Sunday, November 29, 2009

Menu Monday

Alright, it's hard getting back into the swing of things after a week off of menu planning and grocery shopping, but I pulled it out.

Here is my Menu Monday! Enjoy!

Monday-chicken broccoli couscous and salad
Tuesday-sizzling beef and scallions with salad
Wednesday- stuffed peppers with broccoli and roasted potatoes (stuffed with turkey, rice, and tomato sauce)
Thursday-lettuce wraps with eggrolls and brown rice
Friday-spaghetti with meatballs and salad
Saturday-Husband's grilled chicken with spinach stuffed squash and salad
Sunday-turkey burgers with baked chips and broccoli

What are you all eating this week?

Sunday Sayings

Okay, it's that time again folks! Sunday Sayings is here. Leave a comment if you know 1) The character who said it, and 2) What movie it's from.
Two Chances this week
Quote 1: "Stuff your sorries in a sack!"
Quote 2: "I will literally fu** you in the street." "NO! Don't fu** us anywhere!"
Let's hear it people, give me your best guess!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post in Pictures-The Mother Load Thanksgiving (Part II)

Okay, to start the running commentary on each photo:

My cousin Bubba Dimitri (real name James) with Aunt Kathy Wright

Bubba Dimitri's wife Heather

Grannie still has the Great Depression vibe going on, and she asked me to
clean out her cabinets, fridge/freezer, and pantry. I got so absorbed in my
job, I only got these pics:


Need some muffin mix anyone?


After-and PS-I may or may not have found some Jello and other foods from
1999, 2004, etc. Yikes a million. Grannie eats like 3 oz of food a day, so I know
she won't come across this expired food since it's buried in the back, but still......

Emeline Turney and Emeline Sarah

Emma and Witt (she loved him!)

Emma, Emma, and Witt

Nonnie (my mom) and Emma

Pregnant Sissy-17 weeks!

Cheesy senior portraits

Husband and Emma

Cousins Beau and Brett

Cousin Melissa (nice Mo)

Mom making gravy without the giblets.

Aunt Kathy, Uncle Pete, Aunt Crazy Suzy cooking.

Grannie and Aunt Suzy

A major smoked turkey that was divine.

Aunt Suzy and her daughter Mo Melissa

Sissy Sarah and Emma

Uncle CR and Beau

Uncle CR and Brett

Sissy, BIL, and Emma

Hubs, Grannie, and BIL

Preggo pounding a Sharps.

Me and my Grannie

Melissa in a rare moment of touching Emma.


Aunt Suzy (the soother) and Emma

Nonnie and Emma

Mom, me, Emma, Grannie

My Daddy

Laura and Dad

Dimitri, I mean Bubba (my cousin James)

Erikface the Godfather with his snuggly Emma

Laura, Snubbs, Emma

Me and husband

My friggin plate: starting with the croissant clockwise: onion casserole, pickles, olives, wild rice, green beans, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, spinach artichoke casserole, dressing, turkey and ham underneath it all, with some asparagus. Yeah, sorry WW. But I did only eat one plate. :D

Dad and Sissy

Aunt Jazzercise Suzy, Melissa, and Heather

Aunt Kathy Wright with Emma

Sonic giving Emma some nose love.

Mom, Dad, and Emma (how cute is this?)

Other Aunt Kathy and Emma

Rusty and Emma


Dang, that was a lot of pictures! Mom, if you are still reading, make sure Aunt Kathy and Aunt Kathy Wright actually read my blog to see the family pictures. I will send a picasa album later today. My hand is falling off.
PS, is there a batch upload option on blogger people?