Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, this wonderful Weight Watchers Wednesday ends with me being 1 pound down from last week. I met my 5% goal tonight! I am happy with my progress and I plan on not gaining over the holidays, even though I will be out of town for the entire week. I am going to keep tracking and on Thanksgiving Day, I will let myself eat (in moderation) all of the things I want. I will have to have some strong will power on the drinking though. My family is a big drinking family, and we LOVE to pound some drinks when we all get together. Maybe I can abstain from too much drinking since Sissy (aka my family drinking partner) is preggo. PS-she requests that all congratulatory preggo gifts be sent to her PO Box. :D Ha, J/K! That is a whole 'nother post-she and her hubby find out the sex on December 9th. I am one excited Auntie! However, with all of that said, I will be ready to crank it up after I come back to town and get back to work. I want to see at least a 2 pound loss per week until I hit 20 pounds. I had two ladies in class today who lost 6 pounds in a week, and they weren't 300 pounds! What is that? Is that even possible? I think 2 pounds per week is very good and I should get my ass in gear.

Anyway, how did you all do this week? We planned what we were going to eat on Thanksgiving Day and then found out the points values-let me just say the pecan pie will not be worth it this year! A tiny piece is 12 points. Some other yikes foods:
-2 oz turkey=5 pts
-2 oz ham=4 pts
1/2 C dressing/stuffing =9 pts
1/2 C sweet potato casserole=8 pts

Ouch! Let me know what you all did!



  1. Check the points on:
    onion casserole (YUM)
    spinach artichoke casserole
    wild rice
    honey baked ham
    Need I go on? Your mother needs help!!!
    Hugs to you and see you real soon!

  2. Girl, I did not need to know those numbers. And as a result of that, my ass will be getting slightly wider over next week. Because I'm also planning on fried chicken and biscuts for dinner one night. You know how it is.

    Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

  3. Good for you on meeting 5%!!! I'm proud of you. The other thing I would suggest for you to do while you are away is get some activity in every day. Go for a walk around the mall or dance like crazy with your family. Any extra calories burned are always a plus. :) XOXO

  4. Sus.. Keep doing what you are doing cause you looked very good last night! That sounds bad but you know what i mean!


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