Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dude, hiatus much?

I am still here, alive and well! I cannot really post right now, but will soon! I am a heinous friend for not wishing you all a Merry Christmas, but at least I got one in on time for Happy New Year!

I am SUPER overwhelmed right now-just got back to Georgia, unpacking the car, gifts, putting up decorations, maids were just here, I've already trashed the house, laundry, life, etc!!!!!!!!!!!

I go back to work on Monday for a teacher workday, and husband has to work on SUNDAY-ugh! No daycare and I have 4 sets of writing to grade (still!)

I am trying to take a deep breath and just get over it all. Husband informed me last night that I have been in a slump and just moping around and "overwhelmed" for the past month. That was nice to know. Hmmmm, what is my deal?

I need to take some time to get things accomplished, then I will do a real post with lots of pictures!

I have set new WW goals and have to get back to planning menus and going grocery shopping. I also MUST do some workouts-but that is also by the wayside. RAH!

But, for right now, I'm not reading google reader or posting. I'm loving on Emma and trying to get shit done. Is this just a mommy thing that we go through? I did this before kids, but it didn't seem as bad or intense. Just that nagging feeling of not getting even the basics done. And I really haven't been on the computer either-I was feeling like I was neglecting you all and I miss our daily convos!

PS-like 18 people I know are pregnant right now! I am so excited for you all! Anyone else want to share some news??

I will be back soon! Don't give up on me! :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, you may have noticed that I didn't post WWW last week-it's because I gained 0.4 pounds and was pissy and embarrassed. So, today I went to WW while at the in laws house out of town. My leader assured me that we could go to any meetings anywhere. So I woke myself up got up at the crack with Emma and got ready for a morning meeting. I was slightly excited at the prospect of weighing in in the morning-usually I weigh in at 5:30. I was a little nervous, even though I've been tracking and exercising (hey, twice in one week counts!) :D

Well, the leader gave me some flak, but I stood strong and informed her that I would not be paying since I had a monthly pass, and to kindly weigh me so I could be on my merry, shopping to be done way.

I am down 2.6 pounds! I am very proud and excited. I lost another point since I went down a weight class! Ha! I was really excited yesterday to have to buy a smaller size of jeans-the old ones were redic. I have eaten Subway about four times in the last week-a 6" ham on wheat with loads of veggies and the fat free chips is like 6 points! I've also been eating several "real" salads (like with chicken on them) at restaurants. I am holding strong and on Friday, i will have two "dinners" to eat. I am planning on doing things just like Thanksgiving-eat what I want on one plate, then be done. I am still tracking this week. It's hard to know the exact amount of points in some foods since I'm not cooking, but I'm doing my best.

Hubby said he is joining up with me after Christmas too. I tried to get him on before hand, but it's not happening. I think he will get pretty into it too (super competitive).

Anyway, enough about that, tell me how you all did! Let's lose some lbs before the Feastivus!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Check it out now....

It's a funk show brother-sorry, what? I love that song-it reminds me of the movie with "Taylor Vaughn" and all those girls, I think it's called She's All That-with Rachel Leigh Cook in it or something.

Anyway, I want you to check out Mrs. Potts and her awesome giveaway, and OK, I guess you should enter it, cause it's pretty awesome people! So, go check out the giveaway and be sure to tell her that I sent you!


Hopefully I'll get a post with some substance sometime before the New Year. But don't hold your breath. :D

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Okay, I am about to just lay it out there. I need a bit of a pit-ay par-tay. I also need some advice or comments on how to get out of a friggin funk-I have been a slack ass with no motivation today. I have so much to do. So please tell me how you get out of your funky ass moods and how you get your motivation back. Puh-lease.

Allow me to make a list of all the shit I have to do (it helps my OCD ness):


*Tidy up the house


*Finish wrapping presents

*Pack all of our crap for the trip home

*Make a list of what to pack for the trip home


*Go through Emma's clothes and pack up 0-3 months, and get out the 3-6 months

*More shit, I just can't think of it all right now because I have been up since 7.

I don't know why I'm tired, I practically haven't done shit all day. I had such big plans to get about half of that list accomplished today, but alas, somehow we didn't leave the house until about 1:00. We went to lunch at Chili's, hit up Babies R Us, and Home Depot. Last minute shopping and daily life stuff. And I've been stalking blogs, doing google reader, and checking email for the last 3 hours. I need a freaking time management class. This is why I am up till 11 and tired in the AM. For the love Susannah, get a grip. Ugh.

Okay, I feel slightly better. I have a plan for tomorrow.

My Plan:

*Get up at 7:30 (if Emma sleeps that late) and go to the gym

*Go get the mani/pedi/wax

*Finish laundry

*Make list for out of town

*Finish wrapping gifts

*Call maids to reschedule

I won't have to do a menu or grocery shopping since we are going out of town. That is so nice. So, my crap is all on the table. Somehow I feel better after having purged my BS lists and feelings on the topic.

Good Day Sir. And good night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Plans

So, right now I am snuggled up all warm and cocoon-like on the couch. I'm wearing my super soft gray maternity sleep pants (don't judge) and a tissue tee from Gap. I'm soooo comfy and blissed out right now. We just ate spicy jambalaya and I had a WW cookies and cream ice cream bar. It was the last day of school today. Thank the sweet 8 lb 12 oz baby Jesus. I need a freaking break from school, plans, work, kids, routine, etc. Tonight we are watching the newly acquired Hangover for hubby's birthday, which is tomorrow night.

This weekend we don't have much on tap. The doggles have to go get their shots tomorrow morning, then I plan on going to the gym for at least an hour. I only went once this week. This was the week from hell as far as trying to get stuff done. I had tons of errands to run. I also need to finish up shopping and wrapping this weekend. We are leaving Tuesday for sweet home Alabama for all of the Christmas festivities.

On Monday we are planning to go to the mall and have Emma's picture made with Santa. Let's just say the last venture equaled about 3 hours in wait time. So, hello weekday. We are also packing like mad and getting our cars ready for the trip. We have to take two cars since we have 400 lbs of baby shit and personal shit and 2 giant dogs.

I can't wait to see the family and friends in Alabama. I already have lunch dates and shopping trips planned! Yay! Lots of posting and pics will ensue on the trip-I will have 2 nannies-aka grandmas taking care of Miss Emma.

I hope you all have lots of plans and fun in store for the upcoming holidays! What are you most excited about?

Sunday Sayings

Okay, it's been awhile since my last "real" post, and I'm no closer to sitting down and writing a real one, but bear with me.

Rules are the same, and we haven't had a winner in awhile, so..... guess away. Identify the characters/actors and what movie the following quote comes from.

Character 1: The 3rd floor?
Character 2: Go.
Character 1: It's scary up there.
Character 2: Don't be silly, Fuller will be up in a little while.
Character 1: I don't want to sleep with him. You know about him, he wets the bed. He'll pee all over me, I know it.
Character 2: [looking disgusted] Fine, we'll put him somewhere else.

I know I will have an answer within thirty minutes of posting this. My ALL.TIME.FAVE. So, give me your best guess.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well hello there fine people! Monday is over, thank goodness! Only four more days until schoolz out and I can have a winter break! Aghhhahhhhghghgh! (That was the angels singing for me!) ;D

Anyway, I have been lax in posting about two awards I received, so let's do it! I love awards, love getting recognized in bloggy land, and think it's only good and right to re post and share the love with my other BFF's!

So, first up we have the Honest Scrap award from my IRL friend Adventures of a First Time Mommy! Thanks girl, love it and you! Let's have lunch and a walk/play date soon!

In order to accept this award, I need to come up with 10 honest things about myself....yikes a million-some of these may be TMI, said honest. :D

1. I don't always wash my makeup off. I know, it's awful for my skin, but sometimes I am so tired, I just say, "Screw it."

2. I clip my toenails in bed, but pick up each clipping and put it on the night table so they don't go in my bed or on the floor. Sick, I know. But it's the only way I can maneuver my feet up that close to my face to see.

3. I cannot leave school on Friday until I have planned and copied every last detail for the upcoming week.

4. I cannot go to bed until the kitchen is practically spotless (although, during pregnancy I could and did leave dishes in the sink overnight!)

5. I go to the bathroom (tee tee) at least two times before flushing if no one else is in the house. (What, I'm trying to be eco-conscious!)

6. I feel guilty if I don't go to church on Sundays.

7. I drink two diet cokes per day.

8. I feel guilty if I don't track my WW points-which mainly is on the weekends-I "track" in my head.

9. Likewise, I feel guilty if I eat something I don't know the points of, because it's probably not good for me.

10. I can go all weekend without showering if I'm not going out with people-and I'm not grossed out.

Do you all still love me?

Now, I want to give this to all of my followers and readers! You all make me smile, and I want to know more about you all! Please post the award and tell me ten honest things about yourself!

Next, the Happy 101 blog award! This is from Brittany at Living in the Moment! This award is for blogs that make you smile, and it has two requirements:

1. List 10 things that make you happy
2. List 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

1. Diet cokes and wine

2. My hubby, daughter, and whole family!

3. Maids

4. My dogs (most of the time)

5 My friends IRL and in blog land

6. Couponing

7. Making lists and crossing things off (OCD much?)

8. Having email "conversations" with friends (right, b.e.g.? :D)

9. Going to church

10. When people guess the Sunday Saying!

Now, these people make me happy, but unfortch, I cannot link up to all of them because I am sooooo tired and have a baby to care for (J/K-she is just my excuse :D) But really, all of these fab ladies are found on my blogroll to the right-check em out now.

Mrs. Potts at Experiments in a Galley Kitchen

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Girl

Buford Betty

Bridget at Don't Blink

For the Love

Leslie at Lamberts Lately

Jen at Should be Cleaning

Mrs. Classic at Simple yet Classic

Miss Sweet Tea at Sweet Tea Diaries

Ladies, keep the hits coming! Sorry for the lame non link up, but I adore you all nonetheless! Now, I expect to see some award posts in my Google Reader soon ladies. :D


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Menu Monday

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, at least here in Georgia. It's sleeting as I type this. And it was sleeting while I made my menu this chilly Sunday night. So, that leads to me making a warm, comforting menu for the upcoming week! It's gonna be a doozy too! Last week of school, grades getting ready to be due, kids on crack crazy, etc.

So, have a go at this. I did enter these into my WW online to get the points value, and my chili is 4 points per serving, and the potato soup is 6 points. That's good! As always, recipes upon request. Happy (still) weekend!

Monday-Chili with baked Tostitos and a side of broccoli
Tuesday-Mom's shrimp creole with salad
Wednesday-(WW meeting night) Leftover chili
Thursday-Potato soup with cheese toast and a side of broccoli
Friday-Jambalaya (box style) with salad
Saturday-Hubby's birthday-out to eat!
Sunday-Baked lemon pasta with salad
Monday-out to eat! Emma is getting her picture made with Santa at the mall. (Yikes!)

What are you all eating this week? Do share! Leave a link in the comments so we can all see-I would love to do a McLinky. Anyone know how or want to start that up? :D Tell me and I'll do it!

Sunday Sayings

It's that time again! In case you are unfamiliar with the rules, identify the characters and movie that this quote is from. :D It's a classic folks!

Character 1: What are you looking at?

Character 2: Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn... the clean, cool chill of the holiday air... an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer...

It's an easy one, I know. But humor me. It's one of my favorite movies. And it's fitting for the season too!

Good Luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Okay people, the winner of my 100th post giveaway of a $25 Target giftcard is.....

Shaina from Post Smith! Yay Shaina! I don't know how to copy and paste the actual random number generator, so you'll just have to take my word for it! The random number generator chose number 39. Shaina, send me your home address please, and I'll get your Target giftcard in the mail right away!

Now, I am SERIOUSLY super excited for all of the people I have met through this giveaway! I have LOVED stalking reading all of your blogs and have been adding to my Google Reader left and right! I love my blog friends! Thank you all for entering! We will have to do this more often-let me start planning for my 200th post now! :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And, last one for the night

Last post, I swear! :D I just want to remind you all to enter my 100th post giveaway if you haven't already. Who doesn't love Target? Well, it you don't, then don't tell me please! :D Enter tonight, the deadline is Friday, December 11th at midnight (EST).
Good Luck!

As Promised, Photo Post

Sissy! How cute is she!

My niece! Isn't she presh!

So Much To Say....

First off, the good stuff:

IT'S A GIRL! For my sissy and her hubby! I couldn't be more thrilled! I am so excited that Emma will have a girl cousin in May! Now to start the monogramming madness. :D
Next off, it's Weight Watchers Wednesday, and I'm down 1.6 pounds! Yay! I bet if I got more serious, I could actually get back to a 2 pound loss per week. Come on self, you can do it!
Anyway, how did you all do this week?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Monday

Well, if I am going to get those 4-7 pounds off by the end of December, I've got to menu plan my little heart out, and keep tracking and exercising. I typically eat fewer points during the day and save up the evening meal. We are having two or three nights of repeats this week because we didn't have our turkey burgers, and the lettuce wraps and stuffed peppers were too good not to have again! The lettuce wraps are from Paula Deen magazine. They are your basic wrap. We just have a bag of Success brown rice and frozen veggie eggrolls with them. The recipe makes a ton of wraps! The stuffed peppers are a recipe from my mom, but I do ground turkey instead of ground beef. It's just blanched bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground turkey, brown rice, and tomato sauce (with lots of garlic salt and pepper). You could surely put lots of other goodies inside, but I'm too lazy to think of what right now.

Without further ado, my menu:

Monday-Leftover grilled chicken with sour cream noodles and salad (sour cream noodles are just a box of Rice a Roni noodles that we already had in the pantry)
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with baked Lays and broccoli
Thursday-Lettuce wraps with eggrolls and brown rice
Friday-Stuffed peppers with broccoli and roasted potatoes
Sunday-Quick beef and pasta pot with chickpeas and salad-the pasta pot is just your basic mac and cheese box dinner mixed with ground beef and chopped tomatoes-I am adding a can of chickpeas for extra protein. I found the recipe in a Kraft magazine long ago.

We are really on a salad kick lately! We are making it with spicy ranch-lowfat ranch mixed with hot sauce-delish!
What are you all eating this week? Do share!

And, just for my mother, Nonnie, here is a shot of Emma in her JEANS. My mother has an irrational fear of infants in JEANS. I want to do the MC Hammer and scream JEANS-that's why it's in all caps. HOW CUTE is my kid in JEANS Mom?!?!? And her presh customized Auburn onesies from Etsy.
Hey Nonnie, I be rockin my jeans. You better say I look cute.
I wore them just for you!

Sunday Sayings

OK here is the quote for the week:

Pretty easy for us older folks :D It is from a movie. Identify the characters and the movie please. Leave a comment with your answer.

This looks pretty random-it is a conversation during "an escape" scene.

Character 1: Naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm, and a two-foot salami under the other. The bartender says, I guess you won't be needing a drink. Naked lady says...
[the ceiling gives way]

Character 2: Oh, shit!

Give it your best shot! I hope we can get a winner this week-remember, no cheating....... :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And, it's the last of them, camwhore.

First fire of the season, Emma is chilling with Santa and Santa Jr.

Hangin with mommy

Jealous Boo in on the shot.

Our Christmas card photo-I would show you the card, but we made it at Target, so we don't have a digital one. We were running a bit behind on that whole scam, so this morning we had a photo sesh on the playground, and now Emma has a srsly runny nose since it was 20 degrees out. There were a ton of cute pics, I may try to change the blog header. SO, we took the pics, went to Target, and y'all, I am in love with this print out the pics business. Guess what you are ALL getting for Christmas. Yeah, that's right. Super easy pics! I always do it at home, not anymore! The Christmas cards were only like 40 cents each! And they are on glossy photo paper too! Very nice Tar-jay!

Husband looks like an FBI agent here. Emma WOULD NOT look at the camera. It was very similar to trying to get two dogs to look at the camera. Not happening.

Black and white shot of the Christmas tree from Auntie Laura.

Look how cute!

Emma is wearing her precious Christmas bubble suit, but she would not look at the camera or cooperate. She was obsessed with the blue gingham on the collar, then she wanted to pick up the paper. So, this was the best of 467 pictures we took today. And PS, she looks like she has a freakin unibrow. WHY? Cause she doesn't in real life. Awww, Helga. :D

Finally, we changed her and put her in her chair, and it was a little better. She is rocking her rainbow baby legs.


Freaking Cute

OK, last one, I swear. We were trying to take Emma's four month pictures in the crib, and you see how that went. It didn't-the pics were not cute at all. So, we stripped her down and put her in the chair with the sign. She was fascinated. Cute!
Posted by Picasa


Yikes, the mammarazzi is out in full force!
Emma is apparently teething. She has been stuffing things into her mouth nonstop, and drooling everywhere.

PS-I am in love with collages in Picasa since I don't have to upload the pics one by one. I will be over it soon, hopefully by the next post! Or not.

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First Time

Well, we had our first experience with rice cereal tonight. It was super messy and hilarious! Emma couldn't really decide what she thought about it. She seemed to be eating it (in between smooshing it back out and dribbling it out of her mouth). It was everywhere. Now I know why we have 399 bibs. She was more obsessed with the polka dots on her bib than in eating. Some of these expressions are pretty priceless.

Posted by Picasa
She looks pretty pissed in the last one, but she was not wanting any more food. She kept rubbing her face with the bib. The cereal was all up in her hair. We will be trying bananas in about 5 days. I think she will like those more!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Yo Peeps, Reminder!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 Target card. It will definitely come in handy! I will also include some other small goodies for the winner. Sooooo, read here to find out how to get multiple entries, and good luck! You have until December 11th at midnight to enter!

Four Months

Dear Emeline,
Today you were four months old. It seems like I just wrote one of these letters for three months. You've got to slow it down a little bit girlfriend. You had your four month doctor's appointment and vaccinations today. Let's look at your stats:

Weight: 12 lbs, 4 oz.
Height: 24 in
Head Circumference: 39.7 cm

Very impressive little one! You got two shots today-you screamed bloody murder when the nurse put them in, then the minute that we picked you up, you stopped. Hmmmm, drama queen much? :D You are doing so many things now. Today you rolled over 4 times in a row! You also went Christmas shopping with me for about 2 hours without a peep! You are such a good baby girl! You are going to try rice cereal tomorrow, then we will start introducing fruits and vegetables. I will have to report back on whether you like it or not. Let's look at you over the past few weeks.

Sitting in your Bumbo, playing with Lovey

Having tummy time, practicing rolling over

You are beautiful!

Sleepy and visiting family at Thanksgiving

Four Generations!

You look like you can't believe something here.

What a happy, sweet girl!

You and your daddy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday Sayings Revealed

So, no one has guessed the quotes from Sunday Sayings, and seeing as how we are mere hours away from Thursday, I will go ahead and reveal the answers. You should be seeing a pattern here.

Quote 1: "Stuff your sorries in a sack!"
The movie is Pineapple Express. This was said by Saul (James Franco) to Dale (Seth Rogen) when they were doing their drug deal.

Quote 2: "I will literally fu** you in the street." "NO! Don't fu** us anywhere!"
The movie is Pineapple Express too. This was said by Angie's dad to Dale during the dinner scene. Saul busts in their house and they are all freaking out.

Ha-larious! I love Pineapple Express! Come on people, be ready for next Sunday's quotes. They are all going to be from movies. (I had one guess on a TV show.)

And PS, I am all over this post for "Keeping it scannable."

I have a lot to learn!

So, my friend Brittany Ann wrote a very compelling post yesterday, and I told her I was going to steal it and revamp it, because honestly, don't we all need to improve upon something?

Brittany visited a web site called Tips for Writing Your Blog and she got some, well, tips.

Let me tell you how I think I am doing on each tip.

1. Choose your topics wisely

Ummmm, yeah, since I blog about shit diapers, my food intake, Zumba, and Sixteen Candles. But, this is me, and you like it. :D At least I hope so (okay, lie and make me feel better.)

2. Ensure that you make your readers happy.

Well, I am gonna have to say that this will make someone happy. So, I am on the road to happiness with "my readers." I also hook you all up on Sunday Sayings, so some other people are being made happy through my need to spend money Tar-jay generosity. :D

3. Share your expertise.

Well, I am sharing my knowledge of menu planning, working out, and movie quotes. Gah, I am so amazing and knowledgeable. Maybe I should start teaching you all how to plan for third graders and make up interesting lessons. Ha!

4. Keep your blog posts short but very tight.

OK, this one could be okay. With the exception of my "Mother Load Thanksgiving Post in Pictures." But that was pictures-so it doesn't count. :D

5. Know your audience.

Readers, I like to think I know you all pretty darn well. You are all friends, and sweet women. I have no men followers :D. We all have a lot in common. I think this would be the ONE thing in blogging that I am good at.

6. Make it scannable.
Okay, I could be good at this too, since I am too lazy to write long posts. But, this post is clearly not meeting that criteria. The thing is, I like reading "meaty" posts from my people in google reader, but then there are days and times when I just want a quick, light read. I have some work to do here.

7. Ensure that your blog posts are informative.

Well, looky here! I am informing you now! And I have informed you about Zumba, movie quotes, and what I am eating for the week. I also keep you informed about my weight loss. Because honestly, don't you all want and need to know those things? Haha! :D

So, I clearly have some work to do to become Dooce, MckMama, or Kelly. Oh well, aspirations people.

Hope your Wednesday is going well!

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, I have been soooo worried about weighing in after my "Feastivus" from Thursday-Sunday. Normally what happens after you eat McDonald's, Domino's, another Thanksgiving dinner, and pasta, you gain shitloads of weight.
But, I was rewarded in my demonic tracking and exercising efforts by losing 1.2 pounds this week. I was VERY surprised, I was just hoping to break even! So many of my friends (ahem, Confessions of a Control Freak and BEG) are doing great in their WW endeavors. I truly love WW and am proud to have accomplished so much with it. It really is easy to live with!
My goal for December is to lose between 4-7 pounds and to fit into a pair of size 10 pants that BEG is sending me. I know I can do it-that is only 1 pound minimum per week-I would love to see WAY more loss than that, but have to be realistic about the last week of December. I am going to track my heart out and keep going to the gym! It is still really hard to get into the gym after work. I have to pick Emma up by 5:15, which means I must leave work by 4:00, which means lesson planning isn't happening. And lessons have to be planned-so the gym takes a backseat sometimes. However, if I am really stressed about my busy week, I can get a lot done in a short amount of time. I went to the gym Monday and today, so it's a good week so far, and I know I'll get to Body Pump on Saturday and maybe Zumba :D on Sunday.
Anyway, let me hear from all you WW ladies! Cory Holder, that means you too!!! I want to know how you all are doing and what you all are doing to get it off!