Friday, July 2, 2010

Eleven Months!

On the actual fourth of July, your eleven month birthday.
Taken in the hotel bathroom :D

Taken in Bham at Nonnie's house-you had to look cute for the "real" photoshoot

Dear Emma,

Well, the months are flying by now! You are almost one year old! I am busy planning your first birthday party, but let's see what you have been up to lately:

-You have four (almost five) teeth. The three on top are slowly coming in. The two on bottom are all scromply and cute.

-You are officially on strike with your eating. Mommy is trying to take everyone's advice and not wig out, but it's hard! I just want to make sure you are eating enough and being healthy. You do love the mish mash (food in a squeeze pouch) and you are working on using your sippy cup.

-You just went to your first family reunion. You are going through a little bit of separation anxiety. Every time I leave a room you cry. Yikes.......

-You went to the beach last month and loved it! You especially liked digging in the sand!

-You still LOVE the water-beach, pool, bathtub, it doesn't matter. You kind of get mad when it's time to get out.

-You weigh about 19-20 pounds and are wearing 12 month clothing. You still wear a size 3 diaper, and probably will for awhile.

-You are not really into toys. You want other things like spoons, anything electronic, books, tupperware, etc. When I try to unload the dishwasher, you want to get in it and "help."

-You are a full on walker! You started about two weeks ago. It is crazy now. Mommy can't even go to the bathroom alone anymore.

-You also have two pairs of shoes that you wear everyday, and it is so cute to see you look at them, try to eat them, and try to take them off.

-You seem to not be sleeping as well anymore. Don't get me wrong, you are a GREAT sleeper, but you are waking up earlier each day.

-You still adore your lovey and binky. I'm not even going to try to get you to give those up!

You are such a good girl, and getting to be so independent and grown up! I am so proud of all the new things you are doing! You are such a smart girl.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl! Happy eleven months!


  1. This face is just so precious! It makes me want to smother her in baby smooches!!!

    Happy 11 months - can't wait to see what a full year holds.

  2. Emeline, I could just eat you up! You are so precious, ACTIVE, and persnickitty (word?)! I love you little angel!

    P.S. I can't wait for you and Scarlet to really play together!

  3. uh, yea, that was Nonnie writing, not your mother!

  4. yes, your grandmother is an idiot where computers are concerned!~ But all I said was true even if it is under your mother's name!

  5. She is such a doll! She is going to be 1 before you know it!

  6. She is so adorable! Happy 11 months to you both :)

  7. Persnicketty is totes an apropos adjective! Yay for underused words, Emmas Nonnie!

    She is so presh, Sus!

  8. Ok, seriously, you are so stinkin' organized! You thought ahead and printed and brought her 11 mo. sign? You rock.

    She is adorable. I can't believe she's walking. Little Bit is close, but not quite there yet.

  9. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe she is walking! The munchkin is right behind her. She is cruising now... but not quite up to walking yet. I am sure she will start any time soon. I can't believe how fast everything is going... its so crazy!


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