Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Week

So we have been pretty lazy this week. Granted, it's only Wednesday, but still-I have been a major slacker in the housekeeping department. It's like my exercise and shopping must take the front seat-hmm, wonder why? This week Emma and I have walked twice a day, every day. We have also gone shopping twice. Yesterday we went to walk at The Avenues, an outdoor shopping center. It's like The Summit in Birmingham. Well, I got in about a mile before she had a meltdown. So, we went shopping/coupon redeeming in Bath and Body Works. I got 3 freebies with my coupons-a 4 oz candle, plug in refills, and an antibac soap! We had to stop by Publix for some dinner items, and she continued the meltdown! It was a rush to the house to just strip her naked, change her, feed her, and soothe her. Pitiful I tell ya!

This is her attitude today. Whatev-I am chill. And I am still in my PJ's-don't judge.
Stop flashing my eyes out! Dang mommy!

Yesterday's outfit after the meltdown-her shirt says, "Daddy Tweets Me Nice"

And, I freaking love her in pants! She looks 90 years old! It's hilarious!
Yes, she was 8 weeks old yesterday! I CANNOT believe it-time is flying by. I have one more month off then I have to go back to hell school. Her two month post is coming up on October 4th! So many new developments.
After this morning's exercise with our dear friend Jen, we went to Dick's-momma got some new shoes. Thanks to Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment-she recommended some shoes for me-I got a kick a$$ pair of Asics. I also decided to get some socks and yoga pants-I'm now in 2009 instead of 2000. Then, we bee bopped (is that a word?) over to Old Navy and got some tank tops, more socks, and a THREE DOLLAR PAIR of yoga pants. Stop! Emma was chilling in my baby sling the whole time-passed out! Everyone kept noticing there was a baby in there and flipping out. I guess we are not in a hippie enough area for people to realize WHAT goes in a sling. It's not potatoes folks. :D
Now we are just relaxing-we will go on our second walk after dinner. It's so fabulous outside-I love this weather! Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham. I am about to FLIP OUT with trying to pack for all this! Any suggestions, advice, etc?
Hope your Wednesday has been as fun as ours!


  1. She's so cute! I love her little pink pants. I am so looking forward to venturing out and taking the little munchkin shopping. Hopefully I will be able to in a couple more weeks.

  2. I have no idea about packing but that little girl is soooo adorable. I love how you fill in the conversations for her and she talks with an attitude like her mama! In granny pants LOL! ;)

    & I owe you an email, I'll try my damndest to get it out tomorrow!

  3. Okay, I posted on here earlier. What happened to it?

  4. Glad you found some shoes! And pants for $3? You are amazing! What a steal! I might need to check out my Old Navy tomorrow!

  5. Packing for trips with a munchkin is got to be one of the most stressful jobs EVER! (especially flying). I have learned over the course of the past 18 months that you will always bring WAY too much stuff... Over time you will realize what you need and what you really don't need. Good luck. It gets easier.


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