Monday, May 28, 2012

St George Island 2012

Well, one amazing summer vacation down! We got to spend seven glorious days on St. George Island, Florida at the beginning of May with Jason's family. It was so nice-the house, the pool, the beach, and the company! We had a lot of new experiences: Emma learning to swim, Harrison's first pool time, beach time with two kids, lots of fishing and catching "exotic" fish! Ha! Very good times were had by all, and as always, the momma-razzi managed to snap a few thousand pics!

Sorry if you are not down with the eleventy billion pics, but this is my memory book and the grand-parentals will love it!

Are you ready for the play by play? OK, let's begin.

Morning number one, Emma needs to model her new sunglasses-that we promptly lost. 

Poser. Why does this random binkie look SO BIG?

Presh big boy looking like Lloyd Christmas-name that movie Cas!

View from our 3rd floor balcony!

Buddy is making a break for it!

Homegirl was naked about 5 of the 7 days we were there. So glad I packed 7 outfits. Ridic.

This is going in a frame, stat! So funny and cute. And can I say that I am obsessed with some of the Picasa edits? This is an edit called 1960's-in the way it shades the photo. I lurve it.

Hey buddy! Cruising all around the patio!

The "fur" is on the scene! My MIL told me a funny story about how a friend of hers used to call the police the fur instead of the fuzz. We called Harrison "the fur" all week!

I'm sorry, but this face? Kills me. So....mac daddy.

Emma spent a lot of time playing with the rinse off hose just off the boardwalk. 
Hello kid, we have a POOL to play in!

Emma perfected her evil genius face while on vacation.

We frequented Apalachicola while we were there-it's about 20 minutes away and the closest local town. It boasts a few restaurants, shops, and waterfront property. This is the Grady Market.

Emma posing in front of River Lily-a fun bath and general smell good shop.

Emma was obsessed with these flowers outside of the shop. I saw it as a great photo op!

Poser-rella on the curb.

Haha, I love how she looks like she is OVER IT in this pic. But it's still cute.

OK, to my momma eyes, this looks like a pic you would see on a catalog advertising the smocked outfit. Just saying. She's a pro. I was playing with the vivid blue/green settings on my camera.

A pretty roofless building in Apalach, right on the water.

Miss flower poser again. Love it. Crinkly nose and strap falling off. She's....real.

Emma packed six bathing suits for the vacay. Just saying. Here she is modeling her faux bikini.

The day before we left, Jason and I went to the St. George Island State Park to fish. Well, he fished, I sat and drank Corona Lights and read my book. Occasionally I would get up, fish, take pics, reel in, etc. This heron (?) was literally six feet away from us the entire time. He was just waiting with bated breath for a stray fish or some bait to come his way.

You can't really tell, but in the middle of the picture you can see some dolphins. They came by-about 7 or more, and serenaded us with their jumping and general cuteness. So close too! Like, 10-12 feet away!

A Spanish mackerel we Jason caught.

We left on Saturday and headed back to Montgomery to spend the night before heading home to Atlanta. Jason's parents hooked us up with a telephoto lens from their old Canon, and we started an impromptu photo shoot of the kids, close up style obvi.

I'm sorry, but these last four pictures CRACK ME UP. Emma is a crying mess, Harrison is chill with his wild ass hair, and then we have wild hair McGee, just trying to make it till bedtime.

All in all, it was a fabulous beach trip and we loved our family time!

Can't believe my baby boy will be ONE YEAR OLD in 2 weeks! Eek!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

So I guess I can re-enter the blog world after like 20 days with photos of my presh kiddos getting their first haircuts!! Harrison's hair was just....mullety, for lack of a better word, and Emma's hair was a rat's nest in training. I had to deal with them both. BUT. They were both really good and super cute!

Look at his LONG hair!

Haha he looks terrified here!

Oh em gee it was so long!

And after. My handsome boy who now says mama and will be ONE in 17 days! Eek!

Big girl getting ready.

This bib/apron cracks me up! Because she totally is.

And even though her glasses are all askew, she looks presh with her little side braid and glitter heart on her cheek. God bless the kiddy salon that makes little girls feel special with a boatload of glitter.

Beach recap and LIFE coming soon!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wish you were here

Vacationing on St George Island-wish you could all come over and have margaritas and lay out with me!!! Lots of fun being had-I'll try to be back soon with some pics of what we've been up to!


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