Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Week

So we have been pretty lazy this week. Granted, it's only Wednesday, but still-I have been a major slacker in the housekeeping department. It's like my exercise and shopping must take the front seat-hmm, wonder why? This week Emma and I have walked twice a day, every day. We have also gone shopping twice. Yesterday we went to walk at The Avenues, an outdoor shopping center. It's like The Summit in Birmingham. Well, I got in about a mile before she had a meltdown. So, we went shopping/coupon redeeming in Bath and Body Works. I got 3 freebies with my coupons-a 4 oz candle, plug in refills, and an antibac soap! We had to stop by Publix for some dinner items, and she continued the meltdown! It was a rush to the house to just strip her naked, change her, feed her, and soothe her. Pitiful I tell ya!

This is her attitude today. Whatev-I am chill. And I am still in my PJ's-don't judge.
Stop flashing my eyes out! Dang mommy!

Yesterday's outfit after the meltdown-her shirt says, "Daddy Tweets Me Nice"

And, I freaking love her in pants! She looks 90 years old! It's hilarious!
Yes, she was 8 weeks old yesterday! I CANNOT believe it-time is flying by. I have one more month off then I have to go back to hell school. Her two month post is coming up on October 4th! So many new developments.
After this morning's exercise with our dear friend Jen, we went to Dick's-momma got some new shoes. Thanks to Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment-she recommended some shoes for me-I got a kick a$$ pair of Asics. I also decided to get some socks and yoga pants-I'm now in 2009 instead of 2000. Then, we bee bopped (is that a word?) over to Old Navy and got some tank tops, more socks, and a THREE DOLLAR PAIR of yoga pants. Stop! Emma was chilling in my baby sling the whole time-passed out! Everyone kept noticing there was a baby in there and flipping out. I guess we are not in a hippie enough area for people to realize WHAT goes in a sling. It's not potatoes folks. :D
Now we are just relaxing-we will go on our second walk after dinner. It's so fabulous outside-I love this weather! Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham. I am about to FLIP OUT with trying to pack for all this! Any suggestions, advice, etc?
Hope your Wednesday has been as fun as ours!

Monday, September 28, 2009

WW Update

So, one week ago I started Weight Watchers. I weighed myself this morning and have only lost 1.5 pounds. WTF? I thought for sure I would've lost more weight than that! I've been walking at least 2 miles per day, and sticking to my point schedule. On Sunday I went over 6 points, but you are "allowed" to have like 35 extra points per week, and you get activity points (which I obviously earned). Is this normal? I even keep a food log so I can hold myself accountable. I haven't joined the meeting yet, but am planning on doing it this week-even if I can't go this week.
Alright readers, I need your feedback. Help me out-I only have 4 more weeks till I go back to work, and would like to fit into all of my old work clothes (and maybe have to buy some in a smaller size!) :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Monday!

First of all, I appreciate the many comments/thoughts on yesterday's post regarding vaccinations. I am not anti vaccine at all, I just want to make sure I am doing the best I can for my child. And, I know nothing has been proven regarding side effects and lasting problems, but better safe than sorry. :D Love Y'all!

So, for Menu Monday, started by Mrs. Newlywed:

Sunday-Bunless bacon cheeseburgers with roasted potatoes and green beans

Monday-Grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed veggie medley

Tuesday-Pizza with peppers, onions, and turkey pepperoni, salad

Wednesday-Grilled chicken salad with garlic bread

Thursday-Husband on his own

Friday-Sunday-out of town with my parents!

I am so excited to be going to Birmingham on Thursday to spend the weekend with my parents and family. Lots of Emma love will ensue for sure!
Here is a picture of Emma after church in her Aunt Sister's dress.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm not a granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, commune living hippie.....

So. As per my title, I promise you I am NOT a granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, commune living hippie. However, there is nothing wrong with granola (except for those of us on WW), Birkenstocks are OK, and I am sorry, but commune living is weird. I heart hippies though-my bestie is one! (Love you LG! :D)

I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile. I've been putting it off because there is SOOO much I want to share, and it's a controversial topic among mommies. Some of you've probably already figured out what I want to discuss.


I know! Ugh-so much hype-give me a break, etc, etc, etc. But, I want to share and maybe learn some new things too. One of my SAHM friends (Mindy) turned me on to the subject and a fab book. The Vaccine Book by Dr. Bob Sears. I borrowed her copy, and over the course of 3 days with an infant, read the entire thing. I couldn't put it down. A book about VACCINATIONS. I know, right?

Now, before I "begin," let me tell you, I knew a little about mercury (thimerasal) in vaccinations, possibly causing neurological defects such as autism. That was it. And I was sure enough about to jack my kid up with every shot needed so she didn't get sick and have health issues. Now, I have a slightly different viewpoint-one I would like to share, and hopefully get feedback from you readers.

The Vaccine Book breaks down the 12 vaccinations that infants/children receive. Each chapter breaks it down by:
-what is the disease
- is it common
-is it serious
-is it treatable
-how is the vaccine made
-ingredients in the vaccine
-controversial ingredients
-side effects
-reasons for and reasons against
-what the author thinks

Now, the things I was most curious about were the things in red above. How were the shots being made, and what was going into them. Can I just say, ewww! I think I may throw up a little in my mouth every time I receive a shot from now on! And, as my daughter's advocate in health care, I DAMN SURE will make certain that she is only receiving the MOST NECESSARY and SAFEST vaccinations that I can get for her.

Let me give you an excerpt regarding how the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination is made and what is in it. "I could not determine where the measles and mumps viruses originally came from, but they probably came from infected individuals many decades ago. The rubella virus was originally taken from an infected aborted fetus in the 1960s. The measles and mumps are nourished for years in a culture of chicken embryo cells. The rubella virus is nourished in a culture of human lung cells." Insert me-!!! WTF!!! It goes on to describe scientific processes of viral growth, including the use of cow fetus serum. The viruses are ALIVE but weakened, so they won't (usually) cause an infection when injected. How reassuring.

Now, as for ingredients:
-The three viruses
-Saline solution, sugar, gelatin
-Human albumin (blood proteins)
-Residual cow fetus serum
-Neomycin (an antibiotic)
-Traces of chick embryo proteins
-"Other buffer and media ingredients" details are not listed in the product insert

The controversial ingredients are the human albumin, cow fetus serum, and chick embryo proteins. I agree-that is NASTY!
However, many of the vaccinations have things like this in them. And they are "safer" and "more necessary." It's just the old saying, "What you didn't know....."

So, another thing I learned about was the addition of aluminum to vaccinations to make them work better. Aluminum is normally harmless-it's in food, water, air, and soil. But, when ingested in large quantities, such as some vaccinations, it can be toxic. Now, this brings me to my next point. The shot schedule is ridic! Five shots at 2, 4, and 6 months old, and most of them are LOADED with aluminum. What can end up happening is aluminum toxicity in infants, due to the high amounts of aluminum in shots. There are many MAJOR medical issues that can occur when aluminum reaches toxic levels.

At 2 months of age, infants are supposed to receive: HIB, Pc, DTaP, Rotavirus, and polio vaccinations. If you gave your child all of these shots at once (!), they could receive up to 925 micrograms of aluminum at one time. Theoretically, [for a tiny newborn, this toxic dose would be close to 10 to 20 micrograms,and for an adult ti would be about 350 micrograms.] This is referring to accumulated aluminum. So it's not like if you give them all the shots, it's insta-death. Can you imagine though? Gah, that is a lot of just ONE chemical in your baby!

So, enough soapbox. My plan is to set up an alternate vaccination schedule, with the help of this book. Also, I am going to opt out of several injections, namely polio, MMR, and at this time, the flu shot (that is one NASTY shot!). I don't feel that it's necessary at this time for my child to get polio, MMR, and flu shots. Polio is practically eradicated from our country, and isn't a danger unless you are traveling outside of the US. MMR is a very mild disease, and poses more of a danger to pregnant women. Also, this is one of the most controversial vaccinations-supposedly causing neurological defects in some children. When Emma goes to school, she can have the vaccinations that I chose to delay. I do not feel that it's necessary for any child under the age of 1 year to be filled with all of these chemicals. With that said, I also want to point out that breastfed babies (Emma) and babies that are not in "daycare" (Emma will go to an in home with 5 others, so it's not public daycare) are much less likely to develop many of the childhood illnesses.

Emma will be going to the doctor next weeek for her two month vaccinations. She will be getting the HIB and the DTaP vaccinations. We will go back at three months for the Pc and Rotavirus shots. I will not be giving her the polio vaccination. We will continue with this alternate schedule until at least one year of age.

So readers, if you are still reading (:D) what are your thoughts, comments, concerns, etc? Am I being a freak? (not that I care). Love ya-kthxbi. :D

And sweet readers, thank you soooo much for the kind comments on my ailment filled post Thursday. I appreciate it AND you!

I hope the rest of your weekend is fab! War Eagle!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

For the Love...


*I am tired of being in pain-it's one thing after another! My wrists hurt sooo badly! I went back to the orthopaedist today and filled him in. He is not optimistic since the braces and cortisone shot didn't cure the problem. He decided we should try a more "obtrusive" brace and another shot. OK-we will try this-because I do not want to have the surgery. But, I will if that is what it takes to make the pain stop. It is getting so bad, I can hardly pick Emma up. WTF? My question/problem (besides the obvious) is what happens when I get pregnant again? Will this return? Will the surgery make it go away? The answers are: we don't know for sure. I'm not really down with surgery if that is your answer. Ugh!

*My boobs are not making as much milk as before. Why? I have no clue-it's been doing this for about a week. It started out only on one side-now it's both. I used to could pump for 15 minutes and get 3 ounces from each. That is what she takes in one feeding-three ounces. So, I could get 2 bottles worth of milk. Now, I am lucky to get 3 ounces combined. WTF? I did some research on why this could be happening-nothing I can identify. It mentions stress and not pumping enough, but I'm pretty much stressed a lot, and now I am pumping like 6-8 times per day. It is consuming my time. I am not going to be able to do this when I go back to work. I really want to keep feeding her breast milk. I am going to have to call the lactation department.

*My neck has hurt since Emma was born-I'm assuming it's from looking down while feeding or poor posture, etc. It's on my last available nerve. All this stuff starts hurting all at once too.

*My OB told me to start checking my fasting blood glucose for a few weeks to make sure my gestational diabetes went away. Well, for the past 5 or so days that I have checked it, it has been over 3 times. I really don't know how I will deal if I end up having diabetes too. That sh** almost drove me up the wall at the end of my pregnancy, and it was only for 10 weeks.

*On a positive note, my lupus seems to have disappeared (for the time being) since pregnancy. I hope I don't jinx myself! I've been out walking in the sun with Emma, and it hasn't reared it's ugly head.

Thanks for listening readers! Sorry this was such a negative Nelly post! I will survive and get over it all-it's just been a blah day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its a Boy!

No, not for me! For my bestie Emily! Emily Jones Kinley is having a boy, everyone cheer! It is very exciting-her little girl is 2 and now her husband can have a David Beckham soccer player son too! This little boy is going to be adorable! She is due February 4th. Yay Emily and Kevin and Kiki!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Readers, you should really stop by and check out Mrs. Newlywed and her awesome giveaway. Go, go! :D Enter to win the deliciousness that is Pacifica!

A Game!

Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment chose me to play a game! Thanks Brittany Ann!

The rules:

1. Respond and re-work: Answer these questions on your blog. Replace one question you dislike with one of your own invention, and add another question of your own.
2. Tag some friends to play along!

1. What's your favorite article of clothing? My super soft, almost threadbare Big Star jeans-that are about to have to be replaced.

2. Who was the last person you hugged? Does Emma count? If not, then husband.

3. What's your favorite dinner? Oh lawd, pasta anything or hash brown casserole with bacon and biscuits.

4. What's the last thing you bought? Groceries

5. How's your head feeling right now? (Can you tell this is my question??) Pounding-from lack of sleep and Emma having a total meltdown about one hour ago. THIS WAS ON TUESDAY.

6. What's your favorite weather? Fall and Winter-I love the coldness!

7. What is your least favorite season? Summer-Hello lupus!

8. What's in your purse? coupons, wallet, make up bag, pen, glasses, gum, iPod touch

9. Say something to the person who tagged you. "Hello Brittany Ann, I love reading your blog-you constantly keep me in stitches with your hilarious stories!"

10. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream/Frozen Yogurt

11. What did you want to become as a child? a teacher

12. What do you want to be now? a SAHM

13. What is your favorite song? Party in the USA right now-yes, I'm 30 and I love Miley.

14. What is your favorite country/state? Tennessee-I love the countryside and rolling hills and farms-I would love to live there! But, if I have to teach, then this will never happen because they are one of the lowest paid (if not THE lowest paid) teachers in the US.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world in the next hour, where would you go? Italy

16. What are my most challenging goals right now? Raising my child and going back to work.

17. What is your five-year plan? Having at LEAST 2 more children and staying home from work.

18. What is your favorite sport to watch? Auburn football

19. What show would you be a cast member of? Desperate Housewives

20. What is your most prized possession? Emma

21. Name a favorite childhood memory. "Driving" the riding lawn mower around the cul-de-sac and picking up my sister and neighbors on the "bus." Ha!

22. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Phillipians-but I also love all of the Gospels.

23. What is your favorite quote? "Upon our children-how they are taught-rests the fate or fortune of tomorrow's world." BC Forbes

24. What is your favorite book? I have so many, but always re read The Hobbit.

25. Now let's tag some lovely people:

Melissa at Melissa and Cas

Brianna at Adams Family

Leslie at Lamberts Lately

OK ladies, game on!

Weight Watchers Day One

Well, one day down! I was not hungry at all, until late at night, then I just ate a sugar free jello cup for zero points. I have a few questions though, so if you know the answers please leave me a comment.

-Do you weigh yourself once a week?

-If I don't use all my points, what happens to them?

-What if I exercise-do I earn points for that?

-What do I do with the exercise points?

-Can I have a cheat day, like Saturday to have some drinks and appetizers (with cheese!-I miss cheese already!)

I have found that I will have to plan out my food for the day to make sure I don't exceed points-for example, today looks like this (with room for +/- either way):
Breakfast-Quaker granola bar 2 pts, 3 strawberries 0 pts
Snack-Goldfish 3 pts
Lunch-Campbell's Italian Veggie Soup 0 pts, 1/2 C leftover chicken salad 6 pts
Snack-Jello 0 pts
Dinner-Beef, Sausage, and Veggie Kabobs with Rice 13 pts (Cooked onions have 1 pt, WTF?)
Dessert-100 calorie pack chocolate chip cookies 2 pts
So, we can estimate I will eat about 26 points-that's give or take for errors in calculation, and if I want more food at lunch or dinner. We do have a scale and we are using it.
I get 31 points a day right now since I'm chunky, old, female, a mom who doesn't move around much, and breastfeeding. This is according to a sheet they give you to calculate your points. This will go down once I start losing weight. OK, I'm about to eat my soup and salad, then Miss Emma and I are going for a walk-it's actually NOT raining right now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

So this is what $125 will get you...

Here is a view of the pantry, refrigerator and freezer after my trip to Walmart-it is inspiring me to eat smaller, healthier meals! I spent $125 and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Sunday through Friday. Plus I got a lot of Weight Watchers snacks and replenished the fridge-y'all, it was bare!

And, because everyone needs a little cuteness in their day, here is the Princess asleep on Daddy's chest.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday and a Menu for Monday

I am copying b.e.g.'s post from last week in keeping with the bullet point post. Thanks, b.e.g.!

*I totally went "coupon shopping" yesterday and got a lot of stuff. Victoria's Secret panties 7/$25, New York and Company 30% off, Old Navy 10 % off, plus all their cute a** shirts were $4! (I got 13 shirts for 87$). This was necessary since I just had a baby and have muffin top and must hide it. Don't tell husband about the shopping.
*We are starting Weight Watchers this week.
*Emma got totally spoiled by her grandparents this weekend-her Granny FeFe brought her sooo many clothes! This is her crib, full of the clothing.
*I heart my "Chile's Salsa" recipe-that is better than Chile's. No offense Chile's.

*Today is the first day I have had to really grocery shop and menu plan since Emma has been born. Yikes-the fridge looks like it's been on restriction. I have to go to he** (Walmart) to grocery shop-GUN.NOW.
OK, here is the Chile's Salsa recipe (Edwards style)-cause I know my mom will ask for it.
1 14.5 oz can mild Rotel
1 14.5 oz can whole tomatoes (plus the juice)
1 jalapeno-diced-I seed it-the first time I made it I didn't, and it was hot as he**
1/2 yellow or sweet onion, diced
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp sugar
some cilantro (probably about 4 sprigs) chopped-we have this growing outside thanks to my dad
1 lime-juiced
In food processor, place jalapeno and onion and process for a few seconds-to "dice" it. Add both cans of tomatoes, salt, sugar, cumin, cilantro, and lime juice. Process all ingredients on pulse until well blended. Do not puree. Place in covered container and chill. Serve with your favorite chips!
I love the blue corn Tostitos, but they are sooo not lowfat. Now that we are on WW, we will be eating baked or fat free Tostitos. This salsa would be good on top of chicken or anything else that needs some flavor.
Finally, as started by Mrs. Newlywed, here is my Menu Monday for the week. I know it's not Monday, but I roll out on Sundays with my planning and shopping.
Monday-Beef and Sausage Kabobs with Veggies and Rice
Tuesday-Neely's Chicken Salad with Broccoli and Yellow Rice
Wednesday-Spicy Bean and Cheese Burritos with baked chips and Chile's salsa
Thursday-Poppyseed Chicken with Brown Rice and salad (friend may come over and bring dinner, so this is already made and frozen)
Friday-Thursday's dinner if friend comes, if not, Ranchero Onion Burgers* with vegetable medley (broccoli/carrots/snap peas) and green beans

*Ranchero Onion Burgers (from Incredibly Easy Weeknight Meals)
1 lb lean ground beef
1/2 C salsa (we will use homemade Chile's style)
1/2 C shredded monterey jack cheese
1 1/3 C French's onions-divided
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
Combine beef, salsa, cheese, 3/4 C onions, garlic powder and pepper in large bowl. Shape into 4 patties. Grill 10 minutes over medium heat, turning once. Garnish with additional salsa and top with remaining 2/3 C onions.
We also add some cheese to the top-and we don't use buns. This is very healthy if you use lean ground beef and serve with vegetables. Yum!

BartMatchmaker trying to make a match and thinking his mother is a lunatic-
What? You know you do things like this to your dogs too!

Peace people, I am off to hellWalmart.
Also, I have tried 229 times to space this post out and it's not working! Rah! Sorry that it looks like it's 2 miles long.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This is for Nonnie

You may remember my post on an awesome do it yourself t-shirt project. Well look at the final product. My mother was MORTIFIED that I would put my angelic, precious daughter in anything like this, but you have to admit, it is cute!

Emma is rocking the "McLovin" vintage iron on

More substantial blogging will resume tomorrow-I have some good topics to discuss with you all!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shout Out to a New Blog!

If you like looking at pictures, taking pictures, or being photographed, then I NEED you to check out this awesome photography blog. My kid is getting photographed and featured on here soon! And maybe this is my best friend and I want to promote her blog, therefore, you better go visit it now! So, why don't you check it out? It's Alison Wilkey Photography. You will be impressed!

Divine Consign Trunk Show

So, my friend Nicole has a little boy, Jackson who is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.-he is Emma's future boyfriend-they even look alike. If I had a digital picture of him, I would post it and you would all want your little girls to marry him. He is that cute. Anyway, she always has him in the cutest smocked outfits and when I asked her WHERE she was getting all of these cute clothes, she revealed her secret-Divine Consign! So, I looked it up and they were coming to Buckhead! I called my hoochie Emily and enlisted her help-I was taking the infant and it was in BUCKHEAD-people from ATL know that means utter chaos on just about any day. The store was off Piedmont and Peachtree-yikes a mil. Of course it has been pouring in Atlanta for the past 3 days, and today was no exception.

We met at the Cafe at Pharr (holy cow-delish chicken salad!) and got our energy up. Next, we ventured out to the show. It was not as big as I expected, but when we walked in, there were rows and rows and racks and racks of precious SMOCKED kids' clothing. Most southern girls are ALL over smocked clothing-for boys or girls. And you can bet when I have my next kid, if it's a boy, he's wearing bubble suits, longalls, etc. Presh-

However, I digress. We immediately started busting through those racks, looking for the best deals. Nothing was over $35. I start hanging things on Emma's sling (as she slept inside) and pretty soon, it was sagging open. I had to take a time out and sort though stuff that I wanted and stuff that I would actually purchase. Check out my goods below. I spent $102. All items were new with tags still on.

Precious Auburn Day Gown $19
Size 0-3 months

Adorable Christmas Bubble Suit $35
Size 3 months

Girlie Orange Dress with shoes and purses $29
Size 3 months

Lime Green and Lavender Toile Dress $19
Size 12 months

After our jaunt to the consignment show, we went to Old Navy, because who doesn't love cheap cute clothes for less! The baby onesies were 2/$10. I got these three.

So, Miss Emma has some new clothing. I can't wait to put these smocked dresses on her. I need to break in some of the 23 dresses my mom smocked for my sister and I-she saved them all and gave them to me when I had Emma. Sooo cute!

And, for your viewing pleasure because I know the grandparents cannot live without a daily picture of their love muffin here is the Princess (as Nonnie calls her).

Um, I was didn't tell me you were ready!

Happy almost Friday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Monday

Well, I am going to try and join the Menu Monday crusade started by Mrs. Newlywed. Check her out if you haven't already-she rocks! This week is sketchy-we may have some people bringing food over, so I am just planning light. I am ready to be back in my kitchen full time and get some cooking done! I have lots of new recipes I want to try-that is the good thing about sitting on my a** all day watching Food Network. However, my refrigerator is PITIFUL since my colleagues are still bringing us food-it basically has just drinks and condiments in it. Sad, I know. I will have to restock that bad boy ASAP. So, without further ado, here is my menu.

Monday-Ravioli, salad with ranch dressing
Wednesday-Subs, chips
Thursday-Spicy Bean Burritos, chips/salsa
Friday-Leslie's Jambalaya Pasta, salad with ranch dressing
Saturday-Date Night (in laws in town)
Sunday-Real Meatballs and Spaghetti (the "last supper" before crackdown), salad with ranch dressing

Now, this is the last week that people are bringing food, and if you remember my post about THE LAST FIVE POUNDS (plus the 20 from before-yeah...) then you will know I am about to crack some a** on the diet front. I've had success with the Sonoma Diet, and am going to be doing that SOMEWHAT-I say that in all caps because I am really leaning towards Weight Watchers as well. I need some info from some of you who have done it-how did you start? Did you join online or do it in person? I know b.e.g. had success with it, and Mrs. Classic too. Maybe they will share some insight. (Hint, hint-email me ladies-or comment-what to do, what to do). :D I do follow Mrs. Classic's other blog Weight Watchers Changed My Life. I could go back through her archives for some tips. OK girls, let me hear from you! I need your help!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Sunday Funny

Inspired by my friend Kim at Memoirs of a Diabetic, I give you my all time favorite Anjelah Johnson (Mad TV) skit. This is even better than Bon Qui Qui.

Now, anyone who has EVER had a mani/pedi in an Asian place KNOWS this is fo' real!
Enjoy my pretties, and I'll be back to regular blogging tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pray for your Children-REDO!

OK, so I did an AWFUL job on the 7x7 prayers-remember this post? Well, I think part of the problem is that I didn't put the prayers on note cards, just copied/pasted into Word and printed a sheet off. The problem with that is toting it around to all the different activities, like when giving a bath, or feeding, or putting to bed. Yeah, not so much. So I am going to REDO this and start over. I will let you know how that goes after my 7 days.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on this?

Have a great weekend! I know I will because I'm planning a pedi, and husband is on nighttime "baby duty!" Yay!


Do you remember where you were eight years ago today, or what you were doing? I do. I was asleep in my apartment on Auburn Drive, in Auburn, Alabama. My mom called around 10:00 and woke me up screaming something about terrorist attacks and was I okay. I jumped up and ran to the television and news was everywhere-I literally could not believe what I was seeing. My boyfriend at the time was there and we just stood there crying and trying to make sense of everything, then quickly trying to call everyone we knew to make sure they were okay. It was a disgusting day-I still have the newspaper published from that day, showing what looked like a modern day Pearl Harbor-it was almost comical looking, like something from a movie set.

Today is a rainy, gray day in Atlanta. It seems fitting for the mood of all those still mourning their lost loved ones in the attacks.

I hope that today you remember the tragedy, but most of all, remember all you have that is GOOD in your life-and thank God for it.

I am so thankful for my freedom, my husband, my sweet angel Emma, my precious family, great friends, a home, and so many other things! I pray that all those who are hurting are soothed.

Remember what today is about, and be thankful for all you have.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Month Doctor Visit

Today was Emma's one month doctor visit. She did great! When we got there, the nurse came to get her for weight and measurement. Here are Emma's one month statistics:

Miss Chunk Nugget:

Weight- 9 pounds, 12 ounces (50-75th percentile)
Height-22 inches (75th percentile)
Head Circumference-34 centimeters (25th percentile)

Dr. C was very pleased with everything. He calls Emma his "cookie!" We love Dr. C! I asked him if HE would be giving the shot-he said no, he only gives kisses. :D Emma got her first shot for Hepatitis B-y'all, it was pitiful. But lucky for you, I documented everything on camera! :D

PS-Emma is rocking some ballet socks from her Auntee Laura!

Laying on the exam table
Being cute

Dr. Cabrera holding me

Getting ready for my shot!

Um, I don't think I like this!

Yeah, this is not cool! But I got a radical Snoopy band aid!

Emma promptly passed out the MINUTE the carseat hit the car. :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spreading cheer like it's my job!

We all know how much I love Miley-remember this post? Anyway, a friend sent this out on Facebook Facecrack this morning, and I've watched it no less than 132 times since then. It's HA-LARIOUS, as my friend Audra would say. Watch it-go on, you know you want to. I want to hang out with these guys-srsly, who doesn't?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

Mom getting her fix
Dad posing


Emily and Kiki

Kiki with Emma's "boggy"

Well, we had a full weekend at our house. On Saturday, my bestie Emily and her family came by to visit the baby on their way out of town. It was hysterical seeing their almost 2 year old around the baby. She was into EVERYTHING. Hubs asked Emily if she did this all the time-ha! Get ready for that one.

After they left, my parents arrived from Birmingham to hover love on Emma. I think they were here for all of 3 minutes before my mom had Emma in her arms. :D I had a list of things I wanted to do this weekend, and since my dad is SUPER ADD (seriously, he cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes) I knew we would get everything accomplished. First we (everyone but mom, since she was sucking the scent off Emma) cleaned out and organized the garage. My dad brought me a freezer for the garage, and we had to make room since the garage was such a disaster area. I loaded that thing up with probably about 39 gallons of breast milk. Awesome! After that, we were gross and tired, so we vegged the rest of the night.
On Sunday we were totally worthless but did venture out to a farmer's market for fresh corn to grill, and we went to Lowe's. I wanted to plant some herbs (read: dad), and we needed a spider bomb for the garage. In our cleaning the day before, we found all kinds of sick a** spiders that needed to die. After dad planted my herb garden, we had an incredible dinner. Husband smoked a Boston butt, and we made baked beans, grilled corn, and brother in law coleslaw. YUM! Since we were beached whales after dinner, all we could do was set off the bomb in the garage and watch TV. That night, my daughter decided to raise hell all night (get ready all you preggos!), so husband and I got all of 2 hours of sleep. She finally slowed her roll around 7 am, and I passed out till 10. Good times.
Monday morning my parents had to leave and while they were walking out and pulling out of the driveway, my mom stopped the car no less than 13 times to get out and come back and give Emma sugar. I told them to move up here, but you know, I think they like giving her back when they are done! :D I almost rolled Emma's bassinet into the guest room for my mom to get her fix. Anyway, we had such fun with the grandparents and I know they had a blast with their love nugget. I think the pics say it all! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most Awesome Project EVER!

How to Make your Kid Cool:

-Get iron on transfers and onesies
-Print awesome pictures and sayings to iron on the onesie

Don't be me and not read the directions first-because I printed them all out and was ready to iron them on, only to realize they were not mirror images. Yeah, 2 college degrees.

Dress your kid in coolness and listen ignore your mom when she tells you that it's redneck. :D

Almost finished products below.


What's up Gangstas? Fogel from Superbad

There are two more, but blogger is being slow to upload-one says, "I'm about to flex and bust outta here," featuring KP from Pineapple Express, the other says, "Don't mess with me or I'll call my big brothers," with a picture of the dogs. Husband also made her an Auburn onesie-it is sa weet!


This is what I pulled out of the refrigerator this morning. Really husband? I appreciate you leaving this for me-just in case I get hungry. It's the perfect size.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DeQuervain's Tendonitis-say what?

So, ever since Emma was born, I have had this AWFUL pain in my left wrist-it just "happened" one night when I went to pick her up in the middle of the night from her bassinet. Anyway, I had finally had enough, and made an appt to see an orthopaedist. Today was my appt, and apparently I have DeQuervain's Tendonitis-srsly? Upon googling it, (worst idea ever when something is wrong with you) I learn that lots of NEW MOTHERS get it from doing repetitive things like PICKING UP THE INFANT. OK, what the crap? I know tons of people who are new moms and obviously they pick their kids up, and they are not having some wrist issue. Gah-I also had really bad carpal tunnel about 5 weeks before delivery, so that probably "helped" this get started since it's all about swelling and inflammation. So, after learning that I have this DQ tendonitis, the doc recommends some stuff. 1.) Wear this heinous brace that HURTS-because I can't move my wrist. 2.) Cortisone shot IN THE FRIGGIN SPOT THAT HURTS. 3.) Surgery if that doesn't work.

Yikes~so I get the braces (yes, plural-I'll explain shortly), and then get the MOTHER OF ALL SHOTS in my tender tendon-it almost hurt as bad as labor-srsly-it hurt SOOOO bad-shooting CORTISONE in my boo boo. And I can take some shots and poking with needles (thanks, Lupus). Now, braces/plural: yesterday morning my right wrist was a little sore when I woke up, so he thinks that one is headed down the same road as my left wrist. Hmmm. Thanks body, I appreciate all you are doing for me, especially while I try to care for my infant. Swell.

Has anyone ever heard of this, have this, or have any tips/advice for me? And apparently you can spell tendonitis two ways-like that or like this-tendinitis. Alright, school dismissed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Customer Service with a Smile!

I know it's Wednesday and I should be all "wordless" and such, but can I just say-

If you have never been to this site, or heard of it, or if you just need some SUPER CUTE Christian decor, please go see Engraved Euniques. The proprietor, Miss Kaye Mackay is the sweetest lady! I spoke with her when placing my order, and she just sent me an email thanking me for my order. A personal email-not a generic, "thanks for your order, here is your receipt" email. Her products are incredible, and she is sweet. Come on people, this is service with a smile. Check her link on my favorite websites (to the left). Go buy some cuteness for your baby, friend, family, or home.


Hey Peeps, make sure to check out Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment for a great gym bag giveaway. Great bag and she is Ha-larious!

Hope your hump day was great!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brain Fart?

Apparently having a baby and not working since May makes one forget how to do simple math. For example, this morning I posted a "One Month" post for Emma, only to be gently reminded by my dear friend Jen, that today is not Emma's one month birthday. Yikes-she is four weeks old today, and will be one month on September 4th. Get with the program Sus.

Thank You, Commenters!

Special shout out to LG and Grizaham for always leaving me comments! Every blogger loves comments-come on people, show some love!

Thanks to my dear friends-you make me feel like Kenny Powers. :D