Monday, October 5, 2009

Two Months

Dear Emeline,
Wow! You were two months old yesterday! I cannot believe it! Time is flying by with you in our lives. You are already starting to grow out of clothing, and last week you had to start in size 1 diapers. I had 9 newborn diapers left-when I stuffed you into one-let's just say we had an interesting experience with some poop. You have had a lot of new experiences this month. Here are some things you have done for the first time this month:

-Gone to a restaurant
-Started smiling and cooing
-Been on a roadtrip
-Jogging with mommy and friends
-Slept in your crib through the night
-Taking a full four ounce bottle
-Holding your head up A LOT!

You are starting to get into a real "pattern." (It's not a schedule yet!) You are a very flexible kid-you can roll with anything. When we went to your grandparents last weekend, you kept yourself up ALL DAY on Friday. Then you passed out when we got home! :D You sleep from about 11-7. You wake up for a bottle around 7 or 7:30. After I feed you, you will go back to sleep until at least 9:30! Then you will wake up for another feeding. After that feeding, you take your morning nap around 10:30 and will sleep until about noon. The afternoons are your play time. You will sit on my lap and smile and coo and want me to make noises at you. It's hilarious! I have lots of videos of you doing this! In the late afternoon, you will take another nap. You start to get cranky around 7-7:30 (right when Daddy is getting home!) After we feed you and put you in your cocoon (sling), you go back to sleep and we go on a jog with Daddy and the dogs. When we get home, it's bathtime, then we either feed again, or swaddle you and get you to sleep for the night. You sleep a lot! You are getting too big for your swaddles-what will we do without them???

You love to dance. Daddy is teaching you how to do the "sprinkler" and the "lawnmower." He is also teaching you to say Daddy (your first word should be mommy, by the way!) Your nicknames are Emma-Lou, Lulu bell, and Lula.

Emeline, every day with you is more special than before! I cannot believe you have only been in our life for two months. I have loved seeing you grow and change, and I look forward to so much more.

I love you so much,

Mommy and I before our nightly jog

Yo! What's up Gangstaaaas? I'm chillin in my bath robe!

Asleep on Daddy's chest

Yikes! All dressed up to go to Outback-first restaurant experience!

What? You will give me what I want woman...

Yay! It's dinner time!

War Eagle that!

My godparents are such suckers!

Even McLovin passes out.

You will not be able to say no to me.

I sure can rock a hair bow people!


  1. Awww, she is so beautiful! I love your captions!! Cracks me up!!!

  2. sus this is so sweet! i love it! and emma!

  3. Cute Post! I love reading your letters to Emma. She will treasure those one day.

  4. I can not believe she is 2 months old!! Crazy! Your captions on those pictures are the best!!
    Love you all!


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