Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

So I guess I can re-enter the blog world after like 20 days with photos of my presh kiddos getting their first haircuts!! Harrison's hair was just....mullety, for lack of a better word, and Emma's hair was a rat's nest in training. I had to deal with them both. BUT. They were both really good and super cute!

Look at his LONG hair!

Haha he looks terrified here!

Oh em gee it was so long!

And after. My handsome boy who now says mama and will be ONE in 17 days! Eek!

Big girl getting ready.

This bib/apron cracks me up! Because she totally is.

And even though her glasses are all askew, she looks presh with her little side braid and glitter heart on her cheek. God bless the kiddy salon that makes little girls feel special with a boatload of glitter.

Beach recap and LIFE coming soon!!


  1. What precious little angels! I cannot wait to see them!!!! Oh, and you too!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥Mom

  2. They've both grown so much!

  3. glad to see you blogging! love the pics!


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