Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Last Week

OK, lots to show and tell, but this post is going to be a random conglomeration of stuff that happened over the last week. The next post will be solid pictures! :D So you can skip either or both if you aren't interested in my randomness. :D

*First, congrats to LINZY B. for correctly identifying last week's Sunday Saying. It was from Sixteen Candles. I will get your prize together next week, so email me your mailing address please. Cas, you were so close but she beat you to it!

*We went to Nashville on Monday to visit with my Grannie Annie, Emma's Great Grannie. The ride was fine, but we were packed the freak out! I don't know how we will ever go anywhere without my Expedition, cause it was full up. Ridic.

*I went four days without email, blogging, and Google Reader. No wireless at Grannie's house. When we checked into the hotel, I had like 20943 things in Google Reader. I just got caught up on that and weeding through email. Facebook-sorry I still haven't gotten to you yet.

*Lots of food and drink were consumed. I tracked WW on Monday and Tuesday, behaved on Wednesday, then was decent until Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Friday I ate McDonald's and Domino's. No restraint. Tonight is the in law Thanksgiving. We are having smoked turkey and all the fixings. Ridic again. (That was mostly for Mrs. Bev! :D)

*Laura from Groovin with the Grizas (my bestie IRL) and I met up with B.E.G. at my hotel bar and it was like we had all known each other for years! It was incredible and fun and I am so stinkin glad that I finally got to meet my email friend! We are planning a "blogger convention" (ha!) in NC next summer. Mrs. Potts, I hope you are reading and will join us! Srsly, Emma was fussy around some family members and strangers all week, and when she met B.E.G. she just went right to her and smiled and cooed. Really, if B.E.G. and her hubby didn't have to leave, we would've shut the bar down! We could not stop the gossiping-fab times!

*I actually pulled my first pump and dump this week. It was awful! I felt so wasteful. But I had consumed like 4 beers, so.....

*Great Aunt Suzy had the magic touch on Emma this week. She could calm her immediately.

*Emeline met her cousin Emeline Turney this week. She (big Emma) brought little Emma such a sweet present!

*My sissy and her hubby find out the baby's sex on December 9th! Can't wait!

*I won like $3.50 playing cards (Kings) with the girls this week-so much fun!

*Uncle Pete broke out the moonshine at the Thanksgiving gathering. It was pear flavored. My cuz Mel may have liked it too much-Mel, are you awake yet?? :D

*My house is a total freakin disaster and all of Jason's family is in town. The maids are coming Monday morning (just breathe, ahhhhhhh.)

*Flash got a testicle infection from the kennel. It's pretty awesome rubbing greasy lotion on the balls twice a day and putting a 100 pound bloodhound in a lampshade thingy. He keeps trying to scrape it off on all the furniture. We went to the vet this AM and got a shot to help. Then husband took the dog back to the kennel to show them his issues and ask what was up. He promptly got a refund for $170. We may not go there again, which is sad because we've been boarding them there for 4 years.

*I've been baking up a storm-now I remember why I don't bake that much any more. Because I want to "taste" everything. We will feast on the Southern Living caramel pecan tart tonight.

I think I have covered all of my things to share. If I think of any more, they can go on the next post. :D Sorry for the randomness.


  1. Oh sweet child, thanks a million! You failed to mention that Emma fell in love with B.E.G.!
    I am so happy she loved everybody EXCEPT her grandmother! Waaaaaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. Now that was a good update! So sorry to hear about Flashica. Very glad you got a refund on his boarding!
    I think half of your winnings was from MY pocket. Ya'll are some ruthless king players.


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