myself.

*Emma crapped OUT OF HER ONESIE in the Tar-jay while riding in her Baby Bjorn. Awe-summ.

Emma is rocking her pumpkin hat, cute Halloween PJ's, and a skeptical expression!

Umm, yeah-we ate some meat last night. Turkey legs, chicken, and strip steaks.
We may or may not have had side dishes that were vegetables.

One of the kids-playing alphabet games on the iPhone.

Today after church-weekly photo sesh.

OMG-could this kid smile be any cuter???

J was tearing up this turkey leg-it was his one request for food.

And now for the Menu:

Sunday-Santa Fe soup, baked tostitos
Monday-Spaghetti, Green Beans, Salad
Tuesday-White Chicken Chili, Crackers
Wednesday-Salmon, Brown Rice, Green Beans, Steamed Carrots
Thursday-Tacos, baked tostitos with Chili's salsa
Friday-Asparagus Pasta with Toasted Pecans, Salad
Saturday-Bunless Burgers, Baked Lays, Green Beans

*If you want any of the recipes above, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email at southernsass30{at}gmail{dot}com

I would be happy to share them-they are mom's recipes, so no link! :D

Now, on to some giveaway business that I know you will be interested in. From B.E.G. a super cool stationary giveaway thingy.
"Send us an email to with your name & address and we'll send you a free customized card with your name. Tell us your favorite colors and/or style (i.e., whimsical, classic, girly..., etc.) and we'll try to make you a match ;) BONUS: post this offer on your blog or wall, send us a link and we'll send you a few extra! Good thru 10/28/09!"

Sweet! Super cute stationary is all over the place at this website.

Also, Shasta at My Blonde Reality (freaking awesome hilarious blog!!) is giving away a Clarisonic! You must enter to win! Go to her blog and check it out now!
I think that's its kids-have a happy Monday!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weight Watchers Thursday

So, tonight was my meeting. I am down 1.8 pounds from last week. I really like the meetings-not only do they hold me accountable, I also get to have a discussion with other ladies and gentlemen on what they are doing to help with their weight loss. Very good. I will be kicking it up a notch and hope to see more results next week. I have to get ready for the 5K too! I joined a gym this week and LOVE.IT. It's really nice-check it out, Atlanta Fitness. Tonight I did 2.45 miles in 40 minutes. Not good, but better than nothing-from the recovering smoker. I'm surprised I can even do that! I burned 240 calories! Yay me!

Also, today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day. Some of you know that I have lost two babies-they would be 3 and 4 now. I might tell that story another day. I also know that many, many of you have experienced the loss of an infant or even child. Let's all remember one another today and pray hard! I think about my babies a lot-even now, especially now with Emma. But, I know God has a plan, and one day I will see my sweet babies again. Won't you please say a prayer for people who have experienced this loss?

Tomorrow is Friday, happy almost weekend!!!

Just Because

Look at these legs! Smashing! I love the thigh high look.

Emma is rocking the hat her Nonnie made her. Also, aren't these leggings adorable?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Y'all-this is a freaking deathtrap. Oh. I have such a dramatic story to share with you all. So, today I had to go get an MRI on my wrist. I must have been HIGH to agree to this. When the orthopaedist suggested it, I was all like, "Sure, yah, great-let's find the problem!" And he was all like, "OK, so you've had one, you're okay with this??" And I'm all, "Sure, yah, go for it-I've had something like this done before." (That would be a CT SCAN from when I thought I had kidney stones-I now know the difference!!! One is a coffin, the other is a doughnut.)

Y'all, I'm not gonna lie-IT.WAS.AWFUL! I think I blacked out. So, I get changed into scrubs, go into the giant magnet room and lay on the tray thing-all the while, not noticing what is behind me. I'm like, "Sweet, I can take a nap!" They arranged me and told me to put my headphones on (so I could hear some bullsh** 80's breakout songs) and then they pushed this button and I started going in this coffin thing. IT.WAS.AWFUL. I immediately freaked-I had to get out. I couldn't stand it-and it was going to take THIRTY MINUTES. No m'am. Now I am not claustrophobic, or at least I thought I wasn't. They had to talk me off the ledge. I was like, "Can't you put me in the other way? Is this the only way to see my wrist? Does this qualify me for a sedative? Blah, blah, blah" Finally, they had to give me a blindfold and tell me they would talk to me throughout the MRI-I was praying NONSTOP for God to chill me out. It was ridic. And the bad thing is, I was so nervous, my hands must have been shaking, because at one point, the lady had to REDO a part of it because of my movements. Blech-I was nauseous, I thought I might throw up in the coffin. Ugh, it's still giving me the willies. And do you know what is awesome-I will probably need another one on my right wrist. NO THANKS-I will deal with it. Has anyone else had this problem? I think I may be having issues in my "advanced age." :D The thought of a cave or other thing like that sends me OVER THE EDGE. Gah, drama much?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Because Its Been Awhile........

First of all, a shoutout to Leslie at Designed by Leslie-she redid my header-hey girl! :D

Here are a few pictures because its been AT LEAST four whole days without a picture of Emma.

Hmmm, I'm not sure about this swing from Aunt Jill.

Okay, it MAY be cool.

Emma had no words, so she asked me to fill in for her.

Umm, all I can say about this one is that Bart looks like he is
about to EAT her, Flash is hiding, and my boob is almost falling out.
But on the plus side, Emma is looking at the camera.

What did she say? Nuh uh! Oh no she didunt!

Yo, this cracked out smile is for my Brown Eyed Girl!
(Daddy did my hair-he should keep his day job.)

Ah, totally angelic-I love my sling kangaroo pouch.

Shortest post EVER!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Menu Monday

OK, so today I realized I am always off on days of bloggy things-i.e. Menu Monday I do on Sunday. Weight Watchers Wednesday I have been doing on Thursday. I am going to go to Wednesday meetings once I go back to work, so we'll change it up then. Oh well, at least I'm doing it! So, without further adieu, Menu Monday, a tradition started by Mrs. Newlywed.

BTW, we are having a major replay of last week's food because it was SO GOOD!

Sunday-filet Mignon, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes
Monday-asparagus pasta with toasted pecans, salad
Tuesday-fat free hot dogs, baked lays, steamed veggies
Wednesday-rigatoni with grilled vegetables, salad
Thursday-salmon with roasted potatoes and steamed veggies
Friday-steak fajitas with fresh Chili's salsa
Saturday-the Goodwins are coming over for steaks, grilled asparagus, and twice baked potatoes! *saving points for this one! L.A.G. will bring some delish app or dessert (or both, knowing her! :D) Copious amounts of wine WILL be consumed.

My roasted potatoes are just new potatoes cut up and tossed in EVOO, fresh rosemary, Kosher salt, red pepper flakes, and freshly ground pepper. I cook them on about 400 for at least 30 minutes-the crisper the better!
My steamed veggies are frozen broccoli, fresh carrots, squash and snow peas-tossed in the steamer for about 13 minutes. We use the nasty spray butter on top-it's probably cancerous-I hate it.

Hope you have all had a fun weekend-we haven't done much except cry about Auburn's pitiful loss! I've been trying to clean up a little and have some "me" time since hubs is on baby duty. That's laughable! I have gone jogging at 10:00 the past two nights-but Emma has gone to bed around 8 pm, so that's FAB! I am going to do a 5K with Emma and hubs on November 7th-yikes a mil! Why am I worried about 3.1 miles? Puh-lease. But maybe cause it's at 8 am and I'm using my friend's jogging stroller. Hmm, need to get a grip. I NEED a good playlist-send me suggestions please. I also NEED to work on not singing aloud while jogging. :D

Also, I need for some of my bloggy lovelies to give me some posts-my google reader has been a bit sparse as of late-what's going on with folks??

Friday, October 9, 2009

Best New Recipe EVER...and some other stuff

We just had an AH-MAY-ZING dinner-and it was only 4 points (give or take) on Weight Watchers. That will bring me to my "some other stuff" in a minute. First of all, this Rigatoni with Grilled Vegetables, courtesy of Sandra Lee was so freakin good-y'all! At first, when I watched the episode, I thought, yummmmmm! Then, when I was making it, I thought, hmmmmm, this never turns out as good as I think it's going to. BUT, yeah, it was! And very quick and simple! Check it out.

Now, for the "other stuff." The reason I said 4 points give or take is because there is about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the recipe-according to WW, olive oil is 1 pt per teaspoon. BUT, you aren't like eating the olive oil straight up-you are using it to saute and grill the veggies. SO, how do I account for this, and how many points should I actually say the EVOO is? B.E.G. and company, share some advice with a sista! Also, I went to my first WW meeting last night-it was very fun and interesting! I loved the ladies I met, and they were ALL OVER Emma. Which was good, because she was not down with the weight loss class at first-I think she was still cranky from her two shots. My leader lost ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN pounds y'all! That is amazing! We talked about emotional eating and good snack choices for when we are really hungry-it was nothing like I had imagined. I really enjoyed it!

OK, so that is all my friends. Not much planned for this weekend except some SEC football, a little exercise, some cleaning (always!), and chill time with the baby girl! WHO BY THE WAY went to her babysitter for the first time today and did wonderful! The lady LOVES her-who wouldn't!?!!? :D Oh, and I am joining a gym on Monday-sweet! It's right by my work, so it will be super convenient for me to go by there, do my workout, then jet to get Emma. It's brand new and SUPER NICE and some of my old parents from school work out there, so I can have mini gossip sessions! Ha! :D I'm just so glad that I'm finally motivated to DO SOMETHING-I can't wait to take gym classes like yoga and Zumba-I've missed it!!!

Happy Friday and a good weekend to you all! (Could I have any more exclamation points in this post-srsly?)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weight Watchers Thursday?????

OK, I have lost 4 pounds since I started this journey on September 21st. 4 pounds in 18 days. Not too exciting good, but I'll take it. My goal is now 9 more pounds. I am going to my first meeting tonight. And, vomit-when I get weighed in WEARING CLOTHES AT THE END OF THE DAY ON A "DOCTOR" SCALE! I am taking the babe because husband won't be home at 6:30. Wish me luck! One thing I'm worried about is I keep reading how if you are nursing, you have to be careful with dieting because it can affect your milk supply. Yikes, remember this? Also, I think you have to lose weight more slowly. Kill me-I need to look good when I go back to work in 22 days. I am nervous about going to the meetings-hopefully it won't be ridic. The cool thing is, I got a month free and all these awesome online resources-it totally plans your day, counts your points, gives you recipes, etc! Awesome-totally worth it for the low, low price of $39.95 for two months. I will let you know what happens later. And, I'm posting today because I finally remembered to weigh myself AND I have a meeting. I think once I go back to work I will go to Wednesday night meetings. Alright, have a fab Thursday! It's almost the weekend-sqeeee!

Two Month Doctor Visit

Okay, so today little Miss Chunk Nugget Emma went for her two month doctor visit. You know the drill: weight, measurement, check-up with doc, and SHOTS. You all remember my post on vaccinations, right? :D Well, we ARE splitting them, and today she got 2 shots-DTaP and HIB. She will go back in one month for her Pc and Rotavirus. We are not doing polio.

Statistics at two months:
Weight: 10 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 23 in (75th percentile) She will be tall like her rentals
Head Circumference: 37.6 inches maybe? (25th percentile)
So, it looks like she will be average weight, tall, with a tiny head. Awesome.

So, check out these shots pictures of Miss Lulu Bell.

Posing with Mommy before the drama

And daddy-he never appears in photos-this is a big deal!

Getting my dome measured

Getting weighed-and SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!

And-still screaming.

Hello-I am happy now.

Dr. C listening to my heart.

Dr. C doing something-ears maybe??

Preparing for shot #1

Shot #1-yowza!

Shot #2-I hate you mommy!

So, there ya' go-Emma's just moving right along!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two "Mommy" Questions

OK moms, I need some advice!

What can I put Emma in when she outgrows her swaddles? This is rapidly approaching, and I need to be prepared since she is ADDICTED to swaddling.

Also, have you found any place that you can get really good deals on Disney movies? I want to start Emma's Disney movie collection now! I had practically EVERY animated Disney movie growing up. My friend Jill hooked me up with a ten dollar off coupon at for Snow White, and Emma is getting that for Christmas. But, I still need to start building up. I know at most retail stores they are at least $20, and most of these movies are "released from the vault" only a few times over the years. I have no idea why. So, any suggestions???

Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Monday

Hey Y'all, I had a long but fabulous weekend! Sorry for the lack of "me" posts, they are coming! But, for now, here is Menu Monday, brought to you by Mrs. Newlywed!

Monday-fat free hot dogs with steamed veggie medley and baked tostitos/Chili's salsa

Tuesday-spaghetti casserole (made and frozen when preggo), salad

Wednesday-salmon with brown rice and steamed veggie medley

Friday-bunless burgers with sweet potato "fries"
PS-leave me a comment if you have a good salmon recipe-I'm not sure how I'm going to cook this yet. :D

I will be changing my weigh in days to Wednesdays so I can participate in Weight Watchers Wednesdays, a tradition started by Blue Eyed Bride, Mojito Maven, and my dear friend LyndsAU.
And OMG-I didn't totally blow it out at the parents' house this weekend, but I did drink a lot of Bud Light-and eat ribs. So, yikes!

Two Months

Dear Emeline,
Wow! You were two months old yesterday! I cannot believe it! Time is flying by with you in our lives. You are already starting to grow out of clothing, and last week you had to start in size 1 diapers. I had 9 newborn diapers left-when I stuffed you into one-let's just say we had an interesting experience with some poop. You have had a lot of new experiences this month. Here are some things you have done for the first time this month:

-Gone to a restaurant
-Started smiling and cooing
-Been on a roadtrip
-Jogging with mommy and friends
-Slept in your crib through the night
-Taking a full four ounce bottle
-Holding your head up A LOT!

You are starting to get into a real "pattern." (It's not a schedule yet!) You are a very flexible kid-you can roll with anything. When we went to your grandparents last weekend, you kept yourself up ALL DAY on Friday. Then you passed out when we got home! :D You sleep from about 11-7. You wake up for a bottle around 7 or 7:30. After I feed you, you will go back to sleep until at least 9:30! Then you will wake up for another feeding. After that feeding, you take your morning nap around 10:30 and will sleep until about noon. The afternoons are your play time. You will sit on my lap and smile and coo and want me to make noises at you. It's hilarious! I have lots of videos of you doing this! In the late afternoon, you will take another nap. You start to get cranky around 7-7:30 (right when Daddy is getting home!) After we feed you and put you in your cocoon (sling), you go back to sleep and we go on a jog with Daddy and the dogs. When we get home, it's bathtime, then we either feed again, or swaddle you and get you to sleep for the night. You sleep a lot! You are getting too big for your swaddles-what will we do without them???

You love to dance. Daddy is teaching you how to do the "sprinkler" and the "lawnmower." He is also teaching you to say Daddy (your first word should be mommy, by the way!) Your nicknames are Emma-Lou, Lulu bell, and Lula.

Emeline, every day with you is more special than before! I cannot believe you have only been in our life for two months. I have loved seeing you grow and change, and I look forward to so much more.

I love you so much,

Mommy and I before our nightly jog

Yo! What's up Gangstaaaas? I'm chillin in my bath robe!

Asleep on Daddy's chest

Yikes! All dressed up to go to Outback-first restaurant experience!

What? You will give me what I want woman...

Yay! It's dinner time!

War Eagle that!

My godparents are such suckers!

Even McLovin passes out.

You will not be able to say no to me.

I sure can rock a hair bow people!