Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Update

We have been so busy this week!

On Monday, we went to the library for the first time ever! Emma doesn't really understand the concept yet-she kept going by each bookshelf and pushing the books back. We found about 5 books she was interested in, and of course we got a few DVD's to watch int he car (chica is obsessed with Care Bears! I like it too...........) We plan to go once a week for story time (free!) and to get new books.

On Tuesday, Harrison had his 2 month doctor visit. At 9:30 am. Me-with two kids-alone. Yeah, we were late. They most likely want to stab me for always being late, but I think with kids, you have to build in "late time" per kid. So, I should automatically get 15 extra minutes. :)

Wednesday Emma had her first dental checkup. It was really just a meet the dentist/get to know the dentist's office thing. She sat in the chair and they counted her teeth. I was highly impressed-she didn't cry or fuss and let them do all their stuff. The dentist said she had to get rid of the paci-she's getting an overbite on top. I didn't know that it affected the jaw-I thought it was just the teeth. I didn't see the big deal since she will lose these baby teeth, but it's not just the teeth that are "bucking" out. Sooo, we are now on binkies only at night night time. After next week, we will start weaning that too. So far, she seems to understand. We have talked about only getting the binky at bed time, but when she gets upset (like at today's shot visit) she was calling for her binky. It was SO HARD to not just give her one for my own sanity!

On Thursday, we had to go to the library story time. It was so cute and fun! However, Emma needs some serious work on sitting still/listening. The reader had 3 or 4 stories to "read" (it was projected onto a huge screen so they could all see the pictures). In between each short story, she played the guitar and let the kids get up and sing/dance. It was a time specifically for 2-5 year olds, so when they were melting down/over it, it was okay. After the second story, Harrison had a doo doo murder and I had to take my whole entourage out in the hall for a change. That was fun. We ran errands the rest of the day and ate lunch out. Both jokers came home and slept for several hours, so that was nice.

Friday was our last appointment of the week-Emma's two year old visit. All was well, but the doctor found a tiny heart murmur. He wants us to get it checked out by a pediatric cardiologist. He thinks it is an innocent murmur. I hope so, because you know J and I both about lost our shiz. Emma had to get her toe pricked and she didn't flip out-she was too worried about getting her band aid! But, when the two shots came out (delayed MMR and Hep A), she LOST IT. All day she has been walking around with a limp saying, "Ouchie!" It's quite pitiful. We ran by Emma's eye glasses store to get a new pair of glasses ordered. After six months, she has about destroyed the lenses in this pair, and we bought the replacement insurance just for this reason! So, in about one week, we will have a fresh pair of glasses. After that, we went to get lunch for some teacher friends, and we went to eat at school with my old team. It was bittersweet. I LOVE my school and colleagues. I really miss it. A lot. But, I don't want to have to deal with about 50% of the bull shiz that comes with it. I so wish I could work part time and that some family lived here so I could substitute or something. Right now, it would be dumb for me to pay someone to watch them just so I could go sub for 100$ a day.

Anyway, I think I need to get into a routine. I've been thinking  a lot about why I seem to be struggling with being at home, and it seems like I just need a daily routine. Like get up, shower/dress, have a freaking plan for the day. Right now, it's by the seat of our pants. I may shower, I may go somewhere. I love getting out each day though. But I can't plan something every day. This was a fun, busy week having something to go to/do every day. Once Harrison is older, I will look forward to being able to go to the park or playground almost daily. I do still really miss the adult interaction-not gonna lie. Need to find a mom's group or playgroup to hang out with/gossip with.

I'm going to check out a website called parent at the library told me about it. It's a listing of free/cheap kid things in your area. How do you all find things to do that aren't pricey? What are some other things I can do with the kids? I really want to find a church MDO for Emma to go to 2 days a week for about 3 hours just so she can do activities and socialize with other kids. Plus, Harrison and I could grocery shop, or just PLAY. I don't really get to do a lot with him because I have a TWO YEAR OLD who wants to be nonstop.

Share your ideas on things to do please!

Here's a little iPhone Photo Dump from the week.

At the car wash-she has stickers on her legs-she looks like SUCH a little girl now.

Sitting in the dentist's chair. PS they have flat screen TV's mounted on the ceiling. SHUT UP!

Hello-I weigh almost 14 pounds and I'm wearing a 6 month onesie. Stop the world.

Playing with stickers!

Poor HME-Emma loves to "play" with him

"My hold him mommy," someone says.

Convicted-of cuteness!

Emma on her monitor taking her afternoon nap. Look at this position-looks highly uncomfortable.

Have a great weekend! And please share some ideas on free/cheap things to do or other resources!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Harrison's Baptism

On Sunday, August 7th, Harrison was baptized!!

We had the baptism at our church, St. Columba's Episcopal. He wore the fifth generation baptismal gown that was made for my great grandfather and it was just precious. Even if he did look like a little girl. :)

Luckily it fit him! 

I'm going to refrain from commenting on the heinous side profile picture that my mother felt was necessary to take, and instead, focus on my preshy monkey bunny baby!

Harrison's godmother (and one of my best friends), Jill

Husband and Harry

Father Tripp and me

The whole gang-ridiculously blurry-not sure why. 

Again with the blurry-our camera card was full and wouldn't let us do anything the 
MINUTE we got in the church. Nice. 

God, I look pregnant.

Afterwards, we came home and ate boston butt (made by J), Jo's pasta salad, John's cole slaw, peach muffins, and Jill's DE-freaking-LICIOUS baptism cake. Holy Lord.
Maybe that's why I look pregnant.

It was awesome and I'm so glad both of our babies belong to the Lord.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birth Announcements

I sent these out a few days ago, so by now, whoever reads my blog has received theirs. However, I can't figure out how to turn it now. And, I'm lazy.

My kid is cute. That is all.


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Love ya all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's Wednesday, and it's random.

We are trying to get back to normal after SEVEN glorious days at the beach with my sissy.

Both kids are sick with a cold/coughs, so that's fun. Emma sounds like a smoker and Harrison has to have me peel crap off his nose in the morning.

Even though I'm home all day, I feel like I'm never caught up on things! I still have Emma's birthday thank you notes to write, books/mags to read, blogs to do (giveaways!!), and other random shiz.

This week alone we have: 2 doctor appointments, a dentist visit, maids, pest control, library story time, & friend visits! Whew!

I wish we had a splash park here.

I need to start potty training Emma. Shoot me now.

Harrison has been foul this week. I guess that's what happens when you can't breathe through your nose.

I HATE unpacking!!

I read 4 books at the beach-reviews coming soon!

I am still working on Emma's birthday blog and Harrison's baptism blog. For the love.

Here are some pics from Friday to today:

Emma's new chair from Nonnie

Just chillin'

New sneaks!

Hello, I am GIANT!

Hello, my hair is a disaster and I clearly just woke up!

Baptism thank you notes-from this seller-very prompt!

Bday thank you notes-from this seller-soooo cute!

What's been going on with y'all??

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Love ya all!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emma's Second Birthday

Beware: picture overload. The grandparents will love this one.

When I started thinking about Emma's second birthday party, I was about 6 months pregnant. Couple that with the fact that I was going to have an 8 week old baby, and I knew I didn't want to attempt to do anything at my house like birthday party number one.

So, I did what any normal person would do-I hired it out to Gymboree. If you 've never been to Gymboree Play and Music, it's like Little Gym. Kids basically go to play on equipment, but are led by an instructor and work on listening, directions, socialization, etc. The birthday parties are the same way. And, you don't have to do anything. Except show up with your food items. However, they do have a package for that too! Luckily, I have an awesome cake maker friend who did Emma's cupcakes.

Once I booked the party, I had to choose a theme. Obvi, we chose Elmo, because duh. It's Emma and she's two. (FYI-it was $180 for 12 kids 5 and under to go play. The only other things I did were to bring the cupcakes, ice cream, and juice, plus whatever paper items I wanted.) The party was 90 minutes long. 60 of the minutes were PLAYTIME and that was a lifesaver with 8 kids 5 and under! They were worn out afterwards. After the fun play time, we went to the back studio to sing, eat cupcakes, and open gifts.

I would HIGHLY recommend having your child's party at something like this. I endorse Gymboree-they are incredible. No, they didn't pay me to say anything, but if they want to offer me free classes, I'm on it! :)

So, let's see a few shots of the big girl-who, by the way, was balls to the wall the entire time. I've never seen my child so HYPER. Yikes.

 The studio set up. I brought the balloons, tablecloth, plates/napkins, and party hats. Because I like it. :)

 Emma and Harper playing on a puzzle before "being admitted" into the gym section.

 Poppy and HME

 Precious Scarlet!

Emma shooting hoops-they got some free play time.

Jumping on the trampoline. She and Scarlet were doing it together too!

Climbing across a bridge

And going through a tube

Our instructor (in blue) and I were bouncing Emma on a ball.

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!

Spinning around in an innertube!

Back in the studio-cupcake time!

 Sidenote: I cannot BELIEVE she wore this hat. Remember last year?

Yeah, I know this is a hotttt picture, but I got her this book because her favorite thing to say is, "My do it."

I love this-it's just real. Sissy in the background, Dad standing there, Emma opening gifts with her belly hanging out. That's what is really looks like at home.

Mommy and Meems

Emma's new real, working vacuum cleaner from Gigi. This is awesome,
 because she will follow me around working while I work! Ha!

And, because seriously? Look how freaking beautiful Scarlet is.

We had such a great time spending the weekend with lots of family and friends! Emma is such a blessed little girl! Thank you all for everything. And yes, I'm going to write thank you notes mom. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011


The day before Emma's birthday, I asked Jason to stop and get a small grocery store cake for us to have on her actual birthday.

He went to the store after work and got this cookie cake monstrosity. :)

Emma was blown away.

 I absolutely love this picture! Look at her sweet face!

Starting out with a fork.

And all manners are out the window-go for it with your hands, girl!

Haha! Looks like she is saying, "Now hold on just a minute!"

We had such a fun little family birthday cake eating time!

PS-we did have some PINK poop the next few days. I guess it's the HOT PINK lard icing. All I know is, I fuh-reaked out and thought Emma was bleeding internally, then mentally recalled what she had eaten the day before. Oh yeah, pink cake icing.................. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We've had a whirlwind of a weekend, full of lots of fun, family, and friends! A quick update, list style, cause I'm getting ready for the beach! I promise to catch you all up with pictures of the events.

*Emma's second birthday party at Gymboree Play and Music was PHENOMENAL! I seriously can't recommend them enough! The children had a blast, as did the adults! Pictures coming soon. My child is seriously spoiled.

*Harrison was baptized on Sunday. He looked just precious in a 5th generation baptismal gown-pictures also coming soon!

*I'm not ready for a third kid-that was confirmed when my sissy and her kid came to stay for 5 days. Nothing wrong, but I couldn't handle the chaos! :) And, when I turned around in my car to see THREE car seats in the back, I about died laughing!

*Going to the beach for a week with sissy and her family! Nuff said!

*I have an upper respiratory/bronchitis thing going on, so that's fun. My throat feels like it has razors in it, and I lost my voice. Lucky for J.

*Interesting giveaway coming up soon.

*I'm about to consign my pretty little heart out with @maconbabies and @grizas! Cannot wait.

*Sissy totally cleaned/organized my garage this weekend! Reveal pics coming soon! (Send them to me sister.)

*Our beach menu is amazing and I cannot wait to shop/cook/eat! With things like peel-n-eat shrimp, BBQ shrimp, crablegs, and steak/scallops, how could it not be rad?

*I have SO many books I'm dying to get into, but not enough time!

*Harrison is sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday he went 11-9:30, Sunday he went about the same, and Monday he had to be woken up! Today though, he was up at 6:30, BUT he went from 10:30-6:30, so whatever! I'm so happy!!!

*My baby boy will be two months old on Thursday! Where did the time go? He is now in size 2 diapers and drinking 5-6 ounces of boob milk at a time! He rolled over 4 times on Sunday, and is smiling and cooing TONS! So freaking cute!

*On the other hand, Emma's been sleeping AWFUL lately! Up a few times at night, and getting up early. No thank you!

*I'm obsessed with my Mom Agenda.

*My sweet pops planted TONS of flowers for my front and back porch while he was here. Thanks, dad!

*My garage mini freezer is totally full of boob milk-we're going to have to look on Craigs*list for another one! Yikes!

*Annnnnd I hate friggin AT&T with the internet-this shiz goes out all the time! Over it, goodbye, we are switching!

What's new with y'all lately?

Two grumpies taking a rest together

Getting IN the baby pack-n-play....

Admiring the Pooh Bear puzzle her daddy made for her

Playing in the new swing!