Sunday, October 11, 2009

Menu Monday

OK, so today I realized I am always off on days of bloggy things-i.e. Menu Monday I do on Sunday. Weight Watchers Wednesday I have been doing on Thursday. I am going to go to Wednesday meetings once I go back to work, so we'll change it up then. Oh well, at least I'm doing it! So, without further adieu, Menu Monday, a tradition started by Mrs. Newlywed.

BTW, we are having a major replay of last week's food because it was SO GOOD!

Sunday-filet Mignon, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes
Monday-asparagus pasta with toasted pecans, salad
Tuesday-fat free hot dogs, baked lays, steamed veggies
Wednesday-rigatoni with grilled vegetables, salad
Thursday-salmon with roasted potatoes and steamed veggies
Friday-steak fajitas with fresh Chili's salsa
Saturday-the Goodwins are coming over for steaks, grilled asparagus, and twice baked potatoes! *saving points for this one! L.A.G. will bring some delish app or dessert (or both, knowing her! :D) Copious amounts of wine WILL be consumed.

My roasted potatoes are just new potatoes cut up and tossed in EVOO, fresh rosemary, Kosher salt, red pepper flakes, and freshly ground pepper. I cook them on about 400 for at least 30 minutes-the crisper the better!
My steamed veggies are frozen broccoli, fresh carrots, squash and snow peas-tossed in the steamer for about 13 minutes. We use the nasty spray butter on top-it's probably cancerous-I hate it.

Hope you have all had a fun weekend-we haven't done much except cry about Auburn's pitiful loss! I've been trying to clean up a little and have some "me" time since hubs is on baby duty. That's laughable! I have gone jogging at 10:00 the past two nights-but Emma has gone to bed around 8 pm, so that's FAB! I am going to do a 5K with Emma and hubs on November 7th-yikes a mil! Why am I worried about 3.1 miles? Puh-lease. But maybe cause it's at 8 am and I'm using my friend's jogging stroller. Hmm, need to get a grip. I NEED a good playlist-send me suggestions please. I also NEED to work on not singing aloud while jogging. :D

Also, I need for some of my bloggy lovelies to give me some posts-my google reader has been a bit sparse as of late-what's going on with folks??


  1. Mmm, I love roasted potatoes! Yours sound yummy. Cute blog!

    Oh and Menu Plan Monday was actually started by Laura at Organizing Junkie. Just an FYI! Her site is:

  2. How are the Fat Free Hot Dogs?
    I ran in the Race for Cure 5K this past weekend.
    Please tell Laura to cook some of these items..
    She is really good at eating Ramen Noodles daily..

  3. Good work out songs:
    Rihannna - Please Dont Stop the Music
    Jai Ho
    Prodigy - Breathe. Smack my *up
    BEP - Pump It, Dum Diddy,
    Kat Deluna - Whine up
    Sean Paul - So fine
    Lady Gaga
    Hilary Duff - with love
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll

    Also you need to downloadt the Nike + thing stat


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