Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Monday and Other Stuff

FOR THE LOVE! I have had the most craptastic day ever. Let me recap:

*First of all, I woke up at 6:00 to pump, and my boobs made NOTHING-like seriously y'all, they made 15 CC's in ALL! I'm all crying and freaking out-how am I going to feed my kid? Husband is like, "Dude, call the doctor and shut it." The end.

*Emma and I go back to sleep until 9:00, when the phone rings. It's the GYM MANAGER. We chat for a bit, and I tell him everything about trainer X. He is not happy. He offers me a free training session with another trainer whenever I want. I figure I will do this to reevaluate my progress after using bitch trainer's trainer X's workout. Special thanks to Brittany at Living in the Moment for all of her advice. I used her terminology and such to bring a strong front to the manager. He was listening big time! After I hang up with him, my OB calls me back to talk about my boobs. Basically, this can happen, and he gave me a Rx for Reglan-a milk stimulating drug that does other stuff too. So, I went and got that, and we will see if it helps. If not, there is really nothing else I can do.

*Emma has been fussy ALL.DAY.LONG. And, she hasn't had one freaking nap either.

*My laptop freaking died today! I am currently on husband's work laptop. Y'all, my laptop and I are thisclose. I've only had it for two years. It was a Dell. RIP. It is gone and dead-basically the screen crapped out. I schlepped myself, the computer, the kid, the sling, and about 293 other things to the Best Buy for Geek Squad assistance. They took one look and said, "The screen is crapped out-it will cost about 700$ to fix." I had already talked to husband earlier and he said to just do what I needed to do. So, I conferred with an associate and got myself a sweet HP Pavilion laptop with all kinds of good stuff. (LG, don't even tell me the evils of a PC-I am never going Mac :D) I am very happy with the purchase. Unfortch, I will have to pick it up tomorrow afternoon-Geek Squad has to back-up all of my crap from the old one and reload it onto the new one. Hello picasa albums, iTunes, millions of documents, etc. The ironic thing is, on my Christmas list was a Seagate external hard drive for back up. That will still be purchased for Christmas. I am sooo thankful that they can get everything off the old one, and that my hubby let me bust out the AmEx for this immediate purchase! I must have my laptop! We have an old desktop that I bought in 2000, but you can just IMAGINE what kind of speed that thing runs on. Before husband got home from work, I tried to load my WW points in for the day and it took over 30 minutes!

*Did I mention Emma didn't take ANY naps? And she didn't want me to put her down at all. Lovely.

*A lost Beagle has been harassing my fence/dogs/house all day. I finally went outside to check its collar-it has a green box thing on there-like a underground fence thingy. NO name or contacts. I left a bowl of food out for it. Constant barking from my dogs all day.

*The end of the craptastic day-I am about to pass out!

(I also fully expect some love for my hane day. Leave me some love!) :D

Now for Menu Monday, a tradition started by Mrs. Newlywed. I have a menu to go through November 6th because this weekend is Emma's baptism and the week after I will be full timing it at work, so I've got to be prepared ahead of time. Enjoy, and remember to email or comment if you would like a recipe.

Monday-homemade veggie pizza, steamed edamame
Tuesday-grilled chicken, broccoli, yellow rice
Wednesday-spaghetti with green beans and a salad
Thursday-leftover Santa Fe soup, Mexican cornbread
Friday (everyone comes in town for the baptism-all 8 of us together-yikes.)-sandwiches, fruit, chips
Saturday-ribs and chicken, coleslaw, baked beans, macaroni and cheese (ALL HOMEMADE)
Sunday Lunch-chicken salad, pimiento cheese, croissants, chips, veggies and dip, deli meats, homemade brownies (served buffet style after the baptism)
Sunday dinner (my sissy and bro are staying the night!)-NY strips, twice baked potatoes, salad


Week after: November 2-6
Monday-sesame cilantro chicken and rice salad, broccoli, squash
Tuesday-Leslie's jambalaya pasta, salad
Wednesday (Mass Night)-spicy bean and cheese burritos, chips and salsa
Thursday-baked tomato spaghetti, green beans, salad
Friday- poppy seed chicken, broccoli
Saturday-filets, roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus
Sunday-rigatoni with grilled veggies, salad

I really would look these recipes up online and link them, but my eyelids are about to freaking collapse.

Love to you all!


  1. I don't know that I have ever heard the word "crapastic"! Sounds good though! Sorry for the crappy day angel. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
    We won't be coming until Saturday a.m. along with all the Talladega traffic (YUK). Hope you get all your sh*t together by then!!
    Just kidding and I love you tons (and your little angel Emma too)!

  2. YAy! I'm glad you have that gym manager what for! Glad I could help! Any time!

  3. You are one busy mama! I hope your boob juice starts a'flowing and that Emma takes a nap today! And I am super-proud of how you handled the gym-beyotch, totally not cool!

    I will send you an email soon, I miss talking to you! xoxo

  4. I am sorry to hear your boobs are slowing down.. I hope your Rx helps! I will be sending you good boob vibes through the universe.. Sounds like you have been super busy! We have been dealing with our little munchkin having problems napping lately too... and if she doesn't get her naps in, she is soooooo crabby!!!!

  5. Sounds stinky...PS--I miss you and your blogs. Don't tell me you're busy with things like going back to work, pumping, baby, dogs, husband, etc.!! :-) Anyway, I have some advice about your boob juice because I went through the same thing when Braya was just over 3 months--totally scary and stressful if your heart is set on nursing like mine was. It also happened around the time I started working out again hardcore. So I did massive research. You've gotta assess several things: Are you still getting all the extra calories needed for nursing? Are you getting sleep when and wherever you can (I was bad at this )?? Are you drinking tons of water (I was also bad at this)?? Are you stressed?? So if any of these things aren't in order, it can affect your production. I started pumping like a mad woman (although it definitely makes it harder for you since you're teaching). I also pumped beyond the time when no more milk was coming so my boobs told my brain that it needed to produce more. It's totally annoying--don't get me wrong, but see what you can do about it. Even if you ask a teacher to watch your class for a few minutes (beyond the times you've normally scheduled to pump), the more you're stimulated..the more you'll get. Keep doing it, even if nothing is coming out. You won't have to keep up this routine, but just enough to get yourself back in order. There's also some herbs and teas out there that I bought (ie. Mother's Milk and fennel). I never ended up using them then because I fixed my problem by slowing down my workout efforts (or at least being more gradual), sleeping, water, pumping, etc. I'm slowing down again because I'm not drinking, eating, sleeping like I should. SO I've officially tried the Mother's Milk...we'll see. Sorry so long. I just know how stressed I was when my tatas weren't juicing, and that makes the problem worse. Good luck, girlie.


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