Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's Wednesday, and it's random.

We are trying to get back to normal after SEVEN glorious days at the beach with my sissy.

Both kids are sick with a cold/coughs, so that's fun. Emma sounds like a smoker and Harrison has to have me peel crap off his nose in the morning.

Even though I'm home all day, I feel like I'm never caught up on things! I still have Emma's birthday thank you notes to write, books/mags to read, blogs to do (giveaways!!), and other random shiz.

This week alone we have: 2 doctor appointments, a dentist visit, maids, pest control, library story time, & friend visits! Whew!

I wish we had a splash park here.

I need to start potty training Emma. Shoot me now.

Harrison has been foul this week. I guess that's what happens when you can't breathe through your nose.

I HATE unpacking!!

I read 4 books at the beach-reviews coming soon!

I am still working on Emma's birthday blog and Harrison's baptism blog. For the love.

Here are some pics from Friday to today:

Emma's new chair from Nonnie

Just chillin'

New sneaks!

Hello, I am GIANT!

Hello, my hair is a disaster and I clearly just woke up!

Baptism thank you notes-from this seller-very prompt!

Bday thank you notes-from this seller-soooo cute!

What's been going on with y'all??

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Love ya all!


  1. He is a big boy, dang!!

    Not much is going on here - I totally just submitted my dissertation draft to my committee, hopefully those hookers will get back to me within two weeks and I can schedule a defense date in November. I simultaneously want to scream for joy and throw up from nerves. I hate public speaking.

    We may get a new phone soon as well - I may join the club that you, LG, and Sam belong to...!!!!

    XOXO love & miss!

  2. I didnt know Emma didnt have a chair like that already or I would have bought her one!! Y'all have been BUSY! Hope they get to feeling better soons!

  3. Those tiny Pumas as so freaking cute!

  4. Well I am now caught up on your life. I am so glad that I am too. Emma looked like she had a blast and I can't believe how big Harrison is. We're enjoying visiting family and once I get back, y'all should have a package in the mail soon enough. Love and miss you like crazy!


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