Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two Month Doctor Visit

Okay, so today little Miss Chunk Nugget Emma went for her two month doctor visit. You know the drill: weight, measurement, check-up with doc, and SHOTS. You all remember my post on vaccinations, right? :D Well, we ARE splitting them, and today she got 2 shots-DTaP and HIB. She will go back in one month for her Pc and Rotavirus. We are not doing polio.

Statistics at two months:
Weight: 10 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 23 in (75th percentile) She will be tall like her rentals
Head Circumference: 37.6 inches maybe? (25th percentile)
So, it looks like she will be average weight, tall, with a tiny head. Awesome.

So, check out these shots pictures of Miss Lulu Bell.

Posing with Mommy before the drama

And daddy-he never appears in photos-this is a big deal!

Getting my dome measured

Getting weighed-and SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!

And-still screaming.

Hello-I am happy now.

Dr. C listening to my heart.

Dr. C doing something-ears maybe??

Preparing for shot #1

Shot #1-yowza!

Shot #2-I hate you mommy!

So, there ya' go-Emma's just moving right along!


  1. Poor baby! There is nothing worse that seeing a baby have to get shots :( Glad she's doing good.

  2. You guys are such a cute little family! And I swear, those last few pictures, when Emma is moving her hands around, I thought she was going to stick her finger at you! I hope she's feeling better and not too achy from the shots!

  3. She looks like you.......I love that picture with you holding her...You look like you have that first time mom glow!!!!

  4. These are great pictures and a great post! Please make your facebook profile pic change to that 1st pic on this post! I lurve it

  5. I am not looking forward to the first 2 mo visit. I don't want to see her get those shots. Eek!

  6. You guys are looking great! Hope to see you soon


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