Monday, September 28, 2009

WW Update

So, one week ago I started Weight Watchers. I weighed myself this morning and have only lost 1.5 pounds. WTF? I thought for sure I would've lost more weight than that! I've been walking at least 2 miles per day, and sticking to my point schedule. On Sunday I went over 6 points, but you are "allowed" to have like 35 extra points per week, and you get activity points (which I obviously earned). Is this normal? I even keep a food log so I can hold myself accountable. I haven't joined the meeting yet, but am planning on doing it this week-even if I can't go this week.
Alright readers, I need your feedback. Help me out-I only have 4 more weeks till I go back to work, and would like to fit into all of my old work clothes (and maybe have to buy some in a smaller size!) :D


  1. I think that is pretty normal for week one. We have a friend that lost 1.7 pounds in her first week. Keep it up.. War Eagle.

  2. get outside and exercise!

  3. my friend went up and down. i think she lost about the same the first week then lost more, then evened out again then all of a sudden it was about 2 1/2 mnths and she had lost about 20. just keep going! every little bit counts!!

  4. sista,
    this lady came in the restaraunt today and she is on WW and she said she has been on it for 5 weeks and lost 11 pounds. I think about a pound a week is normal it is not healthy to loose much more than that and I also think it picks up after week 1. Not that you will loose anything but your mind this weekend with all the food in store!!! love you!


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