Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby

Dear Emma,
      It's hard to believe that two years ago, at 5:07 pm, you were born. Weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce, with lots of dark hair! I can't believe it. Now you're TWO! You probably weigh 25-27 pounds. You're on the tall side too. You still have LOTS of curly brown hair! Now, you have glasses. You are such a beautiful little one.

 We have had a fabulous two years, little girl. You are such a spirited child, full of opinions and a wee bit stubborn. I wonder where you get that............

I have had so much fun watching you grow this year. you are fiercely independent, your vocabulary has exploded beyond belief, and your personality is adorable.

September 2010
In the sandbox
You look like you  may have tasted some sand.......

October 2010
At the pumpkin patch

October 2010

November 2010
Thanksgiving Day
We were posing for our Christmas card picture.

December 2010
Pictures with Santa in Montgomery.
You were thrilled. :)
He does kind of look like a creeper.

December 2010
Christmas at Poppy and FeFe's in Montgomery
Opening gifts

December 2010
Christmas Eve

December 2010
Sitting with Parpa and Scarlet
At Parpa and Nonnie's house in Birmingham

January 2011
Southern snowstorm!
School was closed for a full week!

February 2011
Valentine's Day
The only picture I have of your face that month!
(I may have some more on my phone, but this was all I could find on the computer.)

March 2011
Playing on the playground with Aunt GiGi

April 2011
Spring Break
At Nonnie's house

May 2011
Back in the sandbox, one of your favorite places!

June 2011
Shopping at Goodwill with mommy
We got lots of books!

June 2011
Loving on your new little brother
Posing for daddy's Father's Day gift

July 2011
Playing with Daddy

July 2011
Lookin like a little frat boy with that mop
We aren't getting it cut either!

July 2011
Eating popsicles on the porch

July 2011
Going to the pool

It's been a wonderful year Emma. I look forward to spending all of my time with you. I'm very lucky that I can stay home and teach you and watch you grow. You make my heart so happy.

You are my bunny baby. We love you so, so much! Happy SECOND birthday!

Mommy & Daddy

Things you like:

Toys: Your play kitchen, anything that makes noise (your remote control school bus), puzzles
Food: 'bok bok' (chicken), 'boobies' (strawberries), cheese, yogurt, cereal, 'roni' (mac), grapes, peeled peaches and apples, dot dogs (turkey dogs), oranges, goldfish, pretzels, baby food bananas, real bananas, squeeze food pouches (only time I can sneak a veggie in). You have just recntly gotten over your most picky phase when I was in the hospital having Harrison.
Drink: milk, water, fruit/veggie juice box (another way to sneak a veg in)
Sayings: My do it, outside, mommy's such and such, daddy's such and such, Bless you ________, I'm scared, love Flash, love Barty, these are the things you say at least 12 times per day.
Books: Curious George, Dino book, all of the Disney books I got you at Goodwill (MIckey obsession), 5 Little Monkeys, counting books
Shows: Carebears DVD, Sesame Street, Curious George (Dora comes on too late in the summer, so you have been off 'Dodo' lately).


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Emma! The girls love Mickey too!

  2. Happy birthday Emeline! I can't wait to come play with you! ♥Love you bunches♥

  3. I say this every dang time you post pictures of her, and I will continue to say this every dang time, but she is SO CUTE!!

    Happy birthday, Emeline!

  4. I want my boys to need glasses because of hers. Really.

    Did you give her her bag???

  5. Love the month by month, things change so quickly with these kiddies. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Emma!!! I love seeing all the pics and her growing throughout the year.... she is just so stinkin cute. Only a little over a month till mine turns two! I can't believe our babies are almost 2. How did this happen?! It really seems like it just flew by!

  7. Happy Birthday Emma! I can't believe it!!


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