Friday, October 23, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Sorry this is sooo late! I went to my WW meeting on Thursday, and I am down 2 whole pounds! That means I have now lost 3.8 pounds since joining WW. I was doing WW on my own before joining, so I have lost 8 pounds overall. Once I am down to my "desired" weight, I will share numbers with you! I was feeling really good at the meeting last night! My leader last week at WW was talking about how sometimes you should switch up your eating habits. Every day I eat a Quaker reduced calorie granola bar for breakfast, and a Campbell's select light soup (Italian vegetable-yummy!). This week I have changed it up and had cottage cheese one morning, yogurt another, and have had other things like Hillshire Farms ham slices and WW string cheese for lunch. I'm glad it worked! I also forgot about my Smart Ones frozen meals in the boob milk freezer (in our garage) and I ate one of those yesterday with an orange. So, it's been going well! No exercising tonight though-it's pouring outside, and I'm in no mood to take myself to the gym at 9:15. Tomorrow morning is Group Cyntergy (yoga+pilates) so I will do that and then jog for about 30 minutes. How did you all do this week?
For Menu Monday (that I post on Sunday) I got a new cookbook from BJ's (wholesale club) called Cook Yourself Thin. It's got lots of great looking, low cal recipes that we may be trying this week.
By the way, does anyone have the Taco Soup recipe for WW??

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  1. I have A taco soup recipe, I don't think it's the WW one, but I can check my cookbook and get back to you!


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