Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions?? Answered!

You asked, I answered! :D

One trip, no matter how long or how much, where would you want to go & why?

Europe, definitely! I have always wanted to travel out of the United States, and I am especially fascinated with world history. I would LOVE to leave Emma with the grandparents and just J and I fly to Europe for two weeks (minimum). We could go all over-Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, and Ireland. I puffy pink heart Europe and know that we WILL get there one day!

What is your most favorite Emma moment?

I have two: when I walk in her room after a nap or in the morning and she says, “Hey!” Also, I love when she says, “My momma.” Heart melter.

Do you think you'll always be a teacher?
I do think I will always be a teacher. I am planning on staying at home after this year for at least 4 years. I think when I do go back, it will most likely be at a private Christian school. I do love teaching and work, but feel like now I need to invest and spend time with my child(ren). I would love to stay at home until they graduate, because it is really important to me to be involved in their academic lives as they grow too. I want to be able to volunteer in their classroom, be room mom, and do other fun/interesting/cool things with them. However, we will have to see where the finances lead us.

What happened to Sunday Sayings? I miss trying to guess them.
Well Cas, I only had about 3 people participating. I may try to bring back Sunday sayings soon-just for you! :D

What book are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult-I will most likely be finished with this book by the time this post is published. And, I will need to be doing a “Book Review” post soon! Lots of good reading going on lately!

Am I the only male blogger you know?

Yes Cas, you are the ONLY male blogger I know/talk to. You are super special!
What is your best blogging moment?
Hmmm, best blogging moment: probably when I got to the emailing “stage” with some girls and we began to talk practically every day. :D Also, when people stop by and say things nice like, “I love your blog,” “Emma is so cute.” “You tell hilarious stories!” Those things are really meaningful. I think all bloggers are writers, and writers like to feel validated in their writing. It is so much easier for me to be a writer “like this.” I really think ahead and try to line my “story” up so it makes sense and has a beginning, middle, end, or lesson/moral, or just a funny anecdote. I seriously HEART blogging.

When should the next Bloggers Convench convene?

Dude, next month! :D I really wish I had an unlimited budget and could travel around to hang with y’all at any time! As it stands, it’s looking like Thanksgiving or next summer. (Come on G’s side of the family, right b.e.g??)

Where do you score your best shopping deals?
Clothing wise-without a doubt, New York and Company. Old Navy comes in a close second. With all this weight loss business, I have to buy “cheaper” and once I am done with the losing, I will go get some nicer items. However, NY&Co has rockin’ deals/steals/fashionable biz-nass.

What was your worst phase growing up?

Ugh-most awkward was definitely 7th-8th grade. YIKERS! I had a HUGE space between my teeth and had just gotten braces, per my request. My hair was super short-chin length, and I was chunky. It was not a good look, not for anyone. I am pretty sure my mom is laughing her butt off right now imagining my heinous 8th grade picture. If she still has one, I will SCAN IT IN and show you the horror that was late middle school. I am really surprised that husband married me after seeing that phase.

Katie (seriously, one of my first followers! Love ya!) asked if Emma was eating better, and the answer is YES she is! :D She just needs NO distractions and the same schedule day in, day out. If she declines the food or cries/turns her head away, I put it up and give it to her at the next meal. The doctor said she has to learn to eat when food is offered. I also think she was sick with a virus during some of the eating drama. She had diarrhea like 37 times in 4 days. So, yeah……….prob not feeling the milk and baby food. :D

Laura asked when was I coming to Missouri to visit-she said we could play with Gina too! :D Girl, how long of a drive is it??? :D I love her precious daughter “A” and could seriously eat her up-she is one month younger than Emma. Y’all need to go visit both blogs!

I would like to know if you are gonna continue anything like WW in place of the WW Wednesdays? I was counting on you to guide me through this fall and now what will I do?
Yes, I am going to rejoin WW in August-I will start doing WWW again and hopefully help out my friend LG. She seems to think she will have trouble weighing 90 after her kid is born. I’ve known this joker since 1997 and she has always weighed 90 and will probably weigh 90 about 20 minutes after Fenn comes out. :D But, have no fear LG, I will guide you in the WW ways.
Tell us your favorite teacher moment!
Oy vey. Let me think. Okay, it’s a tie between the 5 kids who have told me (and meant it) that I was their favorite teacher-oh so fun-you rock Mrs. Edwards! Also, one year I had a kid who had some issues-he had an IEP and some major social issues-he wasn’t special education, but anyway-no one in the class liked him, he was always getting in trouble for pushing to see how far he could go, etc. I was about to pull my hair out, and then he transferred to another school. He used to write me letters telling me how much he missed me and our class, and how I was so nice to him (I was thinking, “What!!!”) and how I was a great person for helping him make friends. It was seriously so sweet. I think at least once per year I have a “favorite” kid who does things and tells me things that make me know that for all of my meanness (cause y’all, I am super strict) they really DO love me and understand.

When did you realize you'd finally become a "mom?"
Probably when I stopped carrying a purse and started carrying a diaper bag. Or when I spent more time “expressing” my breasts than doing anything else. I’ve always gone to bed at 9:00-so that’s nothing new. Also, because I plan my day around NAPS! :D I also cry when I think of how I only have 17 years left until Emma moves out to go to college and I won’t get to see her sweet face everyday. That really made me cry-and think of my momma. :D

What's your favorite thing to do with Emeline?
Bath time (at this age)! Girlfriend gets DOWN with some baths. She can be in the foulest mood and be super tired, but you put her in that bath tub and give her some toys, and she is fine! It is super cute too!

Ok my question is how to menu plan? I get the general idea but I need recipes! We eat the same thing every single week and I want new things and I also only want to go to the store once a week unless it is for fresh veggies or baby food! Help! I need help making a grocery list that can last us a week.

OK, this one is tricky. The first key to not eating the same thing is to build your recipe arsenal. Now, granted, I have tried and true recipes that we go back to quite frequently. But, I also look in my 3” recipe binder (filled with torn out pages from mags) and see what strikes my/our fancy for the upcoming week. I always menu plan on Friday night/Saturday and do the shopping on Sundays. Cause I work. I try to also plan things that I can get deals on. For example, you can get those big a** packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Wal-Mart for around $10-there are 7 pieces of chicken in there. So, we will have chicken about 3 times that week (or I will freeze some for another time)-just different ways. I.E. grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken salad, and chicken spaghetti. Also, I have to account for what is going on that week. Practically every Wednesday, we have turkey burgers because I have WW and don’t get home until 6:30. I have to immediately feed/bathe/bed Emma. That severely limits our dinner choices. Also, J likes to grill on weekends, so I try to think of things that he can cook/make. I ONLY go to the store once a week-I get all the fresh veggies and whatnot on Sunday. Then I arrange the menu so that the fresher stuff is eaten first-so it doesn’t go bad. We have also become HUGE fans of frozen veggies-like bags of limas and black eyed peas. They take 20-30 minutes to cook (while I’m bathing Emma) and they are just as good as fresh. We eat a lot of salads as sides, so we eat those early in the week-like Sun through Tues. Also, baby food (to answer part of your question) I get 10 for $10 at Publix-that is 20 containers of food. So, I am good for a week there. You can look at my recipe binders when you are here this weekend. :D
Here is a sample menu: (Keep in mind we are both dieting/trying to eat healthy)
Monday-Chicken breast/Frozen veg/Noodle item
Tuesday-Turkey Spaghetti with a side salad
Wednesday-Turkey Burgers with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-Weight Watchers sausage and pepper pasta pot
Friday-Bunless burgers with baked fries and a salad
Saturday-Weight Watchers honey mustard pork chops with wild rice and a frozen veg
Sunday-Southwestern chicken salad with ranch/salsa dressing

I hope the menu thing helps someone! :D

Thanks for the questions!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Sesh

I am not sure what is up with the wonky photo layout. Here is the Looby out in the front yard being "Georgia" without a tee shirt. :D

And to the grandparents, that was pure joy. :D Sorry about the crazy layout-I am thisclose to being over blogger's photo business.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Advice Needed!!!

Okay all you bakerellas: I need your help!

I am planning on making sugar cookies as favors for Emma's first birthday party this weekend. My friend Laura gave me the idea. I am going to make them in the shape of the number one.

My problem is, I don't know HOW to make sugar cookies (cause I'm assuming that I need to do this from scratch) and I don't know HOW to make ICING.

Please explain to me how I can do this. I am used to buying the cookies on a sheet that are ready, all you do is bake.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super hero

This is what happens when you give Emma a box of tissue paper to play with so you can clean out the dining room buffet. Daddy makes her a cape.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is my one year blog-iversary! I have loved every minute of blogging and making friends since my first post!

If you are a "lurker" or a longtime reader, please leave a comment and share something you have liked reading about. Also, please tell me if there is anything you would like to read about in the future. It's not always all about Emma. :D

In the spirit of getting to know you, I am going to open up the floor here and let you all ask me anything. Now, someone (LG, b.e.g, Britt, Life Accounts, sissy, momma, etc) better ask me at least a few questions so I don't look like a struggle.

I have loved "getting to know" all of you and have really made some friends through blogging. I would love to come visit your blogs too-it's hard to go visit blogs through the Followers link, so if you can leave a comment, I will stop by and see your blog and leave you a comment. Man, I'll probably start following you, cause I love to find new blogs to read. It's slowly taking over my life-reading blogs.........

Thanks for all of your support and friendship! Y'all are the best!


Tampa Recap

We flew down to Tampa for a few days last week to visit Aunt Ginger. If you follow me on Facebook, then you read one of my updates on "We have been sitting on our plane since 2:30-our plane is now delayed until 4 cause of weather in Atl. And, we're flying with Emma in a row of 3 with her Benadryl having the OPPOSITE effect it is intended to.....
Good times."

All I'm going to say about that is 1. Fly first class if at all possible, and 2. Give your kid a medicine that will actually make them tired INSTEAD of hyper.

Moving on. The first full day we were in Tampa, we went to Tarpon Springs, a cool little Greek community. Well of course we had to eat. Here is Miss Thing "ordering" her lunch. Lookin' like a little devil in the process. We dined on some incredible appetizers (hummus and fresh pita, along with spanakopita) and main dishes ( gyros, Greek salad, and souvlaki).

Emma decided she needed a ride on a sea turtle.

We walked to Hella's Bakery and ingested some more dessert delicacies (Greek coffee, baklava, and baklava cheesecake). Emma decided/learned how to make the Bride of Chucky face, or
"Chuckina" as we like to call it.

Emma and her great aunt Ginger.

The fam posing-totally Griswold BTW. And, I'll give a War Eagle that to
Uncle Erik face-love those colors!

Emma is finding her inner soul child with this sequined cap.

PS-she is SOOOO anti hairbows, ponytails, and hats right now. Is this normal?? Has anyone else had this issue with their kid? I swear, if she isn't in a dress, girlfriend could pass for a boyfriend since she won't let me "do" her hair.

The next day we went to Rick's on the River in Tampa and put down some grouper. Here is the youngster atop her daddy's shoulders. She loves this (and so does he.........)

Mommy and her girl.

After lunch, we went to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. Which was totally rad. They have a water fountain splash park thingy and we got Emma wet before and after our visit since it was at least 112 degrees. I may have lost 3 pounds that day. And then found it that night at dinner.

Cooling off. (I totally would have worn my bathing suit and partied with her IF I didn't think it may be a tad inapprope for an adult to be frolicking in the kiddie fountain.)

Dude, I got to feed the giraffes. I am so in love with giraffes. They rock. But, I did feel kind of guilty, cause you know everyone wants to feed them and they probably have a horrible diet with all those snackles.

Awesome, beautiful elephant. They had a little Savannah to frolic on.

Finally some cool shelter. We went into the manatee rescue center. It was so sad-the manatees had all these really deep cuts and issues from getting hurt in FL waters.

On most days, we partied in Aunt Gin's pool-she has a pool with one of those screen house things. Rad. Here is Emma doing her version of senior pictures. This is her "serious" pose.

And, show me funny.

Screened in porch thingy-which had pineapples growing in it. I totally forgot to take a picture, but it was so super cool. Click here if you want to see exactly what it looks like.

And, Emma took lots of baths in Aunt Gin's deep tub.
This was a bubble bath after our exhausting day at the zoo.

The End.
We had such a good time. Thanks for having us Aunt Ginger! We will have to go back for more, but I promise you, we will either fly first class or we will buy Emma her own seat. Or I will fly separately. :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Randomosity

I have lots of jumbles floating around that need to come out.

*Emma likes to unplug husband's alarm clock/sound machine and walk around our bedroom with it. Today, she did so and walked into what I "assumed" was the master closet. I was folding clothes on the bed. I didn't hear anything and I went to find her, only to discover that she was in the toilet room. She had put the clock in the open toilet, fished it out, dropped it on the tile, and was proceeding to do it again. Note to self: close toilet lids and don't leave the kid unattended. We made a trip to Target to score el cheapo replacement (not nearly as cool).

*My blog sale is not getting any a lot of hits. I am curious: is it the price, the size, or are the dresses just ugly?? Let me know. I am very willing to go down in price. In fact, I will now mark ALL the dresses down to 10$ and still do 5$ shipping. Sister, if you want the dress, you shall pay for it. :D Otherwise, I am going to sell them to Plato's Closet. But I really want to give y'all the option first. :D

*Our wireless is not working and I am chained to our office desk in order to plug in the laptop. I guess that is the point of our "office/dog nursery."

*I scored some really cute dresses for Emma at Target today. I am too lazy to take pics/find pics online, so you will have to wait until she actually wears them. I also got her a rad romper from back in the day.

*T Minus 12 days till Emma's birthday party. Yikers.

*T Minus 17 days till school Open House (8-5) and first day (8-9) and all that junk. Blech.

*That is all. I guess in all the time I just spent on a randomosity post, I could've actually loaded the Tampa trip pics or written a decent post on our vacay.................

I'm Baaaaaaack.................

Hey everyone!

We got back from Tampa late last night after a long delay on the tarmac with an almost one year old.

Yeah, I'll fill you in on flying with a baby and our trip soon.

But, for now, I have LOTS to do and to get ready for-I am leaving for Birmingham tomorrow.

Please say some prayers for my family. My grandfather passed away Sunday afternoon after 90 years of being awesome. Seriously, he was the most intelligent person I know, and super funny too! I will miss you Grandpa!

We are jetting over there, attending the funeral, then driving back to Atlanta because I have to work.

So, I will be back, I have been reading blogs while on vacay, but haven't commented on a single one. Not only because I was in a hurry to read while Emma slept, but because blogger's word verification dealy was acting up. Whatev.

I'll catch you all up later!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can I just say......

We have been loving frozen veggies from Publix lately! Seriously, my cooking has been out of control for the past two weeks. And, by out of control, I mean we have been eating either a Lean Cuisine or a Smart Ones, coupled with a frozen veg. (And don't even tell me about the sodium and other crapola in these meals). I have no desire to cook right now, and we are trying to shed some of these vacay pounds we have picked up. Namely, me and my 6 friends pounds.

However, these bags of Publix veggies have been right on. I am learning how to make veggies like my mom-in that they don't taste like cardboard. I have actually purchased a HAM HOCK in the past week and actually USED IT. Oh yeah, the collards and black eyed peas made with said ham hock were rockin.

Our collards were chopped-this was a stock image.

And our butter beans were frozen, not organically bagged and dry. :D

Seriously, between husband and I, we eat the entire bag of veggies. And would keep eating more if we had them. I guess this is a "good" problem to have.......
On another note, we are leaving for Tampa on Wednesday for a family visit, so posting will be sparse. As will commenting. C'est la vie ladies, c'est la vie.
Love to all!
Don't forget about my blog sale going on now!