Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weight Watchers Day One

Well, one day down! I was not hungry at all, until late at night, then I just ate a sugar free jello cup for zero points. I have a few questions though, so if you know the answers please leave me a comment.

-Do you weigh yourself once a week?

-If I don't use all my points, what happens to them?

-What if I exercise-do I earn points for that?

-What do I do with the exercise points?

-Can I have a cheat day, like Saturday to have some drinks and appetizers (with cheese!-I miss cheese already!)

I have found that I will have to plan out my food for the day to make sure I don't exceed points-for example, today looks like this (with room for +/- either way):
Breakfast-Quaker granola bar 2 pts, 3 strawberries 0 pts
Snack-Goldfish 3 pts
Lunch-Campbell's Italian Veggie Soup 0 pts, 1/2 C leftover chicken salad 6 pts
Snack-Jello 0 pts
Dinner-Beef, Sausage, and Veggie Kabobs with Rice 13 pts (Cooked onions have 1 pt, WTF?)
Dessert-100 calorie pack chocolate chip cookies 2 pts
So, we can estimate I will eat about 26 points-that's give or take for errors in calculation, and if I want more food at lunch or dinner. We do have a scale and we are using it.
I get 31 points a day right now since I'm chunky, old, female, a mom who doesn't move around much, and breastfeeding. This is according to a sheet they give you to calculate your points. This will go down once I start losing weight. OK, I'm about to eat my soup and salad, then Miss Emma and I are going for a walk-it's actually NOT raining right now!


  1. 1 - I weigh myself everyday. I espeically love doing it twice a day, once before I work out, and once after. I'm kind of OCD.

    2 - If you don't use all your points in a given week, you probably lost weight! You don't get them back or anything or have rollover points from week to week, but usually, in my experience, if I have points leftover, it means I consumed less than I burned, ergo, weight loss!

    3 - You do earn points for working out! They're called activity points. Where you log in your food, there's another tab that says Activity and you can choose the activity you engaged in (cleaning counts!) and put in the number of minutes you did the exercise for and then you get Activity Points for it.

    4 & 5 - Your Activity Points are kind of like a bank of sorts. If you go over your 31 points/day and use up your 35 free points for the week, they'll use your activity points to compensate for the food you ate. I can explain more in email if that's vague, but the message boards have some pointers about that.

    And yes! Eat the cheese! I usually buy lower fat cheeses or WW cheeses if they're at my local Giant that week. I love me some cheese, bread, and wine! Use the extra points per week to enjoy your cheese, everything in moderation!

  2. I find that it is best to way your self once a week at the same time wearing the same thing or nothing when you are on a program like that. Once you reach your goal weight then it is best to weigh yourself once a day. Hope that helps! I found you blog from Brittany's and wanted to say hi!

  3. I like to weigh myself from time to time usually in the morning ..
    Good luck on the WW!

  4. I like to weigh myself from time to time usually in the morning ..
    Good luck on the WW!

  5. Cory and My mom could tell you LOTS about WW! I wish I knew all that stuff.

  6. I sent you an email w/ my answers! Love me some WW...I'm back on it because I put back on all my pre-engagement/wedding weight! :( Oh well, just buy yourself something really fun for every 10 lbs you lose and it makes it even more rewarding!! :)

  7. my friend has lost like 15 pds in about 2 mnths on this. she strays strict and weighs EVERYTHING but is so happy and looks great. she trades points for alchi sometimes and sometimes has cheat days too.


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