Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emma's Second Birthday

Beware: picture overload. The grandparents will love this one.

When I started thinking about Emma's second birthday party, I was about 6 months pregnant. Couple that with the fact that I was going to have an 8 week old baby, and I knew I didn't want to attempt to do anything at my house like birthday party number one.

So, I did what any normal person would do-I hired it out to Gymboree. If you 've never been to Gymboree Play and Music, it's like Little Gym. Kids basically go to play on equipment, but are led by an instructor and work on listening, directions, socialization, etc. The birthday parties are the same way. And, you don't have to do anything. Except show up with your food items. However, they do have a package for that too! Luckily, I have an awesome cake maker friend who did Emma's cupcakes.

Once I booked the party, I had to choose a theme. Obvi, we chose Elmo, because duh. It's Emma and she's two. (FYI-it was $180 for 12 kids 5 and under to go play. The only other things I did were to bring the cupcakes, ice cream, and juice, plus whatever paper items I wanted.) The party was 90 minutes long. 60 of the minutes were PLAYTIME and that was a lifesaver with 8 kids 5 and under! They were worn out afterwards. After the fun play time, we went to the back studio to sing, eat cupcakes, and open gifts.

I would HIGHLY recommend having your child's party at something like this. I endorse Gymboree-they are incredible. No, they didn't pay me to say anything, but if they want to offer me free classes, I'm on it! :)

So, let's see a few shots of the big girl-who, by the way, was balls to the wall the entire time. I've never seen my child so HYPER. Yikes.

 The studio set up. I brought the balloons, tablecloth, plates/napkins, and party hats. Because I like it. :)

 Emma and Harper playing on a puzzle before "being admitted" into the gym section.

 Poppy and HME

 Precious Scarlet!

Emma shooting hoops-they got some free play time.

Jumping on the trampoline. She and Scarlet were doing it together too!

Climbing across a bridge

And going through a tube

Our instructor (in blue) and I were bouncing Emma on a ball.

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!

Spinning around in an innertube!

Back in the studio-cupcake time!

 Sidenote: I cannot BELIEVE she wore this hat. Remember last year?

Yeah, I know this is a hotttt picture, but I got her this book because her favorite thing to say is, "My do it."

I love this-it's just real. Sissy in the background, Dad standing there, Emma opening gifts with her belly hanging out. That's what is really looks like at home.

Mommy and Meems

Emma's new real, working vacuum cleaner from Gigi. This is awesome,
 because she will follow me around working while I work! Ha!

And, because seriously? Look how freaking beautiful Scarlet is.

We had such a great time spending the weekend with lots of family and friends! Emma is such a blessed little girl! Thank you all for everything. And yes, I'm going to write thank you notes mom. :)


  1. I cant believe she's already freakin two!!!! That means I only have a few more weeks left myself. Eeek!! Looks like the party was a blast :) Emma looks like she had lots of fun!

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time - you look pretty in the photographs! Your family also looks like my family does at family parties - love it!


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