Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most Awesome Project EVER!

How to Make your Kid Cool:

-Get iron on transfers and onesies
-Print awesome pictures and sayings to iron on the onesie

Don't be me and not read the directions first-because I printed them all out and was ready to iron them on, only to realize they were not mirror images. Yeah, 2 college degrees.

Dress your kid in coolness and listen ignore your mom when she tells you that it's redneck. :D

Almost finished products below.


What's up Gangstas? Fogel from Superbad

There are two more, but blogger is being slow to upload-one says, "I'm about to flex and bust outta here," featuring KP from Pineapple Express, the other says, "Don't mess with me or I'll call my big brothers," with a picture of the dogs. Husband also made her an Auburn onesie-it is sa weet!


  1. LOL too cute! I'd love to make those kinds of onesies for my kid, like, eight years from now!

  2. These are hysterical! I am so surprised that you are doing thise b.c i thought her whole first year would be covered in pink and toile!

  3. Hey Sus! I was reading my facebook on a blackberry last weekend while we were out of town and saw you posted a link to your blog! I get so excited when I have new blogs to read! I read what I could as it is limited to what it shows you and I was cracking up! I love the blogs! I just added you to my friends list! Miss Emma is soo precious! I did not realize what all you had been through before she arrived! I am so happy for you and your husband that yall have a beautiful healthy baby to love on and cherish! This should link you back to my blog! Can't wait to read more! I stay on Blogger it seems like!

  4. Can i do that on regular t shirts for myself?? I hope so! ;-0

  5. Thanks for your comments on my blog recently... I really appreciate the support and kind words:) Oh and the onesies are adorable!


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