Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three Months

Dear Emeline,
Yesterday you were three months old! I cannot believe how fast the time is going by with you in our lives! It used to seem like the months dragged by, because I was dying to meet you! Now though, it just speeds by. You are such a character-you like to coo and smile at things you like. You also will STARE at your pink critter that hangs on your car seat for the whole time we drive somewhere. You rarely cry except when you are hungry or sad about something. You sleep like a champ! We put you down around 8:00 and daddy wakes you up around 8:30 to get ready for daycare. That's another thing that is new-daycare. You go to Mrs. Kris and she keeps you all day. You hang out with 5 other babies. You are her favorite! She loves holding you and feeding you and she says you are such a good baby! One thing that is new this month is mommy had to go back to work. I don't like it! It's too hard to spend time with you. When I pick you up around 4 or 5, we come home and play, eat, bathe, and then it's bedtime. I don't like the schedule at all! We are working hard on rolling over though. You definitely have to be in the mood for tummy time. You also love your baby swing from Aunt Jill-you hang out there in the mornings when daddy gets you ready-sorry for some of those outfits!! Your daddy is the one who wakes and dresses you since Mommy is already at work. You are definitely on a schedule now. You are eating 5-6 ounces at a time, still every three hours, except in the night. You are getting so big! I took you to your 3 month shot visit today (split since Mommy is a "hippie") but we didn't get weighed. I may have to take you to PetSmart for that! :D Emma, every day we love you more-you bring such joy into everyone's life!

I Love You,


  1. Happy birthday my sweet angel! You look so cute with that smile!! I love you tons!!!


  2. I cant believe it has been 3 months either! dang! I love you little bug and cant wait to actually HOLD you over thanksgiving! Your auntie and uncle and doggle cousins are all anxiously awaiting!

  3. Cute post. I like reading your letters to Emma.

  4. She looks like her daddy with that smile of hers!! So sweet, I love reading your letters to Emma too...so precious!


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