Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Month Doctor Visit

Today was Emma's one month doctor visit. She did great! When we got there, the nurse came to get her for weight and measurement. Here are Emma's one month statistics:

Miss Chunk Nugget:

Weight- 9 pounds, 12 ounces (50-75th percentile)
Height-22 inches (75th percentile)
Head Circumference-34 centimeters (25th percentile)

Dr. C was very pleased with everything. He calls Emma his "cookie!" We love Dr. C! I asked him if HE would be giving the shot-he said no, he only gives kisses. :D Emma got her first shot for Hepatitis B-y'all, it was pitiful. But lucky for you, I documented everything on camera! :D

PS-Emma is rocking some ballet socks from her Auntee Laura!

Laying on the exam table
Being cute

Dr. Cabrera holding me

Getting ready for my shot!

Um, I don't think I like this!

Yeah, this is not cool! But I got a radical Snoopy band aid!

Emma promptly passed out the MINUTE the carseat hit the car. :D


  1. Ouch! She's braver than me! I'd have been passed out mid-shot!

  2. Cute Post! Poor little Emma, it is so sad watching them get shots. Davis weighed more than her when he was born......hard to believe. He was HUGE!!

  3. I like baby stats...
    They should make more categories.

  4. Aww, she is so cute! I hope you guys have a great weekend together!

  5. What a trooper! I was SO scared of shots when I was little...lucky she won't remember though! :)


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