Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Monday

Hey Y'all, I had a long but fabulous weekend! Sorry for the lack of "me" posts, they are coming! But, for now, here is Menu Monday, brought to you by Mrs. Newlywed!

Monday-fat free hot dogs with steamed veggie medley and baked tostitos/Chili's salsa

Tuesday-spaghetti casserole (made and frozen when preggo), salad

Wednesday-salmon with brown rice and steamed veggie medley

Friday-bunless burgers with sweet potato "fries"
PS-leave me a comment if you have a good salmon recipe-I'm not sure how I'm going to cook this yet. :D

I will be changing my weigh in days to Wednesdays so I can participate in Weight Watchers Wednesdays, a tradition started by Blue Eyed Bride, Mojito Maven, and my dear friend LyndsAU.
And OMG-I didn't totally blow it out at the parents' house this weekend, but I did drink a lot of Bud Light-and eat ribs. So, yikes!

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  1. I missed my WW meeting this week...waiting to get fully back in the swing of things next week. Thanks for reminding me! :)


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