Saturday, December 19, 2009


Okay, I am about to just lay it out there. I need a bit of a pit-ay par-tay. I also need some advice or comments on how to get out of a friggin funk-I have been a slack ass with no motivation today. I have so much to do. So please tell me how you get out of your funky ass moods and how you get your motivation back. Puh-lease.

Allow me to make a list of all the shit I have to do (it helps my OCD ness):


*Tidy up the house


*Finish wrapping presents

*Pack all of our crap for the trip home

*Make a list of what to pack for the trip home


*Go through Emma's clothes and pack up 0-3 months, and get out the 3-6 months

*More shit, I just can't think of it all right now because I have been up since 7.

I don't know why I'm tired, I practically haven't done shit all day. I had such big plans to get about half of that list accomplished today, but alas, somehow we didn't leave the house until about 1:00. We went to lunch at Chili's, hit up Babies R Us, and Home Depot. Last minute shopping and daily life stuff. And I've been stalking blogs, doing google reader, and checking email for the last 3 hours. I need a freaking time management class. This is why I am up till 11 and tired in the AM. For the love Susannah, get a grip. Ugh.

Okay, I feel slightly better. I have a plan for tomorrow.

My Plan:

*Get up at 7:30 (if Emma sleeps that late) and go to the gym

*Go get the mani/pedi/wax

*Finish laundry

*Make list for out of town

*Finish wrapping gifts

*Call maids to reschedule

I won't have to do a menu or grocery shopping since we are going out of town. That is so nice. So, my crap is all on the table. Somehow I feel better after having purged my BS lists and feelings on the topic.

Good Day Sir. And good night.


  1. You can do it girlfriend!!! It's 9:30, hope you're kicking the day's ass!

    I've got to do laundry, clean the house (dust, vacuum, bathrooms), finish grading my student's final papers and exams and post their grades with the registrar, cook veggies for the weeks' snacks, dig my freakin' car and Dimples' freakin' car out of the snow, and get to the gym.


    Would a freakin' MIL story cheer you up? You know I have one, even tho I didn't see those folk this weekend!

  2. I hear ya, Susannah! My house looks like a bomb went off-we have no clean clothes, and I have a stack of Christmas presents that are still sitting in their UPS packaging that need to be wrapped. But like you said-here I am facebooking and reading blogs!! I guess we need to keep ourselves sane somehow! So I saw you were calling the maids to reschedule--who do you use? I've been trying to find someone reasonable to help me clean this pig sty.

  3. aww I hope your mani/pedi helps! This spa by me has a margarita mani/pedi where they do some lime soak thing and give you a usually does the trick!

  4. I know the feeling, sister! Hang in there! Once these holidays come upon us, it will all get better! Just take it one thing at a time, and eventually, it will all get done! You can do it!

  5. Hang in there - I know this time of year is hard to get everything done. Do what you can and move on - the house doesn't have to be spotless, the clothes can be organized after Christmas.

    And I think there is nothing wrong with reading blogs for hours! :D

  6. hang in there this is a tough time of year. The 21 inches of snow forced me to stay put for the first time all year.. getting up early helps. get to bed early too. sounds like you just need a good night's sleep! xo

  7. I think writing out your tasks is the best way to get rid of the funk and feel less overwhelmed! Good job!

  8. You know what makes me feel better? Crossing things off my list, just like Earl does on "My Name is Earl". I'm a bit OCD myself so making and completing list makes me feel good. As does folding laundry, making neat stacks out of things, and watching the same movie over and over again. So get up and go "do work".

  9. Ha! I feel your pain. I just shake my head at all the stuff I have to do. And I haven't had a mani/pedi/wax since March. I look like an Amazon woman. I am suprised my husband is still attracted. That's what having a baby does. I need to get back on it!

  10. Gah, I know! So much to do! Thankfully most of the dirty work is done, and tomorrow I go for my mani/pedi/wax! Yippee!


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