Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Update

We have been so busy this week!

On Monday, we went to the library for the first time ever! Emma doesn't really understand the concept yet-she kept going by each bookshelf and pushing the books back. We found about 5 books she was interested in, and of course we got a few DVD's to watch int he car (chica is obsessed with Care Bears! I like it too...........) We plan to go once a week for story time (free!) and to get new books.

On Tuesday, Harrison had his 2 month doctor visit. At 9:30 am. Me-with two kids-alone. Yeah, we were late. They most likely want to stab me for always being late, but I think with kids, you have to build in "late time" per kid. So, I should automatically get 15 extra minutes. :)

Wednesday Emma had her first dental checkup. It was really just a meet the dentist/get to know the dentist's office thing. She sat in the chair and they counted her teeth. I was highly impressed-she didn't cry or fuss and let them do all their stuff. The dentist said she had to get rid of the paci-she's getting an overbite on top. I didn't know that it affected the jaw-I thought it was just the teeth. I didn't see the big deal since she will lose these baby teeth, but it's not just the teeth that are "bucking" out. Sooo, we are now on binkies only at night night time. After next week, we will start weaning that too. So far, she seems to understand. We have talked about only getting the binky at bed time, but when she gets upset (like at today's shot visit) she was calling for her binky. It was SO HARD to not just give her one for my own sanity!

On Thursday, we had to go to the library story time. It was so cute and fun! However, Emma needs some serious work on sitting still/listening. The reader had 3 or 4 stories to "read" (it was projected onto a huge screen so they could all see the pictures). In between each short story, she played the guitar and let the kids get up and sing/dance. It was a time specifically for 2-5 year olds, so when they were melting down/over it, it was okay. After the second story, Harrison had a doo doo murder and I had to take my whole entourage out in the hall for a change. That was fun. We ran errands the rest of the day and ate lunch out. Both jokers came home and slept for several hours, so that was nice.

Friday was our last appointment of the week-Emma's two year old visit. All was well, but the doctor found a tiny heart murmur. He wants us to get it checked out by a pediatric cardiologist. He thinks it is an innocent murmur. I hope so, because you know J and I both about lost our shiz. Emma had to get her toe pricked and she didn't flip out-she was too worried about getting her band aid! But, when the two shots came out (delayed MMR and Hep A), she LOST IT. All day she has been walking around with a limp saying, "Ouchie!" It's quite pitiful. We ran by Emma's eye glasses store to get a new pair of glasses ordered. After six months, she has about destroyed the lenses in this pair, and we bought the replacement insurance just for this reason! So, in about one week, we will have a fresh pair of glasses. After that, we went to get lunch for some teacher friends, and we went to eat at school with my old team. It was bittersweet. I LOVE my school and colleagues. I really miss it. A lot. But, I don't want to have to deal with about 50% of the bull shiz that comes with it. I so wish I could work part time and that some family lived here so I could substitute or something. Right now, it would be dumb for me to pay someone to watch them just so I could go sub for 100$ a day.

Anyway, I think I need to get into a routine. I've been thinking  a lot about why I seem to be struggling with being at home, and it seems like I just need a daily routine. Like get up, shower/dress, have a freaking plan for the day. Right now, it's by the seat of our pants. I may shower, I may go somewhere. I love getting out each day though. But I can't plan something every day. This was a fun, busy week having something to go to/do every day. Once Harrison is older, I will look forward to being able to go to the park or playground almost daily. I do still really miss the adult interaction-not gonna lie. Need to find a mom's group or playgroup to hang out with/gossip with.

I'm going to check out a website called parent at the library told me about it. It's a listing of free/cheap kid things in your area. How do you all find things to do that aren't pricey? What are some other things I can do with the kids? I really want to find a church MDO for Emma to go to 2 days a week for about 3 hours just so she can do activities and socialize with other kids. Plus, Harrison and I could grocery shop, or just PLAY. I don't really get to do a lot with him because I have a TWO YEAR OLD who wants to be nonstop.

Share your ideas on things to do please!

Here's a little iPhone Photo Dump from the week.

At the car wash-she has stickers on her legs-she looks like SUCH a little girl now.

Sitting in the dentist's chair. PS they have flat screen TV's mounted on the ceiling. SHUT UP!

Hello-I weigh almost 14 pounds and I'm wearing a 6 month onesie. Stop the world.

Playing with stickers!

Poor HME-Emma loves to "play" with him

"My hold him mommy," someone says.

Convicted-of cuteness!

Emma on her monitor taking her afternoon nap. Look at this position-looks highly uncomfortable.

Have a great weekend! And please share some ideas on free/cheap things to do or other resources!


  1. Do you get a pennysaver type thing in the mail? Or by the free magazines & home sale brochures in the grocery store? Sometimes they have coupons for kid's events or local things that are happening. Oftentimes in our local Penny Saver, they have church events that are free/cheap and child/family friendly. I check them out every week for stuff for G and I to do. Craigslist and church bulletins in my hometown often have MDO listings and other parent groups - I'm sure Professor Google could help you out if you googled your town and MDO or Mommy Groups?

    I am sure that you can get a schedule going - you're an awesome Type A person, I have faith in you! I love all the pictures- Harrison looks so big, and Emma looks adorable!!

    Love and miss ya!

  2. Girl I have to get out of the house everyday or I feel CRAZY at the end of the day. Even if it is errands where I never leave the car...I still have to exit the homestead! Hope you hear good news about Emma's sweet heart. HME is an adorable big boy convict!

  3. Oh...such fun days! Little man was diagnosed with a heart murmur around his two year, too. We freaked. Turned out to be no big deal Hoping the same for Emma! I think you should check out Community Bible Study. It's SO good and the children's program is incredible! I've made so many friends through CBS. It would give you one morning a week out with women your age, plus childcare! It's wonderful!

  4. No, not 15's 10 minutes per kid. get 20 minutes to be late. I have 4 so I get 40! And, yes, I agree with some of the comments must leave the house at least once a day (or go DO something every other day) to keep sanity. Sometimes, a trip out (with everyone strapped into one place) is the only way that keeps me sane. By the way, hope you don't mind me blog hopping and stopping by!

  5. Hey Susannah!
    Although I've been staying home for many years now, I totally relate because I remember what an adjustment it was! But I agree with the other posts about making sure to get out of the house each day. We pretty much follow the routine of breakfast, play a little, baby naps while I get ready, then we go out for a while in the morning, come back and have lunch and do naps, then play outside for a while or something like that, until dinner.
    I also agree with the idea of Community bible study. I've been going to one now for what will be my 5th year, and it's been wonderful. You get put in a core group of women in your same stage of life, so it's not only a good study but a great support group. And there's a whole other curriculum for the children...ours includes music, crafts, snack, bible story, etc. I'm actually teaching the 4 and 5 year old class at CBS this year!
    You should also just google some mom's groups and moms' websites for your area. We have one in Huntsville called Rocket City moms, and she lists all the stuff going on every week and weekend, has ideas of things to do in the area, etc. So I'm sure there's something like that for Atlanta (with many more choices of things to do! Ha!)
    Whatever you do, find a group of other Stay at home moms, in some way! I was much happier once I had that support system and developed some good friendships with other moms in my situation.
    I'm sure this is way more info than you wanted, but I hope it helps! :)

  6. Girl, you know you get props from me because I could never do the SAHM thing. However, if I were to be a SAHM, the only way I'd do it is if I had been an education major like yourself in college. I think your children are going to benefit from that degree so much. You could totally come up with a schedule for them because you used to do that with your lesson plans. And even if it's simple stuff, it will still be good for them. My only suggestion would be to see if there is an MDO in case you need to get some stuff done by yourself on occasion.

  7. Move to Auburn, I can set you up with things everyday. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri morning we will go work out. I have a whole group of exercise classes I love. (Plus the kids go to child care and get loved on, time away is good!) Wednesday morning I'll take you to CBS. I just started this year. Jury is still out on how I like it, but again, it's good time with other moms. Then I have a great Mom's group that my very creative ex-teacher friend Summer started. We do lunches, play at parks, have play dates at our houses, do Mommy's night outs each moth, etc. Always a good time and always cheap if not free. Oh, and book club is the first Tuesday of the month at a Mexican restaurant. Delicious and enlightening. So, put the house on the market, I have you set up for so many things to do!

  8. we are taking cooper for his first dentist appointment monday. fun times. I hope he doesn't freak out.

    you are so brave! i don't know how you do it with two kids. cooper wears me out! i have been thinking about taking him to storytime but I think he would act a fool.

    i'm going to check out that website!


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