Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ummm, my bad!?!

I announced earlier that my IRL bestie Laura won the Sunday Sayings-not so. In my gmail, it popped up as Laura, and I didn't even think twice. It's actually my bloggie buddy Laura from Wringing out my Sponge. Sorry girl!! Shoot me an email with your address please!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! That is great you are going to do a box!! You could even do a class project where each child brings in an item for $1! I certainly do not post even close to all the deals I use. I have some awesome sites on the side of my blog and I would (when you get a chance) look through some of them. There is a lot of deals posted about baby stuff, toys, movies (I know you are looking for movies so if I see anything I will send it your way!) What grocery store do you normally shop at? Thanks so much for my package! I love getting things in the mail that are fun.....something better than bills!


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