Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Randomosity

I have lots of jumbles floating around that need to come out.

*Emma likes to unplug husband's alarm clock/sound machine and walk around our bedroom with it. Today, she did so and walked into what I "assumed" was the master closet. I was folding clothes on the bed. I didn't hear anything and I went to find her, only to discover that she was in the toilet room. She had put the clock in the open toilet, fished it out, dropped it on the tile, and was proceeding to do it again. Note to self: close toilet lids and don't leave the kid unattended. We made a trip to Target to score el cheapo replacement (not nearly as cool).

*My blog sale is not getting any a lot of hits. I am curious: is it the price, the size, or are the dresses just ugly?? Let me know. I am very willing to go down in price. In fact, I will now mark ALL the dresses down to 10$ and still do 5$ shipping. Sister, if you want the dress, you shall pay for it. :D Otherwise, I am going to sell them to Plato's Closet. But I really want to give y'all the option first. :D

*Our wireless is not working and I am chained to our office desk in order to plug in the laptop. I guess that is the point of our "office/dog nursery."

*I scored some really cute dresses for Emma at Target today. I am too lazy to take pics/find pics online, so you will have to wait until she actually wears them. I also got her a rad romper from back in the day.

*T Minus 12 days till Emma's birthday party. Yikers.

*T Minus 17 days till school Open House (8-5) and first day (8-9) and all that junk. Blech.

*That is all. I guess in all the time I just spent on a randomosity post, I could've actually loaded the Tampa trip pics or written a decent post on our vacay.................


  1. Damn Emma girl, calm down with the electronics, you know Aunt Laura will be quick to buy you an iSomething once you're old enough! :)

    I cannot believe that she's almost a year old...I first started following you when she was like, a month old?!

    T minus 17 days on your last year, yes!!


  2. Love the toilet story - hilarious, although I'm sure it was verrrryyy frustrating!

    I love all the dresses you have for sale - seems like you and I have similar taste! Unfortunately, we are not the same size. :-( I hope you get more requests for them!

  3. L unplugged B's alarm clock the other day!

    I thought your dresses were super cute. If they would fit me, I'd totally have you hook me up!

  4. I agree on the dresses. If they would fit me I would have swiped them all up!

  5. Emma is such a curious almost one year old!
    Sorry to hear about your Grandpa!
    Your family is in my thoughts!

  6. you're a school teacher? very cool. my mom is one too!

  7. Emma learned a hands on lesson today. At least it was unplugged right?

    I love Target, they have inexpensive adorable clothing that you do not have to freak out about if the kids spill on themselves.

  8. I'm sure sure Em got an ear-full when you caught her, but honestly, I couldn't help but laugh out load at the thought. Hysterical!

    And, seriously, 17 days? Where did the summer go?

  9. The pictures you put up for the blog sale suck. I am certain that is the problem! I learned that lesson from ebay.

    BTW I ordered Emma a birthdat present but it may be late... due to customization. Hope you/she likes it! ha

  10. I have been so bad about reading blogs and updating our blog this summer. It was nice to catch up with you on your blog. I cannot believe Emma is almost one.....what in the goes by way too fast!!! Girl....we didn't even get together this summer....we are going to have to get together this fall or else!!!

  11. 12 days till her party!!! Oh my gosh I bet you are excited. We still have almost 2 months and I am already pumped. I just can't believe our babies are growing up so fast. It's crazy!

  12. Hi! Stopping by your blog and noticed you have MY blog linked! That's so nice of you and such a fun way to begin my boring Wednesday, lol. Your daughter is SO CUTE! I want to pinch those little cheeks :o)

  13. haha, I got a good laugh out of the alarm clock story, at least it wasn't his wedding ring! ;)

    As for the blog sale, its the wrong sizes for me, otherwise I would definitely have snatched them up! I can't believe school is getting ready to start back up!


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