Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Blogs!

Who doesn't love discovering a fun, new bloggle to read? I know I do! And, after my Charleston girl's trip, I came home armed with several new blogs to stalk read.

Check out my blogroll on the sidebar to go visit these new finds. That's code for, "I'm too lazy to link up 12 new blogs."

My latest addictions:

A blonde walks into a blog....

All American Jess

Big Mama

Confessions of the Young and Married

Happy Holders (IRL friend!)

Lessons in Light and Life

Life of a Busy Wife

Loves of Life (has a baby named Emeline too!)

Magnolias, Marriage, and Manhattan

Namaste by Day

The Diary of a Crazy Wife*

The Glamorous Life of a Housewife

Check some of these lovelies out today-they are guilty indulgences for sure! :D

I'll be back soon to update you on our family reunion and fourth pictures!


  1. how fun! I love finding new blogs!

  2. I love new ones! Thank you for the recommendations. :)

    I sometimes feel guilty when I find new ones that I love b/c when I get super busy (like now with work/life) I don't comment as much. And then I get overwhelmed that I'm not commenting as much & they pile up in my Reader.


    I'll be checking them out.

  3. I knew you'd love Big Mama! She's hysterical, isn't she?

  4. I will stop by some of these tonight. I love finding new great blogs!


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